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Royalty Collection – Complete Younique SkinCare Line Treatment?

The Royalty Collection from Younique is a skincare line that aims to give you the youthful and soft skin you’ve always dreamt of.

If you order the entire collection together, then you will receive a complementary bag to store it.

What is the Royalty Collection from Younique?

Choosing the right skincare routine to treat your complexion is a difficult decision. You need to make sure you introduce the right amount of moisture and nutritional support to keep your skin clear but soft.

Your face is one of the most complicated areas of your body to treat, since it is more sensitive to moisture and dryness than the rest of your body.

If you want the refined treatment you deserve, Younique’s Royalty Collection could be the key.

Royalty is formulated to make any user of the regimen feel like a queen. The entire goal is to help you get the beautiful skin you desire, using products that have delicate chemicals, plant oils, and other ingredients to make the difference.

You even have a few products that you can use to customize your treatments, helping you to get the exact complexion you want. You can purchase the products together or separately.

Younique is driven by third-party presenters, and you probably have been invited to an online party or two as a way to introduce you to the brand.

The company aims to help women all over the world feel empowered by their appearance and their life, offering products that support that goal.

There are different treatments for every part of your body, and the Royalty collection is just one of the ways that they help to touch consumers.

The Products from the Royalty Collection

Each part of the Royalty collection is important to giving you the softest skin you’ve ever experienced.

While you don’t have to use them all together to get the benefits, you can save lot on the collection by purchasing the set for $299, which is a major discount from purchasing each product separately.

Read on below to find out more about each product offered.

Pore Purifying or Moisture Boosting Gentle Cleanser

Everyone needs a healthy cleanser, and you are giving the option of choosing between a cleanser that cleans out your pores or one that hydrates your skin more effectively.

Each formula uses a special blend of vitamins to help give you a younger and more radiant look.

All you need to do is massage the cleanser on your wet face, rinsing with warm water to fully wash off any residue.

By purchasing one of these cleansers separately, your price would be $39.00.

Hydrating or Renewing Day Cream

Either one of the Royalty creams are meant to offer you a protective sunscreen while giving you the softness you desire.

You can choose to hydrate your skin, or “renew” your mature complexion. Each formula features a variety of antioxidants and plant extracts to get this healthy texture.

For the best results, you should apply the formula after cleansing, but about 15 minutes before you plan to go outside. You can reapply it if your skin becomes wet from swimming or sweating.

As a standalone item, either cream can be purchased for $42.00.

Rose Water Toning Spritz

This spritz is designed to give you a refreshing burst of moisture, without disrupting your skincare routine or ruining your makeup.

In fact, if you spray it onto clean skin, you can prepare your skin for applying your favorite foundation and other cosmetics. It can be reused during the day to maintain hydration, if necessary.

This formula is available for $29.00.

Instant Lifting Serum

The Royal instant lifting serum by Younique is fairly simple, helping you to restore the firmness of your aging face.

Over time, your body doesn’t produce the same chemicals that it did in your youth, which makes it difficult to maintain a wrinkle-free face.

Luckily, this serum delivers a special blend of ingredients to stimulate the right level of smoothness on your skin. This formula is meant to be applied after cleansing, but before applying your moisturizer.

If you want to purchase this product separately, your total cost will be $65.00.

Shine Cleansing Cloths

If your skin produces a high amount of oil, you probably end up with unnecessary shine in the middle of the day, even if you aren’t hot or sweaty.

These cloths are the perfect remedy for the end of the day, removing makeup and natural oils that accumulate on your face.

By cleansing all of these particles from your skin, you minimize your chance of succumbing to pimples and other blemishes. You don’t even need to wash your face first; just wipe your eyes and face to remove oils.

On their own, the cleansing cloths are available for $20.00.

Detoxifying Mask

If you want to experience true cleanliness, the Royalty detoxifying mask is one of the favorite products, among Younique presenters.

This bamboo charcoal mask helps to detoxify your skin, while invigorating your complexion with oxygen.

Basically, this formula can completely revive your skin tone, nourishing your skin with the right tree oils and eliminating dead skin cells.

You will need to wash your face before applying the mask. To maintain the active oxygen in the formula, some representatives from the company recommend the use of a thick brush, rather than your fingertips, for application.

Purchase this product for $49.00, if you want to order it separately.

Time Correcting Night Cream

Your skin is the most receptive to moisture and other treatments at night, due to the way your skin changes during your sleep cycle.

This night cream helps to treat mature skin, renewing your complexion and helping to smooth out wrinkles.

You can apply it as the last step of your skincare routine before bedtime, after washing your face.

