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Immunocologie Review – The Male Skin Secret Reveal At Last?

Immunocologie is a company that produces a small line of skincare products which help to treat aging skin and skin that needs to be detoxified. This is our review.

What is Immunocologie?

Finding the right skincare regimen can be a daunting tasks. So many skincare companies say they are the best solution for your complexion, but you need to seek out the help of products that specifically treat your complexion. Your best chance at getting clearer skin is by following a regular skincare routine, which you can establish with the pure and safe ingredients at Immunocologie.

Immunocologie combines the knowledge of multiple sciences to provide a wealth of products to treat just about every need. There aren’t different products for every type of complexion, because the formulas are gentle enough for any person. With multiple collections of products, all you have to do is start with the first step of any skincare regimen – the cleansers. By combining your selected cleanser with the right serum and crème, you increase your chances of having the complexion you truly want.

The Science Behind Immunocologie

There are many different sciences that contribute to the effectiveness of the skincare line as a whole. Each one of the methods plays a part in helping the consumer get better skin than ever before, like the Vital Oligo Complex.

The Vital Oligo Complex is designed to help you maintain a healthy complexion by balancing out the environment of your skin. With four different clays, the composition is able to create a negative ion charge, which reduces the amount of damage to your skin cells. Additionally, it boosts your immune system to help your fight against pathogens and free radicals.

With this complex, you also get the benefits of 13 raw earth minerals. These minerals are able to tackle a wealth of complexion issues, from stimulating collagen to simply smoothing your skin. Raw minerals have many benefits that are not possible after processing, so this is the best time to use them.

Immunocologie Products

Immunocologie makes a wide variety of products to suit the needs of consumers. The ingredients included in these remedies are 100% organic and come from reliably natural sources. Regardless of your skin type, the company makes cleansers, moisturizers, and other products that cater to the needs of your complexion. The company’s line of products includes:

  • Cleansers
    • Cleansing lotion ($65)
    • Exfoliating lotion ($150)
    • Vital Ionic mist ($65)
    • Vital Clay ($150)
  • Serums
    • Super 7 Elixir ($300)
    • Hyaluronic serum ($195)
    • Face serum ($185)
    • Eye contour serum ($145)
  • Crèmes
    • Day Protection ($225)
    • Night Protection ($250)
    • Oxygen treatment crème ($195)
    • Intense Eye Cream ($125)

In spite of this great selection of products, the most value you get for your money is by investing in one of the popular collections. Each collection has everything you need to treat the specific skin condition that is stated in the description of the collection.

Vital Skin Reset

Priced at $195.00, the Vital Skin Reset collection is designed to detoxify and heal your skin from the damage it regularly sustains during your week. This regiment should be followed in both the morning and before you go to sleep for the night. The collection includes Cleansing and Exfoliating lotions, along with a serum to attack blemishes as they come.

The products need to be applied in the correct order to reap all the benefits. You start with the cleansing lotion, riding your skin of excess oil, dirt, and leftover makeup. Once your skin is clean, use the exfoliating lotion to hydrate and protect the skin. Let it sit for about 15 minutes before applying makeup or touching your face. Even though the hyaluronic serum is included in the collection, there is no information on when to apply it during your regimen.

Fall Rejuvenate

Fall Rejuvenate is all about rejuvenating your skin after you’ve spent an entire summer in the bright and harsh sunlight. With these products, you can expect to see an improvement in your skin’s elasticity and wrinkles. With this set, you are able to balance out your skin’s natural pH, which means less blemishes.

The first product you should apply in your routine is the cleansing lotion, which will need to be rinsed with water. Next, apply the Super 7 Elixir and Day Protection Crème. These two formulas will not always be necessary, so use your best judgement. The oxygen treatment crème in the set should only be used twice a week. This set is available together for $710.00.

Regenerative Collection

This collection appears to be necessary for aging skin, but the company states that the purpose of this collection is to repair your skin and rid it of toxins. This bundle only includes three products, but manages to earn a $535.00 price tag.

The exfoliating lotion is the first product you should massage into your skin, allowing it to rest for about 15 minutes for the full effect. The Super 7 Elixir is next, which helps to moisturize you recently washed face. At the end of the regimen, you can use two drops of eye serum, which helps eliminate the appearance of fine lines.

Contacting Immunocologie

If you have questions about the use of the products or about the products themselves, you can reach someone in customer service by sending an email to info@immunocologie.com. You can also fill out the online form with your inquiry and contact information.


Unlike other skincare regimens, this company doesn’t really target a specific complexion. Instead, they use organic ingredients, which have been shown to have a subtler effect on every type of skin. If you are unsure of the right products for you, base your decision on the different collections available. There are a few specialized products, but the company mostly relies on the ability to use organic ingredients to maintain your skincare routine. While the products are fairly expensive, they are also an effective way to establish a high-quality skincare routine.

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