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Garcinia Torch – Free Trial Garcinia Cambogia Offer

Garcinia Torch Review

Garcinia Torch is a hot new diet pill that is making headlines for its trial offer. Find out if Garcinia Torch is too good to be true today in our supplement review.

What is Garcinia Torch?

Garcinia Torch is a diet pill that promises to help you lose weight without dramatically changing your diet or exercise routines.

We’ve all heard that promise before – so what makes Garcinia Torch different?

Well, the makers of Garcinia Torch claim to have used nothing but the purest, finest-quality Garcinia cambogia extract. Garcinia cambogia is one of the hottest dietary ingredients in the industry today despite not being backed up by a significant amount of scientific evidence.

Nevertheless, Garcinia cambogia extract can be found in hundreds of diet pill supplements on the market today. Let’s take a closer look at how Garcinia Torch claims to work.

How Does Garcinia Torch Work?

Garcinia Torch contains just four active ingredients, including:

— 1000mg of Garcinia Cambogia extract (60% HCA)
— 250mcg of Chromium (300% DV)
— 125mg of Calcium (10% DV)
— 140mg of Potassium Gluconate (4% DV)

Obviously, the key ingredient here is the Garcinia cambogia extract. At 1000mg in each 1 capsule serving, Garcinia Torch is considered a relatively strong Garcinia supplement. 60% HCA extract is pretty much the highest concentration of formula you can find – in fact, I’d be suspicious of any manufacturer advertising HCA content higher than 60%.

HCA stands for hydroxycitric acid. It’s the ingredient in Garcinia cambogia extract that makes it work. HCA is thought to work by blocking the enzyme responsible for fat storage. So your body can safely consume carbs and sugars without turning those carbs and sugars into fat. Instead, your body uses those ingredients as energy, which means you not only feel slimmer – but you feel more energized as well.

At the same time, Garcinia cambogia has shown some evidence that it works as a mild appetite suppressant, so you’re encouraged to eat less with every meal.

Scientific evidence for Garcinia cambogia in largescale human studies is largely lacking. In the few human studies that we have seen, Garcinia cambogia has led to small amounts of weight loss over a placebo – but only when you have an active diet or exercise routine.

Nevertheless, this limited evidence hasn’t stopped people like Dr. Oz from calling Garcinia cambogia a “miracle weight loss cure.”

Garcinia Torch Ingredients

Garcinia Torch lists its full range of ingredients online and on the side of the product packaging. Here’s what the ingredients chart looks like:

Garcinia Torch Ingredients

Many Garcinia cambogia supplements only include pure Garcinia cambogia. Garcinia Torch has added three additional vitamins (although the calcium and potassium gluconate are in a very small dose).

Chromium, by the way, is a metal that is linked to a number of health effects. As explains, “Chromium is used for improving blood sugar control in people with prediabetes, type 1 and type 2 diabetes, and high blood sugar due to taking steroids.”

Basically, it helps manage your blood sugar, and blood sugar management is crucial when trying to lose weight. also adds that chromium has been used specifically for weight loss: “Some people try chromium for body conditioning including weight loss, increasing muscle, and decreasing body fat.”

Ultimately, adding chromium to the formula appears to only increase the effectiveness of the diet pill, which is a good thing.

It’s also important to note that each capsule contains 1000mg of Garcinia cambogia extract, and that there are 90 capsules in each container. You take 3 capsules per day for a total dose of 3000mg of Garcinia cambogia. That’s a high dose: many of Torch’s competitors have a total daily dose of just 1000mg. So Garcinia Torch is considered a high-dose Garcinia supplement.

Garcinia Torch Pricing

As we mentioned at the top, Garcinia Torch has been making headlines for its free trial offer. That trial offer seems too good to be true: you pay $4.95 today and receive a full-sized bottle of Garcinia Torch in the mail a few days later.

So what’s the catch?

Well, like most free things on the internet, Garcinia Torch’s free trial is too good to be true. Here’s how the trial works:

— The trial is “free”, but you are asked to enter a credit card to pay a $4.95 “Shipping & Handling” fee

— After paying that fee, you’ll receive a full-sized bottle of 90 Garcinia Torch capsules within the mail in 3 to 5 business days

— Then, 18 days after you first ordered the trial, your credit card will be charged the full price for the diet pills you’ve already received (the full price is $79.95)

— At the same time, you’re immediately enrolled in the autoship program, which bills your credit card every 30 days at $79.95

— The autoship program isn’t indefinite: it runs out after 3 months, but you can call to cancel any time within that 3 month period to avoid all future shipments of Garcinia Torch

Who Makes Garcinia Torch?

Garcinia Torch is made by a company named Nature Made Nutrition LLC. That company lists its mailing address as the following:

Nature Made Nutrition LLC
41 SE 5th St Suite 1101
Miami, FL 33131

You can call the company at 800-741-5601 or email them at

That company does not appear to be related in any way to Nature Made, which is a large multivitamin and nutritional supplement brand owned by Pharmavite LLC.

Should You Use Garcinia Torch to Lose Weight?

We can debate the effectiveness of Garcinia cambogia all day long. There are some people who believe it’s a miracle weight loss cure and there are other people who claim that its effectiveness is based on junk science and that human clinical trials have been inconclusive.

But if you believe in Garcinia cambogia, then Garcinia Torch is one of the higher-quality diet pills on the market today. With a daily serving of 3000mg of Garcinia cambogia extract with 60% HCA, you’d be hard-pressed to find a higher-powered supplement.

Nevertheless, the price is high, and the trial membership program is a little shady, so make sure you fully read through the terms and conditions before you buy.

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TestoRip X – Boost Muscle Mass & Testosterone Levels

TestoRip X Review

TestoRip X is a new nutritional supplement that promises to enhance your lean muscle mass by raising testosterone levels within your body. Here’s our TestoRip X review.

What is TestoRip X?

TestoRip X is a bodybuilding supplement marketed towards men. The supplement promises to increase your lean muscle mass by raising testosterone levels within your body.

Testosterone is a hormone responsible for all sorts of crucial bodily processes. By taking TestoRip X daily, the makers of the supplement claim you can:

— Raise Stamina And Endurance During Workouts

— Boost Efficiency During Workouts

— Raise Your Sex Drive And Libido

— Reduce Recovery Periods Between Workouts

If you’re looking for an easy way to boost lean muscle mass and raise your sexual energy, then TestoRip X promises to help.

How Does TestoRip X Work?

Typically, supplement makers love to explain how their supplements work. They love to list their ingredients, their dosages, and their methods of action.

With TestoRip X, that’s not the case. In fact, the manufacturer has taken a totally opposite approach. Instead of listing any ingredients or any methods of action, TestoRip X just fills up its product pages with pictures of half-naked women and muscular men. There are before and after pictures of average, flabby guys turning into muscle-bound machines.

The only real explanation we have of how TestoRip X works is that it has three main methods of action:

— Superior Stamina Levels: “Replenished energy stores and an increased blood flow to the muscles” adds stamina and endurance to your body

— Visible Vascularity: “Swollen biceps, massive arms, and a chiseled chest” are all possible with the vascular benefits of TestoRip X

— Long Lasting Libido: Surges your free testosterone levels, raising your sexual stamina, drive, and performance.

TestoRip X never cites evidence for any of these benefits. It never explains which ingredients provide which benefits. It just expects you to read these benefits and get excited.

In reality, it appears that TestoRip X doesn’t actually use ingredients that increase your testosterone: it uses ingredients that raise nitric oxide levels, which in turn helps your body dilate blood vessels and move oxygen more easily around your body. This can trick you into thinking you have higher testosterone levels (it makes it easier to get it up, for one thing).

However, if you’re actually expecting TestoRip X to naturally raise testosterone, you’re probably going to be disappointed.

TestoRip X Pricing

TestoRip X is exclusively available through a free trial offer available for United States residents. The supplement does not currently ship to addresses outside of America.

Like most free trial offers you see online, TestoRip X is a bit of a scam. Here’s how it works:

— Your trial is advertised as free, but you do have to pay a fee for “shipping and handling” and “shipping insurance” today. Those fees add up to $3.97 USD total. You’ll need to enter a valid credit card to pay that fee.

— When your credit card is being processed, the manufacturer pre-authorizes the card for a fee of $86.98. That fee will go through once your 14 day trial period is complete.

— If you don’t return the supplement within the 14 day trial period (and it takes about 7 days to receive the supplement in the first place), then you’ll be charged the full $86.98 fee

— You will continue to be charged that $86.98 fee for a 30 day supply of TestoRip X capsules every month until you cancel.

Considering each bottle of TestoRip X contains just a 30 day supply, that price is way too expensive. You can purchase more reputable testosterone boosters from higher-quality manufacturers for less than half that price.

Who Makes TestoRip X?

Like many nutritional supplement manufacturers you see online, TestoRip X doesn’t list any information about its manufacturing conditions, its ingredient sources, or its company headquarters.

Instead, all we get is a PO box address in a nondescript building. The supplement does claim that it’s made in the United States using natural ingredients, although we have no reason to believe that’s true because we don’t have a legitimate manufacturing address or location.

Should You Use TestoRip X to Raise Testosterone Levels?

Testosterone is one of the most important hormones in your body. It’s responsible for everything from your sex drive to your energy levels to your muscle development. If you’re going to start messing with your testosterone levels, then you better know what you’re doing.

TestoRip X doesn’t list its ingredients or methods of action. It doesn’t actually appear to raise testosterone levels: it just dilates your blood vessels to trick you into thinking that you have higher testosterone levels. Wider blood vessels make it easier for nutrients and oxygen to travel throughout your body and can make it easier to maintain an erection – so it’s easy to see why people would think this can raise testosterone levels.

