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Le Derme Luxe Youthful Skin Complex Review

The Le Derme Luxe Youthful Skin Complex is a skincare product that helps to lessen the appearance of aging. With twice daily application, you can eliminate years from your face.

What is Le Derme Luxe Youthful Skin Complex?

The aging process brings forth many different concerns. You may be thinking about your retirement, keeping your mind sharp, or even about your grandchildren. However, one aspect of aging that you probably notice every day is wrinkles. All you need is one look in the mirror to see the extent of which your wrinkles go. Luckily, if you want to reduce the appearance of wrinkles, you can use Le Derme Luxe Youthful Skin Complex.

The Le Derme Luxe Youthful Skin Complex is a formula that helps to improve the suppleness and firmness of aging skin. When you age, your body is not able to produce the same amount of collagen and elastin as the years before. These substances are what normally keep your skin looking youthful.  However, when you apply this formula, it slowly stimulates the production, wiping away fine lines and wrinkles. With regular use you can expect:

Read on below to find out what makes this product so effective.

How Does Le Derme Luxe Youthful Skin Complex Work?

According to the website, the Le Derme Luxe Youthful Skin Complex contains 9 key ingredients, which all contrite to how effective this product is in helping with the appearance of aging. While the company lists all of the 9 ingredients, the only go into detail about two of them – Alpha Lipoic Acid and Beta Glucan.

Alpha Lipoic Acid is an antioxidant, which is crucial to any anti-aging product. Your skin becomes more susceptible to toxins in your older years, which can cause blemishes or other damage. By including an antioxidant, you help to prevent premature aging, while treating the effects of aging now.

Beta Glucan helps your skin to form a protective barrier, which means that you are at a lower risk from suffering at the hands of UV rays while outside. Beta Glucan also helps to stimulate skin cell growth, which basically means that it motivates your skin to heal and renew itself. This ingredient is also necessary to keeping your skin clear, even, and moisturized.

Other ingredients in the formula include:

  • Vitamin C Ester
  • Alpha Lipoic Acid
  • DMAE
  • Beta 1,3 / 1,6 Glucan
  • Bromelain
  • MSM
  • Natural Progesterone USP Natural
  • Estriol US

Using Le Derme Luxe Youthful Skin Complex

It is incredibly easy to include the Le Derme Luxe Youthful Skin Complex in your daily routine. You just need to wash and dry your face before applying the Complex. For the best results, Le Derme Luxe recommends that you apply the formula in the morning and in the evening. Morning application helps you to prepare for the day, while the nighttime formula soaks in quickly while you sleep.

What to Expect

Unlike other skincare companies that estimate how long it will take for their products to work, the makers of Le Derme Luxe Youthful Skin Complex are very clear about the results you can expect. The program details the progress your skin should make over the course of three months.

From the first day until day 30, your skin will finally have the opportunity to soak up all the hydration that it has been missing for so long. During this time, most of the progress is under the surface of your skin. However, from the first application, you should notice a change in your overall “glow.”

From day 31 to 60, your skin’s texture will begin to change. You should notice a significant change in the softness and moisture.

During the last month, your collagen and elastin levels have had time to adjust, giving you a firmer complexion. With continued use, you can maintain the changes that have taken place through day 90.

Pricing for Le Derme Luxe Youthful Skin Complex

Once you’ve decided to take a chance on Le Derme Luxe Youthful Skin Complex, you actually don’t have to make a purchase quite yet. Instead, you are entered into a trial offer that lets you try the product for 14 days, thought the website features conflicting information about the actual duration of the trial. At this time, you are only required to pay the shipping fees, which amount to $4.95.

At the end of the trial, if you have not cancelled the program, you will be billed the total amount for the 30-day supply you’ve receive, which is $84.97. You will again be billed this amount at the 30-day mark, during which time you will receive another shipment of the Le Derme Luxe Youthful Skin Complex.

You will continue to receive shipments until you decide to cancel the program. You can only cancel your membership in the auto-shipment program by calling the customer service department.

Contacting the Makers of Le Derme Luxe Youthful Skin Complex

Since this product is relatively new in the skincare industry, you may be more comfortable making a purchase after speaking with a customer service representative. You can reach the Customer Care Department via phone or email.

To speak with the department via phone, call 1 (855) 767-4559. Representatives are available 24 hours a day, so you will always be able to reach someone with your questions. However, if calling the company is inconvenient, you can email your questions to support@luxuryskincollection.com.


Like many other skincare products, Le Derme Luxe Youthful Skin Complex helps to reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, providing you with the glow you’ve been missing for years. You may be at the beginning of your senior years, or your face might be flooded with wrinkles from decades gone by. Regardless of the state of your wrinkles, the Le Derme Luxe Youthful Skin Complex formula is dedicated to helping you regain the confidence that comes with a youthful complexion.

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