If you want to order this product alone, the cream is priced at $49.00.

Uplift Beauty Serum

The Royalty Uplift beauty serum is a little different from the Instant Lifting Serum. This formula is meant to nourish your skin with squalene, CoQ10, and vitamins C and E, soaking your skin with oil that fully absorbs.

As a result, you aren’t left with a greasy residue; you only are left with a soft layer over your skin to eliminate wrinkles and fine lines.

You only need a few drops to get the desired results, but the website doesn’t indicate if you need to wash your face first.

Contacting Younique

If you have any questions about purchasing or using the products, you probably have a Younique presenter in your area.

However, if you do not, then the customer service team can answer your questions via phone, email, or live chat.

To reach someone by phone, you can call 844-821-8151 on any day of the week from 5:00am to 4:00pm PST.

However, the Live Chat representatives are available until 11:00pm PST for the late night questions you may have before applying the nighttime products.

If you wish to email your question, the contact page offers a link that opens up a window for you to submit your inquiry.

The Royalty Collection from Younique Review Summary

Younique is already a well-established company, but the Royalty collection truly helps to expose the beauty behind their regimens.

Whether you purchase one or all of the products, you can show off the radiance of your skin easily within a few treatments.

While some of the products may be a little pricey, the results are worth the cost of any formula from Royalty.

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Natural Skin – Truly Advanced Lifting Gel For Eyes & Face?

The Natural Skin Advanced Lifting Gel and Natural Eyes Serum are two different anti-aging skincare products that can help you to smooth out wrinkles for a more youthful look. While the products may seem similar, they both have a few attributes that can set them apart.

What are Natural Skin Advanced Lifting Gel and Natural Eyes Serum?

As you get closer to your senior years, you’ve probably heard the phrase “things aren’t what they used to be.” Nothing could be more true of the new complexion you will be or are facing now in your life. As your hormones begin to slow down, the two chemicals your body need for the supple and smooth texture of your skin, collagen and elastin, are not produced at the same rate.

Without these chemicals, your skin becomes flat and wrinkled, usually starting around your eyes. However, you can change the appearance of these aged areas with the use of both Natural Skin Advanced Lifting Gel and Natural Eyes Serum.

Natural Skin Advanced Lifting Gel and Natural Eyes Serum are two different formulas from similar companies, helping to eliminate the obvious appearance of aging. The reason that there are two formulas available to take is due to the texture of the treatment area. Your face is already sensitive to different products as you age, but the skin around and under your eyes is much thinner, requiring a different type of formula. By combining these two products in your regimen, you can expect:

  • Increased firmness and tightness
  • Minimized discoloration on your face and under your eyes
  • Less puffiness
  • Increase hydration
  • Protection from toxins, like free radicals or UV rays

There are many consumers that try to battle with their aging complexion by using expensive or invasive treatments, ranging from intense facials at a spa to facelifts at a hospital. These methods can put your skin through a lot more stress than necessary, especially since your skin lacks the ability to bounce bac the way it used to. Rather than stretching and treating your skin with harsh remedies, choose the Natural Skin Advanced Lifting Gel and Natural Eyes Serum to nourish your face back to its youth.

How Do Natural Skin Gel and Natural Eyes Serum Work?

Even though the Natural Skin Advanced Lifting Gel and Natural Eyes Serum both work to help soothe your skin’s aging process, they work in much different ways. In fact, these treatments focus on similar but completely different approaches to eliminating wrinkles.

The Lifting Gel uses natural ingredients, which are not listed on the website. These ingredients contain face-firming peptides, which work to tighten your complexion and renew your collagen production. To help your skin maintain enough moisture, the formula also has wheat and soy proteins.

The Eye Serum aims to help you rebuild the lost collagen in the skin around and under your eye. This formula contains three main ingredients to help in the process, using:

  • Balm Mint extract, to nourish dry skin and eliminate fine lines that come from stress,
  • Argireline complex, which is a peptide that restore your skin’s firmness and elasticity to reduce wrinkles, and
  • Palmitoyl peptide, which helps support skin tissue that has been damaged because of insufficient collagen production

The ingredients in both formulas are critical to helping you bring back the youthful and radiant glow that you had in your youth.

Using Both Natural Skin Advanced Lifting Gel and Natural Eyes Serum

Before you put any soothing remedy on your face, you should first wash it. Washing and drying your face give the formulas a clean surface to work on, and helping to promote absorbency.

You can use the products together in your regimen, or separately. If you use them together, applying the serum should be first, so you will need to gently dab or rub in the Eye Serum under your eyes. Then, once the serum has dried, you can apply the Lifting Gel as well in the same manner, but over your face and neck.