If you actually want to raise testosterone levels, then your best bet is to talk to your doctor. Low testosterone is a medical condition and there are treatments available. Purchasing a pricey “natural” test booster like TestoRip X from a scammy website online isn’t your best option.

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Powermax – Increase Your Virility & Performance

Powermax Review

Powermax is a new nutritional supplement targeted towards men. The supplement promises to increase your virility and sexual performance. Here’s our review.

What is Powermax?

Powermax is a male enhancement supplement that promises to increase the size, intensify your orgasm, boost your stamina, and make it easier to gain and maintain an erection.

The supplement is exclusively available online through a clinical trial. You don’t need a prescription. The supplement’s trial is priced at $4.95, although the full retail price is $119.93 (you’re required to pay this price after your 12 day trial period is complete).

Typically, male enhancement supplements like Viagra use synthetic chemicals like sildenafil, while Cialis uses a formula called tadalafil, both of which widen your blood vessels and make it easier to maintain an erection.

Instead of using chemical formulas, Powermax uses herbal extracts. You don’t need a prescription to use these herbal extracts, and they purportedly offer similar benefits when it comes to widening your blood vessels. Key herbal extracts used in Powermax include tongkat ali, saw palmetto, and panax ginseng – all of which are ingredients we’ve seen in other male enhancement supplements.

So how does Powermax work? Let’s take a closer look.

How Does Powermax Work?

Powermax has included 8 active ingredients. Each ingredient claims to work in the same way: it widens your blood vessels. Some of the ingredients work by raising nitric oxide levels. Nitric oxide, or NO, is a chemical compound often used by bodybuilders to enhance vascularity.

Powermax claims to be made from “all natural herbs”. That appears to be true aside from one ingredient, L- Arginine, which is a synthetically-derived amino acid.

The key ingredients in Powermax include all of the following: Epimedium, Lepidium Meyeni, Macuna Gigantea, Polypodium Vulgare, Panax Ginseng, Saw Palmetto, Tongkat Ali, and L-Arginine.

The dosage for these ingredients is not listed, so we have no idea how strong or weak the formula may be. For all we know, the formula only contains trace amounts of all of the above ingredients.

However, to put dosage into perspective, L-Arginine (which is just one ingredient in the formula) is typically taken in doses of 2 to 8 grams per day. A large nutritional supplement tablet will contain about 1g of formula in total – so it seems unlikely that Powermax comes anywhere close to the recommended amount.

In any case, without ingredient information listed, weave nothing to show that Powermax actually works as advertised.

Oddly enough, Powermax doesn’t just claim to make it easier to get an erection: it claims to actually make you larger:

“Powermax may not only increase your stamina in bed…it may also increase the size of your male member over time.”

There’s no evidence to support that, and Powermax doesn’t even cite a scientific study to back up this bogus claim. Remember: male enlargement is basically one big myth (without surgery), and it’s always suspicious when a supplement makes this claim.

Powermax Pricing

Powermax has a pricing policy that many people have labeled as a scam. That pricing policy advertises a “free” trial where you only pay for shipping and handling. However, the fine print of the terms and conditions explains that you still have to pay the full retail price on your trial – you just don’t pay it today. Here’s how the pricing policy breaks down:

— You pay $4.95 today for the trial’s shipping and handling

— You have 12 calendar days in your trial period. On the 13th day after you order, your credit card will be automatically charged $119.93 for the trial bottle you already received.

— At the same time, you’re automatically subscribed to the company’s autoship program, which mails you a shipment of Powermax every month at a price of $119.93 + $9.97 shipping.

— You will continue being charged that price every month for the rest of your life until you cancel, until you die, or until your credit card is maxed out (whatever comes first)

Paying $130 for a small bottle of a nutritional supplement is an extremely high price. In fact, Powermax may be the most expensive male enhancement product we’ve seen on the market.

Another problem with this trial is that it takes 3 to 5 business days to receive the product in the mail, while you only have 12 calendar days to cancel your trial. So in reality, you may only have 3 to 4 days to test your product before being charged the full $120 fee.

All purchases come with a 30 day money back guarantee. You can also contact the company within the first 12 days of ordering your trial to cancel your trial, in which case you return the supplement and avoid the $119.93 fee.

To request a refund from the company’s customer service department, call 1-866-820-9214 or email:

Who Makes Powermax?

Powermax doesn’t disclose much information about its manufacturing conditions online. It only claims that the supplement is made in the United States. The company’s mailing address is listed as:

10631 N Kendall Dr Suite 1205
Miami, Florida 33176

You can contact the company by email at or by phone at 1-866-820-9214.

Should You Use Powermax to Boost your Sex Drive?

Powermax is a male enhancement supplement that has crammed together a bunch of different herbal ingredients into one convenient supplement. Most of the ingredients have been used in traditional medicine to boost virility, but none of the ingredients are backed up by any modern scientific testing or evidence.

Making things look worse for Powermax is that each ingredient comes with an unlisted dosage: so we don’t know the strength of any of these ingredients. So even if they were backed up by modern scientific testing or evidence, we wouldn’t be able to compare these effects to what we know about Powermax.

On top of all of these problems, the manufacturer of Powermax still charges $130 for a one month supply of the supplement, which is extremely overpriced compared to similar herbal male enhancement supplements we’ve seen on the market.

For all of these reasons, it seems unlikely that Powermax will have a significant impact on your sex drive or sexual ability.

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Mironova EGT+ – Antioxidant For Oxidative Stress

Mironova EGT+ Review

Mironova EGT+ is an antioxidant supplement that includes ergothioneine, which is a super antioxidant that provides natural protection against damage to healthy cardiovascular functioning caused by oxidative stress. This is our review.

What is Mironova EGT+?

Mironova EGT+ is an antioxidant supplement that includes ergothioneine, which is a super antioxidant that provides natural protection against damage to healthy cardiovascular functioning caused by oxidative stress. Unlike other antioxidants that enrich your body, ergothioneine is the transported through your body to penetrate cells deeply using a specific transporter, ETT. According to scientists, physiological role of ergothioneine in humans is undetermined.

The company focuses on this supplement’s ability to enrich the arterial walls. The company continues, stating that ergothioneine is an essential part of the immune system’s defenses, which is why it is necessary to your body.

Some foods that already include liver, kidney, black beans, kidney bean and oat bran, with the highest levels in bolete and oyster mushrooms.

The body also produces its own supply of ergothioneine in the skin, erythrocytes, eye lens, and semen.

However, in spite of this readily available information, Mironova EGT+ states that the human body, in fact, does not create their own ergothioneine. However, according to multiple reports and the information above, the human body does product this amino acid.

However, you don’t really need this supplement to maintain a healthy heart. To maintain and improve your heart health, the US Department of Health and Human Resources and the American Heart Association recommend eating a balanced diet that is low in fat, cholesterol, and salt; and high in fiber, vegetables, fruits, and antioxidant-rich foods. However, you may supplement your heart-smart food choices each day with Mironova EGT+ to help protect your cardiovascular functioning.

How Mironova EGT+ Works

Mironova EGT+ focuses on the ability to add ergothioneine to your body to help reverse the effects of “oxidative stress.” Oxidative stress is defined by Mironova EGT+ as:

“rusting that occurs within the body and happens when there is an imbalance between oxidants and antioxidants. When the body has too few antioxidants to balance oxidants, free radicals are released that alter DNA, proteins, and cholesterol that can trigger harmful reactions.”

Essentially, the makers state that continued damage to your body can eventually be the cause of heart and blood vessel disorders, including atherosclerosis, heart failure, heart attack and stroke, which is why this supplement is necessary.

Using Mironova EGT+

According to the directions, you need a daily supply of 5mg, or 35mg per week, to reach the optimum levels of this amino acid in the body. Mironova EGT+ offers a 5mg dose in each tablet, meaning you only have to take it once a day.

Currently, no supplements have had a negative reaction to the addition of Mironova EGT+ into the body. However, there is an obligatory warning to consult your physician, in regards to combining the supplement with any medication you are prescribed.

Individuals who take Mironova EGT+ should continue to pursue a healthy diet and regular exercise. Most importantly, you should strive to eat heart-healthy foods and maintain a cardiovascular workout, which both promote a longer life.

Pricing Mironova EGT+

Like most new products, the company states that it presently offers a special rate as a new person enrolled in the subscription program. Presently, there are two subscriptions available.

The 30-day supply subscription of Mironova EGT+ has an introductory monthly fee of $19.98. On a regular basis, the 30-day supply is offered at a rate of $34.99 monthly.

The 90-day supply subscription of Mironova EGT+ will save you a little extra money. The introductory price is $24.99 for an order that is greater than or equal to a three-month supply. This rate saves you about $10 for each month on a regular basis.

The Makers of Mironova EGT+

Mironova EGT+™ is a product of Mironova Labs, Inc., a manufacturer of specialty ingredients used in consumer products for over 25 years. The company was established in 1988. The company constantly searches out new ideas to innovate in technology and human health.

Currently, the only product that Mironova Labs produced is Mironova EGT+.

For more information, you can speak with the customer service team via phone or email.

Phone: 1-844-MIRONOV (647-6668), M – F between 8 am – 8 pm, ET

Overall Recommendation

The problem with Mironova EGT+ is that the website states that the human body does not presently produce its own ergothioneine, which is just not true. When this fact is the basis for the entire supplement, and the claim is inaccurate, this supplement becomes nonessential to your daily routine. However, the makers of this product may be using the low levels of naturally-occurring ergothioneine to their advantage. The product is safe, so the consumer only has things to gain, and minimal potential loss.

Additionally, this supplement has not yet been FDA-approved.

The good point that the company makes with the information provided is that, with this supplement, you can monitor the amount of the amino acid that you consume.

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Mind Lab Pro – Advanced Nootropic Supplement

Mind Lab Pro Review

Mind Lab Pro is labeled as an “Advanced Nootropic” supplement. It claims to give you a competitive edge in business, school, sports, work, and life. Here’s our review.

