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Saratoga Chips – The Original Organic Kettle Potato Chips?

Saratoga Chips is a company that makes healthier versions of popcorn and chip flavors, allowing you to snack without the guilt and grease that other treats force you to endure. There is a total of 13 flavors between the products, which should cater to nearly any consumer’s taste buds.

What is Saratoga Chips?

When you decide to start eating healthier, you tackle a variety of bad habits. Many people have trouble with overeating or snacking at night, but one of the hardest things to eliminate is convenience food. Potato chips, frozen dinners, and other preservative-filled products are unfortunately a staple in many obese homes, which can make it hard to start losing weight. However, by choosing the snacks available with Saratoga Chips, you can keep the convenience food in your diet, without ruining your results.

Saratoga Chips is a company that produces chips and popcorn that are healthy and much less fatty than their typical counterparts. You can choose from many different flavors, suiting whatever your preference may be. The products are available in many supermarkets around the country, making them easily accessible with your next grocery shopping trip.

The origin of the chips comes from a local legend in Saratoga Springs, New York, from the mid 1800’s. According to the story, the chips came to be after a disgruntled customer wanted thinner potatoes than the house specialty offered. When the chef, Mr. Crum, sliced them as thin as possible, in an attempt to frustrate the customer. Instead, he ended up creating a chip that became a specialty as well, and was demanded highly at the Moon’s Lake House restaurant.

Crum later opened his own restaurant with the chips, but there was never any patent to protect his formula for this side dish. Since then, the process and the product has been adapted into many different flavors for your enjoyment.

Products from Saratoga Chips

While there are many different flavors from Saratoga Chips right now, there are only two types of products – chips and popcorn. All of the products from Saratoga are gluten-free and contain none of the most common allergens that plague consumers today. You will find that the recipes come from all-natural ingredients, which means you won’t have any of the processed chemicals and artificial preservatives that other companies include.

Learn more about the different flavors offered below for each of the different snacks.


The Saratoga Chips are a kettle chip, which means they have many advantages over regular potato chips. These snacks are made from all-natural ingredients, which are non-GMO and allergen free. You will not find any MSG or preservatives in this recipe; instead, you just get the wholesome and delicious flavors of the eight different variations available. Choose from:

  • Original, which feature sea salt as an ode to classic potato chips
  • Dark Russets, which are cooked to a golden brown for a richer taste
  • Thai Sweet Chili, combining sweetness with spicy
  • Wavy Kettle Chips, a wavy version of the original recipe
  • Salt & Balsamic, featuring a slightly sweet but vinegary flavor
  • Rosemary Garlic, a blend of garlicky herbs that offer a Mediterranean spin on this classic dish
  • Honey BBQ, featuring the smoky flavor of BBQ sauce with a slight sweetness
  • Old Glories, featuring a blend of three types of potatoes to show off your patriotism

All of these chips are safe and healthy for your diet, making it easy to indulge and grab all eight.

Organic Pop Popcorn

Organic Pop Popcorn is the newest product from Saratoga Chips, having only been available to the public since the middle of June 2016. Even though there are only five flavors in this set, the flavors you will find are healthy and delicious. All of the popcorn products are 50 calories or less per serving, which means that you can keep indulging as long as you want. Choose from one of the following options:

  • Ancient Grains, featuring a sweet and salty taste from quinoa, black chia, and amaranth
  • Heartland Cheddar, which is coated in organic cheddar cheese
  • Farmhouse Butter, giving you a buttery and salty flavor for a classic popcorn taste
  • Roasted Garlic and Kale, for a unique garlicky spin on this delicious treat
  • Organic Pop Lite, a blend with a third of the fat you will find in other recipes.

Where to Buy Saratoga Chips Products

Unfortunately, you are not able to make a purchase for any of the products offered for Saratoga Chips through the website directly. Instead, you must visit a local retailer to make your purchase. To make it easier to find these products, you can use the store locator tool to find the nearest store to your current address. Since inventory may vary from location to location, you should speak with your selected store to determine if they have your particular flavor in their location.

Contacting Saratoga Chips

With two different types of snacks to choose from, you may have a few lingering questions that you need to find the answers to, before you decide to invest in a purchase. The best way to reach the New York-based company is by phone. Call 1 (877) 901-6950 to speak with a representative. Unfortunately, no hours of operation are listed, so it is up to you to contact Saratoga Chips at your convenience.


Saratoga Chips have a unique texture that other companies may find it difficult to replicate. By offering a variety of different chip and popcorn flavors, you can try multiple products at once to see which one appeals to you the best. The Saratoga Chip was the first kettle chip offered to the public, and the quality continues to give consumers the same satisfaction as it did over a century ago.

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