If you want to get the best results from these formulas, you should apply them twice daily.

Pricing Options for Natural Skin

Both the Natural Skin Advanced Lifting Gel and Natural Eyes Serum are available under a trial offer. During the trial, you have two weeks to try out the full-size versions of either remedy. You will be responsible for paying the applicable fees for shipping and handling from both companies, but you will not have to pay for the product up front.

Once the trial is over, you will have several charges to cover. First, you will need to pay for the total cost of whichever formula you choose, since you’ve been given a full-size container. Then, you will be enrolled in the automatic shipping program for either one, which means you will receive a charge and a new shipment of Natural Skin Advanced Lifting Gel and Natural Eyes Serum each month.

You can cancel either trial by calling the appropriate customer service team.

Contacting the Creators

Currently, the websites for Natural Skin Advanced Lifting Gel and Natural Eyes Serum are under construction, which means there is no contact information for the companies. If you want to speak with someone, you can wait until the websites are fully running to find a phone number and an email for either one.

Natural Skin Review – Summary

Even though you’re getting older, that doesn’t mean you should feel compelled to look and feel older. By choosing Natural Skin Advanced Lifting Gel and Natural Eyes Serum, you can take control of the way your complexion looks, changing it into something entirely new. If you’re ready to eliminate wrinkles and discoloration, both Natural Skin Advanced Lifting Gel and Natural Eyes Serum are available to help.

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Top 4 Infrared Health Benefits of Using Red Light Therapy

To a doctor or a nurse, red light therapy is probably something they deal with on a regular basis, and something that have certainly seen in medical school. For those who are not in the medical field, you are probably unfamiliar with red light therapy and what the benefits are to the treatment.

What is Infrared Red Light Therapy?

Red Light Therapy is a form of Photonic therapy that began in Eastern cultures and was widely popular in treating wounds, skin conditions, and even hair loss. It has been adapted in Western culture and is currently also being used for anti-aging studies.

The FDA has signed off on this therapy for its anti-aging effects and soon after signed off on it for its ability to help heal wounds. In most research studies it has also been proven to help relieve pain, which caused the FDA to take a deeper look into the process and what it entailed.

How does Red Light Therapy work?

It’s actually a very simple process. The red light is able to penetrate the skin at depths of up to 10mm. By doing this, it helps to give a boost to metabolic events in our bodies by turning the light into energy that will help stimulate the body’s natural processes. In the case of pain relief, it has actually been shown to reduce the inflammation around the pain sight, which in turn helps to alleviate the pain you may be experiencing.

Red Light Therapy has also been used to treat certain skin conditions such as acne, eczema, psoriasis, and even cold sores. So not only can it help with the anti-aging process, it can also help with everyday skin irritations when creams and ointments are no longer working properly. There are around 25 known benefits for Red Light Therapy, though we will only discuss four of them.

Red Light Therapy Is 100% Natural

By using Red Light Therapy, you are using a product that is 100% natural with no chemicals used. It is simply the red light that is used to penetrate the skin to help with your medical issues on a cellular level. And because it is 100% natural, it is drug free and does not cause any redness, itching, or burning to the site where the light is used.

This means that there is no downtime between when you finish your therapy and when you are able to resume your normal everyday activities. This is great for people who live extremely busy lives and are unable to take the proper amount of time to recover from a therapy session.


If you go into any doctor’s office these days, there is bound to be at least one person that is in there for some type of medical procedure. And chances are they are going to be slightly invasive procedures. One of the great things about the Red Light Therapy is the fact that it is completely non-invasive. That means no needles, knives, or any other type of medical tool. It also does not bruise or harm the top layer of your skin, which also helps when looking for something with little to no downtime.

Safe for All Ages

Red Light Therapy is safe for users of all ages. Are you having problems with your child’s skin not clearing up? Maybe they have eczema or psoriasis and you have tried everything else to try and get rid of it, but your options are limited due to their age. Red Light Therapy can offer the relief you need to help alleviate some of their skin issues.

Because it is all natural and uses no chemicals in the process, you can use it on all skin types and on people of all ages, even your children. Red light therapy can be a great alternative to more expensive creams and lotions. You can even use the red light in your home so you don’t have to shuttle your kids to and from the doctor’s office every time they need a treatment.

FDA Approved

Many people look to the FDA to see if a product is safe or not. The FDA sets strict guidelines for manufacturing companies who want to sell their product to the public. If the FDA endorses a product, then you can take it that the product is safe for use. The FDA did numerous researches on Red Light Therapy and came to the conclusion that it was completely safe for use by the public.