What is Mind Lab Pro?

Mind Lab Pro is a nutritional supplement that contains a blend of nootropic ingredients. That nutritional supplement promises to provide benefits like:

Enhance Memory
— Accelerate Learning
— Improve Problem Solving Skills
— Achieve Optimal Brain Health
— Avoid Age-Related Cognitive Decline

By taking the supplement daily, you can enjoy short-term and long-term benefits like the ones listed above.

The nootropic has the unique distinction of being caffeine-free, allergen-free, 100% natural, and safe for both vegans and vegetarians to use. We review a lot of nootropics that are loaded with stimulants and synthetic formulas, so it’s refreshing to see that Mind Lab Pro isn’t one.

So how does Mind Lab Pro work? How much does it cost? Keep reading to find out more.

How Does Mind Lab Pro Work?

Mind Lab Pro uses a blend of 11 nootropic ingredients. These ingredients have been well-studied and can be found in many other nootropics on the market today. Fortunately for us, Mind Lab Pro also includes dosage information with each ingredient – so it’s easy to compare the benefits of each ingredient to major clinical studies.

Key ingredients include all of the following:

— Cognizin (Citicoline) – 250mg

Citicoline is a precursor to phosphatidylcholine, which increases the production of “neurites” in the brain. Neurites are protective structures for neurons. In one study, healthy adult women between ages 40 and 60 were divided into three groups. One group took 250mg of choline, the other took 500mg of choline, and a third took a placebo for 28 days. By the end of the study, the choline groups were “significantly better” at answering test questions correctly. These effects were observed in both the 250mg and 500mg groups. You can read the full study here.

— Phosphatidylserine (Soy-Free) – 50mg

In one study, participants took 300mg of phosphatidylserine daily for 6 months and demonstrated significant improvements in cognitive performance versus people taking a placebo. Obviously, the 50mg dose in Mind Lab Pro is six times smaller than that dose, but the manufacturer still expects that you’ll enjoy some benefits.

— Hericium Erinaceous (Lion’s Mane Mushroom) – 500mg

This popular Asian mushroom recently demonstrated its effectiveness in a Japanese study where participants between ages 50 and 80 with mild cognitive impairment took 1,000mg of Lion’s Mane three times a day for 16 weeks. This group showed a significant improvement in test scores. However, what the manufacturer of Mind Lab Pro doesn’t mention is that the participants in this trial were tested again after they stopped taking the mushroom, and their test scores “decreased significantly”. You can view that study here.

— Rhodiola Rosea (Root) – 50mg

In one study, Rhodiola rosea (a native Russian herb), was shown to stimulate brain activity and improve mental work capacity. That study, however, involved taking 340mg of Rhodiola rosea extract, which is over 6 times more than the amount used in Mind Lab Pro. It was also a pilot study that involved just 10 participants, so it wasn’t a huge landmark study.

— L-Theanine – 125mg

L-Theanine is one of the most popular nootropic ingredients on the market today. L-Theanine is an amino acid found in tea leaves that closely resembles the chemical structure of glutamate. Its effectiveness and boosting attention, focus, and cognition has been repeatedly demonstrated over the years, so I won’t get into too much evidence here. It’s typically taken in a dose of 200mg.

— N-Acetyl-L-Tyrosine – 175mg

N-Acetyl-L-Tyrosine encourages the production of neurotransmitters like dopamine, norepinephrine, and epinephrine within your body. The dose of L-Tyrosine in Mind Lab Pro is really small: typically, studies involving L-Tyrosine recommend taking a dose of 150mg per kg of bodyweight. So an 80kg individual would take a dose of 12,000mg per day.

— Vitamin B6 – 2.5mg

Vitamin B helps restore neurotransmitter levels that have been depleted by stress. It’s a popular B vitamin found in energy drinks. In one study linked on Mind Lab Pro’s website, participants took 20mg of vitamin B6 for 2 years and were observed to have reduced their cognitive decline.

— Bacopa Monnieri – 150mg

Bacopa monnieri is a well-known nootropic compound that has demonstrated some modest benefits, but nothing too mind-blowing. One study gave participants 300mg of Bacopa extract daily for 12 weeks, after which participants were observed to have increased information processing and memory over those taking a placebo. However, wide scale human studies from reputable organizations are still lacking with Bacopa monnieri.

— Pterostilbene – 500mcg

Pterostilbene purportedly works in a similar way to resveratrol, which is the antioxidant found in red wine and blueberries. However, it has higher bioavailability.

— Vinpocetine – 6mg

Vinpocetine is another popular nootropic compound. It has been extensively researched over the years and is one nootropic with mountains of evidence supporting its cognitive benefits. Unfortunately for Mind Lab Pro, vinpocetine is typically taken at a minimum daily dosage of 30mg, with more experienced users taking 60mg or more – so the dose in here is relatively small.

— Huperzine A – 200mcg

Huperzine A inhibits the chemical that kills acetylcholine in your brain. To support the inclusion of Huperzine A, the creators of Mind Lab Pro link to this 2002 Chinese study where 202 patients diagnosed with ADHD took Huperzine-A or a placebo. Researchers concluded with the following: “A safe and effective medicine, huperzine Alpha remarkably improves the cognition, behavior, ADL,and mood of AD patients”. Patients received 400mcg of Huperzine A daily for 12 weeks.

Ultimately, all of the ingredients in Mind Lab Pro are backed by real scientific evidence. The dosages are clear and are not hidden behind any proprietary formulas. Yes, there are some ingredients – like Vinpocetine – that have relatively small dosages. But overall, the formula should work as advertised to increase cognitive ability.

Mind Lab Pro Pricing

Mind Lab Pro is priced in a similar way to most other nootropics. Here’s how pricing breaks down:

— 1 Month Supply (1 Box): $65
— 2 Month Supply (2 Boxes): $130
— 3 Month Supply (3 Boxes): $195 (plus get one box extra for free, plus free shipping anywhere in the world)

All of these prices include shipping to US and UK addresses. International customers, however, will have to pay a shipping surcharge of $14.95 (unless you order the 3 month supply, in which case shipping is free worldwide).

Keep in mind that the dosages above are for two capsules, which is one daily serving. So if you want to double up the dosage to enhance the effects of Mind Lab Pro (which should be safe to do, based on the dosage information and strength), then you’ll end up paying about $130 per month for Mind Lab Pro.

Who Makes Mind Lab Pro?

Mind Lab Pro is made by a UK-based company named Opti-Nutra Ltd. That company is based at 20-22 Wenlock Road in London, N1 7GU.

Opti-Nutra calls itself an “advanced nutraceuticals” manufacturer that spares “no expense in producing the purest and most potent nutraceuticals available today.”

Mind Lab Pro is currently the only product listed by Opti-Nutra on its website.

You can contact the company by emailing or by filling out the online form here:

Should You Use Mind Lab Pro to Boost Cognition?

Mind Lab Pro appears to be a safe, effective, and natural nootropic formula that contains a smart blend of ingredients at the right dosages. Like most nootropics sold online today, the dosages are slightly lower than the recommended amounts, although Mind Lab Pro still packs a punch for most ingredients.

Given that information, Mind Lab Pro should be able to work as advertised to help improve your cognitive energy and focus.

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TheaTrim Review – Burn Fat Through Thermogenesis

TheaTrim Review

TheaTrim is a weight-loss supplement that is designed to use thermogenesis to help consumers lose weight. This is our review.

What is TheaTrim?

TheaTrim is a weight-loss supplement that is designed to use thermogenesis to help consumers lose weight. Thermogenesis is the production of heat, which implies that the pill stimulates the natural chemicals your body produces during workouts to help sweat out the pounds. Sweating will only eliminate water weight, but the energy can help work your cardiovascular system more vigorously during your workout, which will result in weight loss.

Some of the claims that the company makes is that consumers who use TheaTrim:

— Will Not Build Up A Tolerance
— Will Have Increased Energy
— Will Have An Overall Sense Of Well-being
— Will Increase Thermogenesis
— And Will Increase The Amount Of Fat Used During Weight Loss.

How TheaTrim Works

TheaTrim success primarily focuses on their manmade compound TeaCrine, which they state is “nature-identical” and is designed to essentially boost your energy, giving you the ability to focus on your workout and help your endurance.

The concoction of active ingredient has its own set of active ingredients that contribute the supplement’s effectiveness in your weight loss regimen. The recipe includes:

— InstEnergy
— TeaCrine
— Methylcobalamin & SAMe (S-u methionine)
— Citrus Bioflavanoid complex (std. for hesperidin)
— White Willow Bark extract (std. for salicin)
— Rauwolfia Vomitoria (root bark extract)


InstEnergy is not listed in the description, but the TeaCrine (or theacrine) is described as a “nature-identical” compound that shows up in different resources that give it the same energy-inducing properties at caffeine. However, the only difference between this compound and the way caffeine works is that it is structurally designed to keep your body from developing a tolerance, which is probably the reason it continues being effective more many doses.

Methylcobalamin & SAMe (S-u methionine)

Methylcobalamin & SAMe (S-u methionine) is designed to motivate the production of norepinephrine, dopamine and serotonin, which are three different type of neurotransmitters. Serotonin is a necessary element in the body to balance out other neurotransmitters in the brain, but caffeine can make your production of serotonin decrease over time. Dopamine is known as an excitatory neurotransmitter, which gives the consumer a sense of happiness, since the product is often used to help with depression. Norepinephrine is also naturally occurring in the body, which is needed to balance out your mood. Essentially, the Methylcobalamin & SAMe is the part of the compound that keeps your attitude positive, which could be a reason that many consumers feel good about using the product.

Citrus Bioflavanoid complex (std. for hesperidin)

Citrus Bioflavanoid complex is used to prevent CYP450 production, which is designed to block the body from breaking down caffeine, which essentially is the addition that prevents your body from building a tolerance. However, according to WebMD, this additive should not be consumed for more to six months. Common side effects include stomach pain, nausea, diarrhea, and headache. It also acts as a blood thinner, which helps TheaTrim to metabolize in the blood stream.

White Willow Bark extract (std. for salicin)

The makers of TheaTrim state that White Willow Bark extract, or salicin, is included to help with inflammation and blood flow. This chemical is actually very helpful for people who experience back pain, which can restrict their ability to work out.

Rauwolfia Vomitoria (root bark extract)

Rauwolfia Vomitoria (root bark extract) is added for “alpha-2 adrenergic receptor antagonism.” Essentially, this extract is used to prevent the body from stopping your weight loss. According to studies, all parts of the Rauwolfia Vomitoria tree are poisonous. However, over the last few decades, small doses of the extract have been known to help with hypertension and some mental disorders.

Basically, most of the active ingredients are safe, or are part of natural substances that have been used for years in other capacities. Which the long-term use of this product should not exceed 6 months with these ingredients, short-term use is safe.

Using TheaTrim

While the program claims that you won’t develop a tolerance against the supplement, they still recommend to start with one serving in a day, which should be accompanied with food. If you do not have a poor digestive or other negative reaction, you can consume up to four servings within a 24-hour period. However, you should avoid taking more than two servings at the same time, or taking the supplement within six hours before you plan to sleep.

Pricing for TheaTrim

One bottle of TheaTrim is priced at $54.95, in comparison with top weight loss drugs, which have an average price of $67.96. Each bottle contains 60 servings.

Online distributors include: Advantis Nutrition, BCT Nutrition, Best Price Nutrition, Body by Imran, Double Biceps Ltd., Europa Sports Products, Gutali Nutrition, Health Genesis, Hermes Export, Jordyn McDonald, Lone Star Distribution, Marcus Soto, Muscle Foods, Musclefarma, Naskor Sports, New Vision Enterprises, PAF Distribution, Power Shack, Predator Nutrition, Redasoft Enterprises, and Supplement Edge.

This product is available for purchase through over 200 different retailers, but the list does not include any major retailers like Wal-Mart, Target, CVS Pharmacy, or Walgreens Pharmacy. Most of the stores that offer this product are on the eastern side of the United States.

While TheaTrim can be returned if you are unsatisfied, their policy stipulates that the bottle must be unworn, must include the original tags, and must be returned in 30 days. Orders can be returned to:

Purus Labs
11370 Pagemill Rd.
Dallas, TX 75243

The Makers of TheaTrim

Purus Labs is responsible for the creation of TheaTrim. If you go to the section of the website that talks about their role, the company focusing on the ineptness of other companies that produce supplements, stating that other companies:

“do zero research yet pump tons of marketing dollars into convincing consumers their workout supplement products are the best available. Typically, they design lengthy and purposely confusing nutrition panels, haphazardly concoct pixie dust proprietary blends in order to mask their cheap formulas, and use flashy marketing to drive sales rather than effective exercise supplement products.”

Interestingly enough, the description they have of themselves shows that the products they sell for exercise and weight loss are “systematically forged by science,” stating that research is performed by scientists and athletes.

Overall Recommendation

TheaTrim seems to have safe ingredients that are known for their effectiveness in promoting a healthy and positive attitude, while giving the energy you need to stay motivated during your workout. While the weight-loss effectiveness is particular to each person, it is recommended to use to help maintain your stamina during workouts. The ingredients are mostly safe, and the price is lower than the average cost of comparable weight loss supplements.

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Blue Lagoon Silica Mud Mask

Blue Lagoon Silica Mud Mask

I first tried Blue Lagoon Silica Mud Mask back in 2013. Back then, this Icelandic face mask with a small cult following in Europe was laden with every paraben known to woman. It dried to a ghostly caste guaranteed to scare small children and you had be a pretty big believer in mud, as it contained little else. When the company emailed me from Iceland a few weeks ago, asking me to try it again, they promised they had made some positive changes.

And so they have. Blue Lagoon Silica Mud Mask ($100) has ditched every single paraben. Its new packaging is a soothing lichen green, the exact same color as the mask inside. I found that this updated mask becomes more or less transparent on the skin. The things that haven’t changed are the two proprietary active ingredients geothermal water and silica from the Blue Lagoon.

There is a Blue Lagoon in Iceland. As a quick aside, I honeymooned in Iceland 25 years ago and was enthralled and enchanted by a magical landscape of steaming lakes and vivid mineral rock. Truly, the images are still vividly stamped in my memory. The Blue Lagoon fits the description and it’s mud has curative and skin healing properties.

The way it works is that when the geothermal sea water cools, it becomes supersaturated with silicon and long chains of silicon molecules are formed that eventually precipitate out of the water and form the mud. The Blue Lagoon also has a unique algae. Research has shown that bathing in the Blue Lagoon and rubbing the silica mud into lesions has positive effects on psoriasis.

I personally found this mask very curative. I have some skin allergies recently and the mask has been very helpful at calming things down. I have a little eczema by nose and even as I was writing this review it was terribly itchy and uncomfortable. A dab of the mask instantly and completely stopped the itching.

There is research published in Experimental Dermatology that attempts to get at what it is about the silica mud and two different microalgae species derived from the Blue Lagoon that makes them good for the skin. The researchers saw that they are capable of inducing gene expression in human epidermal keratinocytes. The algae and silica mud extracts induced collagen and may help with the reduction of transepidermal water loss. The conclusion was that the bioactives in Blue Lagoon have the capacity to improve “skin barrier function and to prevent premature skin aging.”

I found that that the longer I left the mask on the better. Blue Lagoon recommends 5-10 minutes. I found that five minutes did very little for my skin. Over the weeks I built up to leaving it on for 20 minutes (this is easy to do since the mask is very light and comfortable is not one of those drying, tightening masks). Then the results became spectacular — the softest, glowing skin ever.

Geothermal water, algae and silica mud are what this mask is all about. And I am a convert to them. The rest of the ingredients, however, are nothing to write home about. There’s a few emollients, coco-caprylate/caprate and polyglyseryl-4 caprate, a skin conditioning agent (capryl glycol) and the natural preservative ethylexylglycerin, which is a nice alternative to the parabens in their old formula.  While many people will be happy to see that the parabens are gone, there is still the preservative, phenoxyethanol.

Editor’s Note: This product has new packaging and our review will be updated as soon as updated photos are available.

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Jolt Energy Gum – Natural Energy Boost From Gum?

Jolt Energy Gum Review

Whether you are at work, school, at the gym, or running errands at home or elsewhere, having energy to complete your task is imperative. Without energy, you simply end up feeling unmotivated – which can mean that you will have to work even longer before you get the opportunity to relax.

If you love energy drinks, caffeine, and energizer shots, then a new product has recently come on the market that combines all of the best features of these products into one nifty little piece of gum and it is called Jolt Energy Gum.

Are you considering Jolt Energy gum, but are still unsure about the product? Fortunately, here is everything you need to know before you buy. By having all of the information you need, you can ensure that you purchasing a product that will be more of a benefit than a waste.

What is Jolt Energy Gum?

Caffeinated gum was a big topic this year, especially among some of the largest gum manufacturers around the country – that is, until the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) issued a warning to most manufacturers that the gum may not be safe for children. However, this is not new information. Caffeine is best kept for adults and moreover, no two brands make gum the same way.

Jolt Energy Gum is a caffeinated gum that was developed by the same brand that creates Jolt Energy Drinks. Most use this product to give them the extra boost that they need throughout their day, just without all of the extra calories that come with coffee and energy drinks. What makes this product special is not only that it comes in an array of flavors, but it truly does give you the energy that you need to get through your day.

Caffeine – Amount and Effects

One piece of Jolt Energy Gum contains about 45 milligrams of caffeine. To put this amount into perspective, it is about the same as what you would consume from drinking a cup of tea or a can of non-caffeinated soda.

The effect of 45 milligrams of caffeine contained in one stick of gum can vary on its effect upon users. For example, those who are very tolerant of caffeine may hardly notice a difference and to the contrary, those who are sensitive to caffeine will notice a significant change. On average though, most users notice a slight boost in energy that carries them through for a few hours.

To improve the effects of the gum upon your mild central nervous system, which is the area that caffeine targets to stimulate the body, you may want to take two pieces of gum. A total of 90 milligrams is still well below the recommended 300 milligrams per day that professionals explain that the average individual should not exceed.

Jolt Energy Gum Nutritional Information

If you are trying to follow a diet or keep your calorie count low throughout the day, then you will find Jolt Energy Gum to be a good resource for energy, without all of the calories. One stick of Jolt Energy Gum contains 10 calories serving and one service is two pieces of gum.

Aside for the calories, the ingredients of this product are also quite normal. The primary ingredients include, but are not limited to, sugar, dextrose, gum base, corn syrup, guarana, ginseng, natural and artificial flavor, glycerin, caffeine, maltodextrin, and vitamin premix. There are also flavors in the gum depending upon which pack you get.

Keep in mind that Jolt Energy Gum also contains soy. Therefore, if you are allergic to soy, then this product is not for you. Also while it may be tempting, Jolt Energy Gum is no substitute for sleep. It is meant as an energizer, not a resource to keep you awake for an unreasonable amount of hours.

Jolt Energy Gum Available Flavors

One particularly positive point about Jolt Energy Gum, aside from the fact that it infuses your body with caffeine five times faster than a cup of coffee or energy drink, is that there are many flavors available. Here some of the flavors that you can try with Jolt Energy Gum:

— Spearmint

Jolt Spearmint has a natural, refreshing, and mild mint flavor that is not particularly overpowering. In general, it is just enough to provide you with a comfortable and delicious minty taste. Not only is the mint packet flavorful and energizing, but it also acts as a breath freshener too.