The FDA started with the anti-aging aspects of the therapy and quickly moved on to the pain relief and wound healing aspects. With the FDAs stamp of approval on the therapy, you can be assured that the companies producing the lights will have to maintain the standards and guidelines set by the FDA if they want to continue being able to manufacture their product.

Red Light Therapy Review Summary

If you are looking into a new technique to help you with skin related issues or pain issues, try Red Light Therapy. If you are unsure whether it may be right for you, talk with your medical doctor and get their opinion on it. More than likely, you are going to find great reviews on Red Light Therapy due to the number of research studies that have been conducted and also the number of people who have used this therapy. With all of the positive reviews on the subject, there really isn’t a better reason to simply give it a try.

If you don’t want to go to the doctor every time you need the therapy, consider purchasing your own red light that is up to standards with both the FDA and the light power needed to produce the therapy correctly. By owning your own red light, you can use the therapy whenever you need it and not have to wait to be seen by your doctor. This will also help you if your child is in need of the therapy or if a skin issue comes up suddenly and you are unable to get to the doctor’s office.

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FDA Issues Prescription Testosterone Drug Abuse Warning

Earlier today, the FDA announced big changes in the way it handles prescription testosterone labeling. Labels on prescription testosterone are now required to carry a warning about the serious health risks linked to their abuse.

The changes were announced on October 25.

The FDA announced the changes in response to increased reports of people abusing prescription testosterone drugs. Athletes and bodybuilders, for example, have been known to take doses higher than prescribed while also “stacking” these drugs with anabolic steroids.

As you can imagine, stacking prescription testosterone drugs with anabolic steroids has some powerful effects on your health.

The FDA claims such abuse is linked with serious health and safety risks – like heart attacks, stroke, depression, liver toxicity, and male infertility. It can also lead to physiological problems like hostility and aggression.

Some of the worst effects, however, come after you stop taking the drugs. Withdrawal effects from testosterone supplementation can be severe. Symptoms include fatigue, irritability, loss of appetite, insomnia, and decreased libido, all of which can occur even when you’re taking a post-cycle therapy.

FDA Changes Its Labeling to Inform Drug Users and Doctors

The label changes are significant and are designed to remind both users and doctors about the potential for abuse of testosterone products. Labels will specifically mention the serious health risks associated with their abuse.

In addition, testosterone drug labels will tell doctors who suspect abuse to monitor their patients’ blood testosterone levels.

How to Get a Testosterone Drug Prescription

Typically, testosterone drugs are prescribed to men with low testosterone levels – which typically occurs as a result of medical conditions or hereditary problems. Certain conditions can prevent the production of testosterone, for example.

Physical damage to the testicles – like from infection, chemotherapy, or disease – can also impede testosterone production in the male body.

However, testosterone drugs aren’t just prescribed to men who have medical and hereditary conditions. Some doctors prescribe testosterone drugs to men who are experiencing a natural decline in testosterone production as they age.

The use of testosterone drugs to combat the effects of aging is controversial. In one 2013 study, it was found that 1 in 4 men receiving testosterone drugs did not have their testosterone levels measured before treatment.

The Testosterone Drug Industry is Being Abused

Clearly, the testosterone drug industry is being abused. The FDA’s new labeling requirements for prescription testosterone drugs is designed to combat that abuse by warning doctors and their patients of the potentially deadly effects.

Expect to see these new labels on prescription testosterone drugs in the near future. However, we’ll have to wait to see how much of an effect it will actually have on testosterone drug abuse.

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Blackhead Killer – Healthy Peel Off Facial Mask?

Blackhead Killer is a face mask formula that helps you to eliminate the built-up dirt from your pores, allowing you to have a clearer complexion. You can choose to order a package with only the mask or with a cleanser and moisturizer to complement it.

What is Blackhead Killer?

Maintaining a healthy and clean complexion is the key to preventing blemishes and pimples over time. However, washing and moisturizing your face is just the beginning steps.

These methods help you to treat your skin daily, but there are some treatments that should be applied on a monthly or weekly basis, like a face mask. However, no treatment has quite the same effectiveness as the Blackhead Killer.

The Blackhead Killer is meant to be applied to your face to extract the built-up dirt and other particles that clog your pores.

Even if you don’t notice them in your appearance right now, you will soon see that every single pore on your face has something filling it. By choosing to eliminate blackheads from your complexion, you will see a flowing complexion like you’ve never seen for yourself before.

Some consumers prefer to go to a professional to remove blackheads and other blemishes from their complexion.