— Icy Mint

If you are looking for a stronger mint flavor that is stronger than mild spearmint, then you may want to try the Icy Mint flavor. The icy mint flavor has a “wow” effect and for many people, it is quite strong. As a result, not only are you getting the caffeine boost, but you are also getting an invigorating infusion of sassy mint.

— Mint Flurry

Icy Mint and Spearmint are both great flavors, but if you are looking for something particularly unique, then Mint Flurry is a must-try. This mint flavor is a combination of “every mint we could find” as the company claims. Essentially, with this flavor, you are getting every possible minty taste – from sweet, to mild, to utterly intense.

Jolt Energy Purchase Options

There are numerous ways to purchase Jolt Energy Gum and the fact that this product is accessible is another advantage to the product. You can get the product through the manufacturer website or other online stores.

The product also comes in different packaging options. For example, you can purchase a 12 pack (a package that contains 12 packets) for $20.30 to $18.95. These larger packaging options come in every flavor, so you really do not need to worry about missing out.


If you are looking for an easy boost with a great flavor, then Jolt Energy Gum is certainly a product that you’ll love. Two pieces of gum has just enough caffeine to help you keep going throughout your day and if you need another pick up, then you can take another piece without worrying about over doing it. As a whole, if you love caffeine, gum, and refreshing flavors, then Jolt Energy Gum is for you.

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Kona Deep – Hydrating Hawaiian Ocean Sea Water

Kona Deep Review

When you think of bottled drinking water, your mind may revert to the traditional brands that offer you regular drinking options. Sometimes though, you may be looking for something completely out of the ordinary, something that you did not know existed. One such product is known as Kona Deep: Pure Deep Ocean Water. At this point, you may be wondering why any brand would offer saline ocean water in a bottle, and as a specialty drink at that.

Well, contrary to what you may expect, Kona Deep is actually fresh water taken from the depths of the Pacific Ocean. Curious and want to hear more? Look no further; here is a review that includes everything you need to know about Kona Deep and what makes it a product worth considering.

What is Kona Deep Water?

Kona Deep is water unlike what you have ever encountered before. The source of this water is from the depths of the Pacific Ocean floor, where a fresh water source is hidden. The water source is a current that provides fresh water melted from glaciers located in Greenland and Iceland. Because the freshwater has a different density than the saline water that surrounds it, the freshwater sinks and creates a freshwater source at the bottom of the ocean. After the water sinks, it travels through the ocean and to the area where the Kona Deep water brand collects it.

Through the process of traveling throughout the globe, the water collected beneficial electrolytes and minerals, which created an utterly refreshing and unique drinking water. Admittedly, for most people, this type of water does seem hyped up – but in all fairness, it really is something unique. Due to the location of the water and the process it underwent to travel to its current location, the water has a exceptional and refreshing properties.

Until recently, Konda Deep was exclusively sold in Hawaii. But now, mainland citizens can get a taste of this special water.

Deep Electrolytes: Explained

A key feature of Kona Deep water is the “deep ocean electrolytes” that the product features. In general, electrolytes are necessary mechanisms that enable our cells and organs to function at an optimal level. In terms of Kona Deep water, it contains a blend of certain electrolytes that were collected during the process the water underwent to get to its current harvesting location.

The particular electrolytes contained in the water are minerals that come straight from the ocean. As the brand explains, the electrolytes in the product are elements such as sodium, magnesium, potassium, calcium, chloride, and trace minerals – all of which work together to create an healthy and energizing hydration experience.

If you are concerned about unnatural additives, then Kona Deep contains nothing but pure water and the natural electrolytes that are harvested with it. As a result, you can attain a clean and natural drinking experience, without unnecessary calories, sugars, or other odd ingredients.

pH Level of the Water

Another feature of Kona Deep water is its pH levels. For those who are unaware, pH refers to acidity or alkalinity of a solution. The normal pH level for water is 7 on the neutral side of the scale. When it comes to Kona Water, the pH level is another interesting feature. The brand claims that the pH level of the water is meant to match that of the human body and the human body’s pH level is at 7 to 7.4.

Therefore, when drinking Kona Water, you are consuming a liquid that is at the perfect pH balance for your body. Of course, in an objective sense, both pH levels can vary, but overall, you’re still going to consume around the same pH level, making this drink one that gives your body the balance that it needs.

Purchase Options For Kona Deep

Previously, Kona Deep was only available to those living in Hawaii, where the company is based, and those living in Arizona. However, as mentioned earlier, those who are interested in purchasing the product can find it on the mainland within the coming months.

In addition to being able to find the product locally as it starts to distribute through mainland United States, you can also purchase the product online from the supplier or outside sources. In terms of price, it is currently unavailable as the company figures out its process for selling the water throughout the country.

Refreshing Taste

A final important point about this product is the taste. When it comes to water, most think that all water tastes the same. The truth is, the taste of water can vary significantly depending upon a number of factors. When it comes to Kona Deep water, it truly does have a unique and refreshing taste. The flavor can be described as clean, crisp, energizing, and enhancing. After drinking the water, you really do have an invigorating feeling. While some may claim that this is due to the psychology behind drinking water harvested from the depths of the Pacific Ocean, it really is an unreasonable assumption. At the end of the day, the water is unlike anything you’ve ever tried.

Final Thoughts On Kona Deep

Overall, if you are looking for a delicious, refreshing, and unique bottle of water that is just making its way throughout the United States, then this is the product for you. The manner of which the product was harvested, the electrolytes, minerals, and natural flavor all work together to bring you a fantastic experience.

For most people, after drinking one bottle, the water becomes one of the best bottles of water that they have ever tasted. If there are any disadvantages at this point, then it is that the product is still difficult to come by, unless you live in Hawaii. At the current point, distribution can take a matter of months, which means that you will have the opportunity to grab a bottle for yourself and find out what the depths of the Pacific Ocean tastes like – which is unlike anything that you have ever tried before.

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Real Health SuperFoods – Trustworthy Wellness Brand?

Real Health Superfoods Review

The word ‘superfood’ is being thrown around a lot lately. It seems like every other pin or post is about some form of super food, whether in solid or drink form. While most people have a general idea that superfoods are good for them, there’s still a lack of real education about what superfoods are, what their benefits are, and how to incorporate them into a daily diet.

If most people were honest, they’d say that they do want to add these superfoods to their diet, even if they aren’t completely sure what qualifies as a superfood, but they’re too busy to change their diet. This makes complete sense. Modern life is hectic and stressful and making a diet change is hard. This is the problem that Real Health Superfoods was trying to solve when it created its line of superfood products. These products make adding superfoods to a current diet easy, so there’s no stress, just a better and healthier lifestyle.

What are Superfoods?

To understand how Real Health Superfoods works, a better understanding of superfoods is needed. Superfoods are considered any natural produce that has high levels of nutrients, antioxidants, and phytochemicals. These foods don’t just need to be healthy, they need to be healthier and more nutrient dense than regular food options.

Superfoods are some of the most natural and pure way to get the nutrients that the body needs to be healthy and happy. And, since many superfoods contain complete vitamins and nutrients, they’re all a person really needs to be healthy.

Examples of superfoods are kale, acai berries, spinach, and even cacao, at least in its raw form.

However, knowing what superfoods are doesn’t change the fact that they’re hard to add to a regular diet, at least for the average, busy person. And that’s where Real Health Superfoods comes in.

What is Real Health Superfoods?

Real Health Superfoods, a branch of the PharmaCare brand, provides superfood solutions that don’t take a lot of time to prepare. These simple solutions can actually be added into an already existing dietary plan.

Not only are Real Health Superfoods products extremely easy to use, they are also packed full of superfoods, and therefore packed full of nutrients, vitamins, and essential minerals that the body needs to thrive. Just one serving of these products can provide users with up to 10 servings of vegetables.

Real Health Superfoods doesn’t just want to help make people healthier, it wants to provide an easy way of doing it. In an effort to add superfoods to everyone’s daily diet, it has produced delicious, superfood filled, easy to use products that can take all the guesswork out of nutrition.

Real Health Superfoods Products

As mentioned above, every product sold by Real Health Superfoods contains high levels of nutrient rich superfoods. These products were also created to be easy to incorporate into an existing daily diet. Below is a list of the many products sold by Real Health Superfoods as well as the many superfood ingredients included in each product.

Breakfast Topper Cacao + Coconut

A superfood breakfast topper, this product adds nutrients and vitamins to any breakfast meal. Not only is it great for breakfast, it can also be used in baking to add a little extra cacao and coconut. Breakfast Topper can be sprinkled on:

— Cereals
— Fruit
— Oatmeal
— Smoothies
— Desserts
— Yoghurt
— Pancakes

And the superfoods included in Breakfast Topper are:

— Chia
— Cacao
— Coconut
— Quinoa
— Cinnamon
— Super Seeds

There are recipes available for free on the Real Health Superfoods website that incorporate this product.

Cacao Powder

Chocolate is actually good for the body and is considered one of the world’s most potent superfoods. This organic and raw cacao is packed full of antioxidants and is a delicious way to get a daily boost of vitamins and nutrients. It can be mixed into milk or smoothies, or even made into a hot drink. Or, for those who prefer eating their cacao, it can be used to bake.

There are several recipes available for free on the Real Health Superfoods website that incorporate this product.

Kale Powder

Kale is one of the most disliked superfoods in the world, despite being on the healthiest. It is packed full of vitamins A, C, and K, as well as iron, calcium, and magnesium. Kale is known for supporting the immune system and keeping the eyes, bones, and skin healthy. This kale powder is the perfect way to add a little green to any meal, without any hassle. It can be sprinkled over salads or cooked into hamburgers and meatloaf. Or, for the adventurous, it can be mixed in with a smoothie or juice.

Raw Juice – Berry Blast

For those who like to drink their nutrients, this raw juice is the perfect option. Each packet is filled with powdered fruit that still tastes fresh. These packets create a delicious, natural juice that helps even the most picky eater get the nutrients they need.

Raw Juice – Berry Blast contains red and purple superfood berries, like acai, goji, and blueberry, which are filled with antioxidants, polyphenols, and other vitamins and minerals.

Raw Juice – Veggie Power

Getting the right amount of veggies every day can be extremely hard. However, this raw juice option has more than 1 ½ servings of veggies in every single serving, giving even those who hate their vegetables a delicious and easy option.

Raw Juice – Veggie Power has beetroot, carrot, broccoli, as several delicious fruits, which make it one of the most delicious green juices on the market.

Salad Topper

Salad Topper gives a boost of flavor, as well as a boost of nutrients and vitamins, to any salad. This superfood mix contains flavorful herbs that give just a little extra kick to dishes, as well as a wonderful texture.

While Real Health Superfoods has called this a salad topper, it can also be used on several other dishes. Salad Topper can be used with:

— Pizza
— Sauces
— Salad Dressing
— Rice
— Pasta
— Roasted Vegetables
— Meat
— Eggs

And each serving is filled with veggies and fruit, so it’s not just tasty, it’s healthy.

WholeFood Smoothie Berry and Smoothie Vanilla

WholeFood Smoothie comes in two distinct flavors, berry and vanilla. Each one has high levels of protein, so it can be used as a meal replacement, since it will keep users full for longer. Both flavors are also full of 24 vitamins and miners, plus superfoods that give that extra boost.

WholeFood Smoothies are perfect for those who don’t like to eat anything too heavy in the morning or are wanting to lose a little weight. It’s both nutritious and tasty, so those who use it won’t even feel like they’re missing out on a meal. Plus, these WholeFood Smoothies are full of superfoods.

The superfoods included in WholeFood Smoothies – Berry or Vanilla are:

— Chia
— Acai
— Goji
— Spirulina
— Beetroot
— Wheatgrass

These smoothies can be mixed with milk or water. There are several recipes available for free on the Real Health Superfoods website that incorporate these products.

Super Greens and Super Greens Cacao

Super Greens, which also comes in a cacao version, has 81 vital ingredients, including the superfoods that Real Health Superfoods bases its success on. These drinks are perfect for those who don’t like to eat a lot of vegetables or for those who just need a quick meal on the go. Because they are so filled with nutrients and vitamins the body needs, it will keep users full throughout the day.

These green drinks include:

— Vitamins
— Minerals
— Antioxidants
— Amino Acids
— Probiotics
— Nutrient Herbs

The Super Greens Cacao has two recipes available for free on the Real Health Superfoods website that incorporates it.

Purchase Real Health Superfoods Products

At this time, Real Health Superfoods can’t be purchased on the Real Health website. However, interested customers can use a store locator on the website to locate a store near them that sells these products.

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Ultractiv Hair – Male & Female Hair Growth Products

UltrActive Hair Review

UltrActive Hair is a hair regrowth treatment that promises to be a 100% safe and effective way to end premature hair loss. Here’s our review of this popular new treatment.

What is UltrActive Hair?

UltrActive Hair is a hair loss treatment that contains minoxidil.

The treatment claims to provide a number of exciting benefits, including the ability to instantly stop thinning hair, grow fuller hair, look 10 years younger, and end premature hair loss.

Best of all, UltrActive Hair claims to be 100% safe and effective – which means it will work on 100% of all users who take it (at least, that’s what the manufacturer says).

The hair loss treatment uses minoxidil mixed with a range of botanical extracts. Together, these ingredients purportedly stimulate old hair follicles to star growing hair again.

Priced at $160 USD, UltrActive Hair is one of the priciest topical hair loss sprays you’ll find on the market. Let’s find out if it’s worth the high price by checking out how UltrActive works.

How Does UltrActive Hair Work?

The formula comes in the form of a small spray. You apply that spray directly onto your scalp when it’s dry. Then, the treatment will go to work and restore your hair.

Some of the key ingredients in the formula include water hyacinth, oleander, reed extract, ginseng extract, Chinese Angelica extract, and polygonum multiflorum extract. These botanical extracts are mixed with minoxidil to restore your hair.

Minoxidil is the only FDA-approved topical treatment for hair loss. In numerous studies, it has demonstrated its ability to halt hair loss in its tracks.

However, minoxidil comes with a few problems. First, it only works on about 40% of all people. Second, it’s only a temporary solution that will last for about 2 years before your body grows accustomed to the chemical. And thirdly, the solution works best when targeting hair loss on the crown of your head – it doesn’t work as well when you’re targeting a receding hair line or other problems.

There’s also another problem: minoxidil treatments either come in concentrations of 2% or 5%, and the 5% concentration is the more desirable solution for those who really want to combat hair loss. UltrActive Hair doesn’t list its concentration, so we’re led to assume that it has a 2% concentration (or even less).

UltrActive Hair Ingredients

UltrActive Hair claims to contain all of the following ingredients:

— Minoxidil
— Water Hyacinth
— Oleander
— Reed Extract
— Ginseng (Panax Ginseng) Extract
— Chinese Angelica (Angelica Polymorpha Sinensis) Extract
— Polygonum Multiflorum Extract

Together, these ingredients claim to stop DHT, which is the hormone linked to hair loss. It’s unclear how they stop DHT or what their effects may be, as the manufacturer never actually explains it.

We took a closer look at the ingredients and were disappointed by what we found.

Ginseng, for example, has never been shown to inhibit hair loss in men or women. Oleander is actually a poisonous plant in certain doses but is sometimes applied topically to treat skin problems. However, it has never been linked to stopping hair loss.

Water hyacinth is a type of flower found in Brazil. When you try to look up evidence online for whether or not it can treat hair loss, all you get is results about UltrActive: so UltrActive appears to be the only formula that uses water hyacinth for this purpose.

Ultimately, the only ingredient in UltrActive that has any type of evidence reinforcing its use is minoxidil. And we don’t even know the concentration of that formula. That’s not good.

Scientific Evidence for UltrActive Hair

The creators of UltrActive Hair claim that their formula has been extensively studied. They say things like:

“Over and over, our scientists have confirmed that our proprietary formula contains the best mix of ingredients to counteract and in many instances stop the DHT problem.”

Unfortunately, that’s where the good times stop for UltrActive Hair. The manufacturer hasn’t released the details of any of these studies. We don’t know where the studies were published, what kind of people were involved in the studies, or even whether or not these studies took place.

In any case, we know minoxidil works as advertised for many men and women. But the botanicals and other ingredients in UltrActive Hair show little evidence that they work as promised. And the UltrActive Hair formula as a whole does not appear to have ever been studied by a third party organization.

UltrActive Hair Pricing

Minoxidil is a popular hair loss treatment that typically comes in the form of Rogaine, which you can buy from any supermarket. Walmart sells a monthly supply of Rogaine for about $40 to $50, and that formula contains 5% minoxidil.

UltrActive appears to contain 2% or less minoxidil. So you would think it would be priced significantly cheaper than Rogaine and other similar treatments.

That’s not the case with UltrActive, which is priced higher than pretty much any hair loss treatment on the market today. Here’s how pricing breaks down:

— 1 Bottle (30 Day Supply): $159.99 USD

Depending on your location, you’ll see different prices for UltrActive in your local currency. It’s priced at €159.99 in Europe, for example, $219.99 in Australia, $219.99 in Canada, £143.99 in the UK, and $249.99 in New Zealand.

The website also features various promotional deals, like where you can get 3 or 5 bottle packages at a discount rate.

There’s also a “risk-free trial” that lasts for 10 days. That trial charges you shipping today, although you’ll be charged the full $159.99 USD price 20 days from now, and you will continue to be charged that price every month until you cancel (the manufacturer automatically ships repeated orders of the hair loss treatment to you every month).

Canceling that program is deliberately difficult: you need to email the company at and request that they cancel your subscription. Based on customer reviews for UltrActive Hair that you read online, customers have had enormous trouble canceling their packages and getting any type of refund.

If you’re thinking of getting a refund on UltrActive Hair, then think again: the manufacturer only accepts refunds if your product is damaged or defective. Plus, refunds are only valid for the first 30 days from the date of shipping. After that, you’re stuck with the pricey credit card bill.

Obviously, reputable manufacturers don’t implement pricing policies like this and they don’t charge prices like this. So who makes UltrActive?

Who Makes UltrActive?

UltrActive Hair is made by a Dutch company that never lists its name on the official website. The company only lists its address, which is as follows:

Postbus 13
6670AA Zetten, Netherlands

The company is also responsible for making UltraGrow, although it doesn’t appear that they sell any other products.

Should You Use UltrActive Hair to Fight Back Against Hair Loss?

UltrActive Hair is a hair loss treatment that contains a low-concentration dose of minoxidil mixed with a confusing blend of botanical extracts. These botanical extracts have never been linked to balding cures or stopping hair loss. In fact, they haven’t really been linked to any health benefits.

That hasn’t stopped the manufacturer of UltrActive from charging a ludicrously high price for the hair loss treatment: at $160 USD for a one month supply, UltrActive is pretty much the most expensive minoxidil treatment you can buy.

None of these things convince us that UltrActive is worth a purchase. For that reason, we recommend avoiding UltrActive and buying something from a more reputable manufacturer: like Rogaine or another minoxidil-based solution.

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CR7 Drive – Cristiano Ronaldo’s Herbalife24 Sports Drink

CR7 Drive Review

CR7 Drive is a nutritional supplement made by multilevel marketing company Herbalife 24. Here’s our CR7 Drive review.

What is CR7 Drive?

CR7 Drive is a nutritional supplement that comes in the form of a powder. That powder is meant to be taken before or during a workout to keep you hydrated and boost your energy – kind of like a powdered version of Gatorade.

The supplement has been making headlines lately due to its sponsorship from Cristiano Ronaldo. CR7 Drive was created in partnership with Cristiano Ronaldo and Herbalife24, which is why it’s called “CR7”.

By taking CR7 Drive during a workout, Herbalife24 claims you can extend your workout, boost your lean muscle gains, and enhance fat burning.

The supplement is designed to work in conjunction with other members of the Herbalife24 supplement family.

CR7 Drive was launched in September 2015. In a press release announcing the supplement, the creators of CR7 Drive claim that it was “designed to optimize Ronaldo’s performance and address his specific nutritional needs.”

How Does CR7 Drive Work?

CR7 Drive claims to use four parts of its formula to achieve its health benefits. Those four parts include:

— A four carb blend that provides a mixture of carbohydrates to boost performance

— Vital electrolytes to keep you hydrated, including 135mg of sodium, 125mg of potassium, and 60mg of magnesium

— Vital vitamins, including vitamin B12 (which is actually found in the formula in the form of methylcobalamin

— Natural ingredients, including coloring compounds from purple carrots and grapes

To take CR7 Drive, you mix one scoop of the formula with 8 ounces of water. Each scoop contains 50 calories. The formula promises to be “great for a range of activities: like soccer, fitness routines, running or jogging, or anything else that gets your heart rate up and sweat going.”

Basically, CR7 Drive is like a powdered version of Gatorade – although it claims to be higher-powered.

In terms of flavor, CR7 Drive is described as having a “light acai berry flavor”.

CR7 Drive Ingredients

Herbalife has posted its full list of ingredients online here:


Let’s compare these ingredients to one serving of Gatorade. Gatorade sells the powdered form of the supplement in 14 gram servings. Each 14 gram serving of powdered Gatorade contains 50 calories, 95mg of sodium, 30mg of potassium, 13 grams of carbohydrates, and 13 grams of sugar.

Gatorade does also not contain any vitamin B12, vitamin B1, or magnesium.

Of course, Gatorade is also priced significantly cheaper than CR7 Drive, with one container (with 103 servings per container) priced at $8.71 from Walmart. So CR7 Drive is undoubtedly the better beverage, but you’re also paying a significant premium for only a handful of different ingredients.

CR7 Drive Pricing

CR7 Drive is sold in containers of 540 grams, each of which contains about 20 servings. You can also purchase it in boxes of 10 single-serve sachets.

You cannot purchase CR7 Drive directly from the company online. You’ll need to work through a company distributor. If you don’t know a company distributor, then you can sign up to have a distributor contact you.

Sign up and purchase CR7 Drive from this online form on

Expect to pay $40 to $60 for a one month supply for CR7 Drive, depending from where you order. Different distributors buy at different discount rates ,so you may be able to save money by comparing different distributors.

About Herbalife

Herbalife is a multilevel marketing company that sells a range of different nutritional supplements. That company has an active presence in 90 countries around the world.

The company has frequently been accused of being a pyramid scheme, with its accusers arguing that the company makes significantly more money through new member recruitment than through product sales.

Herbalife has vehemently denied those charges since 2012 and claims it’s a global nutrition company that uses network marketing techniques to facilitate sales. Activist investor William Ackman, however, who is the Hedge Fund Manager of Pershing Square Capital Management, famously took a $1 billion short position on Herbalife shares in 2012. Since then, he’s been trying to prove that the company is a pyramid scheme. You can read all about that issue here.

In any case, Herbalife’s lineup of sports nutrition supplements includes endorsements from famous athletes like Cristiano Ronaldo. The company also sponsors 190 athletes, teams, and sporting events around the world, including the LA Galaxy, the Vietnamese Olympic Team, and the Western Sydney Wanderers FC.

Should You Use CR7 Drive to Enhance Hydration?

CR7 Drive is a pricey hydration beverage sponsored by one of the wealthiest athletes in the world today – so you know you’re going to be paying a premium just for that sponsorship alone.

When you compare CR7 Drive to other sports hydration beverages like Gatorade, you’ll notice that it’s almost identical: CR7 Drive contains slightly more potassium and sodium and also adds ingredients like vitamin B12 and vitamin B1. These are all valuable compounds when you’re spending calories. However, you are paying a significant premium for only a handful of new ingredients compared to cheaper solutions like Gatorade.

It’s up to you to decide whether or not the added ingredients in CR7 Drive are worth the added cost. However, the ingredients will certainly hydrate your body and fuel athletic performance.

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LeVel Thrive FORM Review – Sequential Hydrolyzed Collagen Protein

Le-Vel Thrive FORM
Sequential Gel Technology

Le-Vel just introduced a new product called FORM: Sequential Gel Technology. That technology, like most Le-Vel products, promises to change the world and revolutionize your life. Here’s our review.

What is Le-Vel Thrive FORM?

Le-Vel Thrive FORM is a type of Sequential Gel Technology that calls itself “the delivery system of tomorrow”.

The gel delivers collagen into your body. Collagen is an essential protein produced by your body. It’s responsible for giving you smooth, wrinkle-free skin, for example, and plays a role in your joints, bones, and muscle tissue.

The problem with collagen is that it can be difficult to introduce to the body. Some people get collagen injections, for example, which are expensive and painful. Other people may apply collagen topically (onto the skin), which is inefficient and mostly ineffective.

By delivering collagen through an oral gel formula, Le-Vel Thrive FORM promises to change the way our bodies ingest and produce collagen.

Le-Vel has already used its Sequential Gel Technology (SGT) in two other supplements, including the Rest “Premium Lifestyle Gel” and Move, a joint health supplement. These gels come in tear-off packages. You rip open the package and squeeze the gel into your mouth.

You may have heard of Le-Vel’s previous revolutionary delivery system, which are the Thrive DFT skin patches. Those patches promise to deliver nutrients to your skin through a patch. That patch claims to be a more effective solution than taking the supplement orally because the ingredients are delivered directly to your bloodstream.

Similar to that idea, Le-Vel Thrive FORM claims that when taking the gel orally, your body can immediately start to absorb it.

It’s called a “sequential” gel technology because your body continuously absorbs the ingredients in the gel as it passes through your body: the ingredients are absorbed through your mouth sublingually (under your tongue), for example, and then continue to be absorbed sequentially as they pass through your stomach and digestive tract.

Based on this technology, Le-Vel has labeled FORM the “hybrid product of the decade.”

That’s a bold claim. So how exactly does FORM work? Does it work? Let’s find out more about this “revolutionary” product.

How Does Le-Vel Thrive FORM Work?

Le-Vel Thrive FORM claims to work by delivering collagen directly into the body via a gel. Your body’s collagen protein production goes down as you get older. By taking collagen, you can boost your collagen levels and enjoy benefits like:

Weight Management
— Lean Muscle Mass
— Post-exercise Recovery And Repair
— Strong Bones And Joints
— Firm And Healthy Skin

Le-Vel claims that collagen is so important to the human body that it’s the second most common substance in our bodies (after water). It’s estimated that one third of all protein in the body is collagen protein.

Collagen is the foundation for strong connective tissue. As the body gets older, lower collagen levels can lead to many of the symptoms we associate with aging – like wrinkled skin and poor joint strength.

By taking collagen through an oral formula, Le-Vel claims you can help the body repair itself. You’re giving your body the tools it needs to build new tissues.

Le-Vel claims that FORM works best when you combine it with the Thrive 8 Week Experience – which is where you put Le-Vel Thrive DFT patches on your skin and take Thrive supplements for 8 straight weeks.

Other things to know about how Le-Vel Thrive FORM works include:

— It uses a proprietary hydrolyzed collagen protein formula, although Le-Vel has not yet disclosed how much collagen protein is included in each serving

— It claims to be the world’s “only sequentially-absorbed protein”

That second claim is a little misleading: Le-Vel invented this term “sequential absorption”. When you digest normal protein, your stomach will use its acids and enzymes to break down that protein before it’s absorbed by the small intestine. With FORM, Le-Vel claims that the nutrients are absorbed sublingually (under your tongue) as well as in your stomach.

Scientific Evidence for Le-Vel Thrive FORM

Le-Vel Thrive FORM makes big claims about the benefits of its product. They claim the new gel delivery system is one of the most effective ways to deliver nutrients into the body.

Unfortunately, Le-Vel has not yet published any clinical trials or scientific tests showing that any of these claims are true. There’s no evidence that taking collagen in the form of a gel is more effective than say, applying it to your skin as a patch.

This isn’t unusual for Le-Vel: the company’s products are rarely tested in any clinical or scientific settings. When prompted to provide scientific evidence to back up these claims, Le-Vel and its distributors typically just mention how the products are used by 2 million customers around the world, and that should be more than enough evidence for you.

Of course, just because a product is used by a lot of people doesn’t mean it works as advertised – or is worth the high price.

If you’re the type of person who likes to take supplements backed up by strong scientific facts and rock-solid evidence, then Le-Vel Thrive FORM may not be the right choice for you.

Le-Vel Thrive FORM Pricing

Le-Vel Thrive FORM is launching on March 15, 2016. Pricing details have not yet been disclosed for the gel.

However, based on the pricing of the other SGT products, we can guess that FORM will be priced at around $43 for a package of 30 gel packets, or about $1.50 per packet.

About Le-Vel

Le-Vel is a multilevel marketing company that primarily focuses on nutritional supplement sales. The company advertises itself as a Premium Lifestyle company. After launching in 2012, the company has become best-known for its lineup of Thrive nutritional supplements, including Thrive DFT and the new Thrive SGT products.

The company is headquartered in Irving, Texas. You can contact the company by phone at 888-557-0005 or by emailing The company also lists its mailing address as the following:

9201 Warren Pkwy Suite 200
Frisco, Texas 75035

Should You Use Le-Vel Thrive FORM to Boost Collagen Levels in your Body?

Le-Vel Thrive FORM will launch on March 15, 2016. Le-Vel has made enormous claims about the technology used in this product and is clearly very proud of its “Sequential Gel Technology” delivery system.

That being said, there’s no published clinical evidence or scientific studies showing that Le-Vel Thrive FORM has any effect on the body. The gel contains an undisclosed amount of collagen and it’s not clear which other ingredients are included in the supplement.

Nevertheless, if you’re looking for a way to add collagen to your body and enjoy the feeling of eating a gel, then Le-Vel Thrive FORM may be the right choice for you – but we recommend waiting for evidence showing that FORM can actually reduce wrinkles, boost joint health, and provide all its other claimed benefits.

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Garcinia Elite 350 – Legit Garcinia Cambogia Extract?

Garcinia Elite 350 Review

Garcinia Elite 350 is a garcinia cambogia diet pill that promises to help you lose weight more easily than ever before. By taking the pill daily, you can lose “up to 32 pounds in 2 weeks”. Here’s our review.

What is Garcinia Elite 350?

Garcinia Elite 350 is a diet pill that relies on the same active ingredient as other garcinia supplements: hydroxycitric acid, or HCA.

HCA is purportedly an effective way to block the formation of fat within your body while also suppressing your appetite. By taking Garcinia Elite 350 daily, you can enjoy significant weight loss benefits – at least, according to the manufacturer.

The supplement is exclusively available online to UK residents through a free trial offer. You can also order it directly without the trial – although either way, you’re paying a pricey fee for just one monthly supply of this supplement.

The trial is advertised as costing only £4.95 today, although you’ll eventually pay a whopping £85 for the supplement (including a mandatory monthly subscription).

Is Garcinia Elite 350 worth this much? Let’s find out more about how it works.

How Does Garcinia Elite 350 Work?

Garcinia Elite 350 claims to contain 50% hydroxycitric acid, which is the concentration you like to see in a diet pill. That’s about the highest concentration of HCA you’ll see advertised (although some diet pills advertise 60% HCA content).

Garcinia Elite 350 also contains a dose per serving of 900mg, which is towards the higher-end of the garcinia cambogia supplement industry. More importantly, that 900mg formula claims to contain no fillers or binders: so it’s just pure garcinia cambogia with nothing else added.

That’s important, because many garcinia diet pills “trick you” into thinking they’re working by adding dangerously high levels of caffeine to the formula. With Garcinia Elite 350, that doesn’t appear to be the case.

By taking Garcinia Elite 350 daily, you can let the HCA go to work in your body. That HCA can possibly block the formation of fat by interfering with glucose uptake, which means that sugar goes towards giving you energy instead of being stored as fat.

That obviously sounds good. But the truth is, there’s never been major scientific evidence that garcinia cambogia works as advertised. No study has linked garcinia cambogia to any weight loss benefits.

So when Garcinia Elite 350 makes claims about weight loss (like “Lose up to 32 lbs in 2 weeks”), please note that these claims aren’t widely recognized as being true. If you’re okay with taking a supplement that isn’t backed up by a significant amount of science, then Garcinia Elite 350 might be your new favorite diet pill.

Garcinia Elite 350 Ingredients

The makers of Garcinia Elite 350 don’t provide the full list of ingredients in the supplement. They don’t explain what the capsule is made out of, for example, nor do they describe if there are any additional ingredients included in the formula. However, here’s what we do know about the ingredients:

— Each capsule contains 900mg of garcinia cambogia extract with between 50% and 60% hydroxycitric acid (HCA)

— The manufacturer claims that no fillers or binders have been added to the formula

— The manufacturer claims that the capsule delivery system is vegetable-based and vegetarian-friendly

One of the problems with Garcinia Elite 350 is that we know there are no “fillers or binders” in the formula. But in many cases, manufacturers will still add new ingredients to the formula – they just won’t call those ingredients “fillers or binders”. Without the ingredients list, we don’t know whether there’s a high dosage of caffeine included in the formula or some other ingredient. Of course, it could just be pure, natural garcinia cambogia extract (although that’s rarely the case in diet pills like this).

Garcinia Elite 350 Pricing

Garcinia Elite 350 is exclusively available through a free trial. You can’t order the supplement directly. That trial, like most free things online, isn’t as free as you might think. Here’s how that trial works:

— You pay £4.95 today for “postage and packaging”

— You have 14 days from the moment you order (not from the moment you receive the product by post) to test the product and assess its benefits

— Once that 14 day trial period is over, your credit card is automatically charged £85. That fee covers the “free” trial bottle you already own.

— Then, you’ll be charged another £85 fee and you’ll receive a full-sized bottle of Garcinia Elite 350 in the mail a few days later

— Your credit card will continue to be charged £85 every month until you cancel

If you want to cancel your subscription to Garcinia Elite 350, then you’ll need to contact the customer service support line at 0800-955-2191.

Basically, the free trial is designed to entice you into submitting your credit card information and then locking onto that credit card information and charging you the maximum legal amount.

Who Makes Garcinia Elite 350?

There is very little information about Garcinia Elite 350’s manufacturer available at this time. Typically, diet pill manufacturers don’t advertise their headquarters online.

True to form, the makers of Garcinia Elite 350 only list a post office box address and a basic email and telephone number through which you can contact customer service. There’s no company headquarters, no manufacturing conditions listed, or any other information that shows us where or how Garcinia Elite 350 is manufactured.

You can contact the company by emailing or by calling 0800-955-2191. Customer service is available 7 days a week from 8am to 8pm (the manufacturer doesn’t mention which time zone).

Typically, UK-based diet pill manufacturers like to advertise that their diet pills are made in the UK. Since the makers of Garcinia Elite 350 don’t advertise this information, it seems natural to assume that the diet pills aren’t manufactured locally.

Should You Take Garcinia Elite 350 to Lose Weight?

Garcinia Elite 350 is a new diet pill that claims to help anyone lose up to 32 pounds in just 2 weeks.

In reality, the only way you’re going to lose 32 pounds in 2 weeks while taking Garcinia Elite 350 is if you stop eating entirely.

Like most garcinia diet pills, Garcinia Elite 350 hasn’t been independently tested nor has it been studied. No reputable organization has ever verified the weight loss benefits of garcinia cambogia – so don’t expect it to be a miracle weight loss pill no matter what Dr. Oz may say.

It also costs £85, making it one of the priciest diet pills we’ve ever reviewed.

However, if you don’t mind spending a lot of money for garcinia cambogia extract pills online, then Garcinia Elite 350 could give you mild appetite suppression benefits and a modest boost of energy – albeit for a higher price than most diet pills.

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Sweetsation Orchidee Vitae Precious Age-Defying Facial Oil

Sweetsation Orchidee Vitae Precious Age-Defying Facial Oil

by Tina G.

Let me start off by saying I am a late arrival to the facial oil bandwagon.  At 43, my skin is still an oil-slick and acne-prone, so the thought of adding oil to an already oily complexion took a while to get my mind around.  I finally dipped my toe into the pond, so to speak, by trying a few oils. Surprisingly, oil now has a permanent spot in my skincare routine — especially when used in conjunction with prescription Retin-A or other anti-aging treatment products. Layering Retin-A with a facial oil and/or moisturizer helps counter-act the dryness and peeling from Retin-A. 

What I didn’t realize until reading the packaging on the Sweetsation Orchidee Vitae Precious Age-Defying Facial Oil ($34) is that using a retinol in combination with facial oil actually allows the retinol to penetrate deeper into the skin.  To quote the packaging:  “If you apply a few drops of oil before your anti-aging cream, the oil molecules behave like tiny Trojan horses, tricking the skin into letting active ingredients like Retinol, Glycolic Acid, and Vitamin C deeper into the skin and closer to the collagen — producing fibroblasts, making your treatment more effective.” To this I say, “Giddy-up Trojan horses, and make more fibroblasts!”

As facial oils go, this is a very pleasant formulation. The product comes in a plastic container with a dropper. I actually think the packaging is perfect, though some may prefer glass packaging to plastic. I’ve dropped too many potions on the floor only to have them shatter into million pieces, and plastic is better for travel. The dropper is also much less messy than other dispensing mechanisms for facial oils. The product is always fresh, and you can see exactly how much you are about to use to avoid wasting any product.    

I am extremely pleased with the results of this product!  Around the holidays, the weather was really cold, and this concentration of oil was perfect to protect against the drying winter elements. The oil feels nice, absorbs quickly and really gives a noticeable glow to the skin after about a week of use. After 2 weeks, I began to see improvement in skin tone and texture. My skin is not more or less oily than usual, but it is definitely smoother and feels balanced. As oils go, this contains a number of highly concentrated active ingredients including hydrating argan oil, antioxidant-filled rosehip seed oil, maracuja oil, sea buckthorn, prickly pear, and vitamin C, as well as the namesake orchid flower extract — with no water or fillers.

Here’s where this little gem earned a permanent spot in my skincare rotation: neck and décolletage. In my teens and 20s I spent a lot of unprotected time in the sun. Unfortunately, those days in the sun caught up to me in the form of sun damaged skin — especially on my neck and chest. This oil was extremely effective in minimizing the crepiness on my neck, and those pesky vertical lines on my chest from sun exposure.   

Users sensitive to fragrance may want to pass on this oil because it does have a strong scent. I personally LOVE the scent, and I think it adds to the overall experience giving it a more pampering, luxurious feel.  Like a spa day in a bottle. The formulation is all natural free of toxins, parabens, sulfates, artificial fragrances, colors etc. The price point is reasonable considering the ingredient list, 1 oz. retails for $34.  If affordable, effective skincare wasn’t enough, the company is eco-friendly and animal cruelty-free.

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