Unfortunately, seeking out the help of a dermatologist can be expensive, especially when you receive treatment that is not medically necessary to preserve your body. You may even invest in expensive tools that take a prolonged amount of time to extract the blackheads from each pore. Rather than wasting any more time or money, the Blackhead Killer can do the job for you.

How Does Blackhead Killer Work?

There is very limited information on the website to show what makes the Blackhead Killer so effective in the remedy. However, the science behind how the product functions is rather simple.

This formula was created with the intent to be peeled off, much like the way a pore-cleansing strip can extract blackheads from your nose, forehead or chin. However, there are two main differences – the mask can be customized in shape, and it is useable on your entire complexion.

As you pull it from your face, blackheads and other bacteria stick onto the adhesive surface to clear your complexion.

The best part about the formula is that you don’t need to use it for months or weeks to get rid of blackheads. In the few instructions, you will find that with a small investment of a few minutes, you can expose a clearer and healthier face.

Using Blackhead Killer

Integrating the Blackhead Killer into your regimen is easy. You can use it on an as-needed basis, rather than applying it every single day. When you want to eliminate the blackheads from your complexion, you can apply the mask to your skin over the entire area that you want to clean.

Then, you need to wait for however long it takes for the mask to dry. The website doesn’t indicate how long it will take, but similar masks take about 15 to 30 minutes, depending on the texture.

When the formula is dry, you can take an edge of the mask and start peeling it off your skin. Some consumers have expressed that this discomfort is about the same as applying a pore cleansing strip to your entire face. However, once you are done removing the mask, you can look at your glowingly clear complexion in the mirror.

You are encouraged to apply a moisturizer after the formula has been removed. With such a strong adhesive, it is likely that the dead skin on the surface of your complexion was removed as well, leaving your skin dry.

By moisturizing, you can introduce the right nutrients into your pores. The creators behind Blackhead Killer have already developed a cleanser and moisturizer to use, but you can use any product that correctly treats your skin type.

Pricing for Blackhead Killer

The price you pay for the Blackhead Killer will depend on which of the two packages you order. If you only want the mask, you can get a set of five packets, which is enough for five treatments, for $19.95. However, if you want to add on the cleanser and moisturizer, your cost goes up to $59.95, a markdown from $119.

At checkout, you can use a credit card or PayPal. You can also postpone your payment to a later date. If you are dissatisfied with the results, you have up to 90 days to request a full refund.

Contacting the Creators of Blackhead Killer

Since Blackhead Killer is so effective, you may find yourself with more questions about the way that the mask works. That’s why the creators of this treatment are available to provide you with answers via email.

You have the option of filling in a form with your contact information, or sending an email to You can expect a reply within about two business days.

Blackhead Killer Review Summary

The Blackhead Killer is a simple remedy for a common issue that people face. The website doesn’t indicate if the formula is safe for sensitive or mature skin types, but it can effectively rid your pores of free radicals, oil, makeup, and other substances that clog it. If you’re ready to show off how pure your face truly is, the Blackhead Killer can help.

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Elimidrol – Natural Anxiety Relief For Mood Enhancement?

Elimidrol was designed to create calmness and peace of mind. It has been developed to create a positive temper and comfort, while enhancing the overall well-being of the mind and body in combination.

Elimidrol enhances mood, and creates mental and emotional balance in the user, allowing them to continue on their day in better frame of mind.

What is Elimidrol?

Elimidrol has scientifically formulated ingredients that are designed to enhance a stable and calm mood. Feelings of anxiety often plague the mind and body due to the busy lives most people lead. Irritability and feelings of restlessness are common signs that the body is overstressed, and an indication that calmness and relaxation are needed.

Elimidrol will respond, and offer the calm and relaxation that the body demands. Mental and physical equilibrium improves, and the feelings of stress, and anxiety are reduced. Elimidrol was specifically designed as a Life Enhancing Support Supplement and it is very effective at enhancing mood, creating supporting healthy mental and emotional balance as well as instilling calmness and comfort. This life enhancing supplement also provides relief for intermittent anxiety, irritability, and restlessness.

Sometimes, life experiences can be painful both physically and mentally.

Elimidrol, developed by Sunrise Nutraceuticals, can help someone get through these tough times safely and effectively. Many reported Elimidrol has alleviated feelings of anxiety and restlessness after just one dose.

How Does Elimidrol Work?

In order to gain positive results for a calmer state of well being, it takes the perfect scientific balance of herbs, amino acids, minerals, and supporting nutrients. The ingredients must be selected with the utmost care, to ensure safety and efficacy.

Unlike other products that may contain stimulants, or ingredients with unpleasant side effects, Elimidrol uses only safe and effective, carefully screened ingredients, to deliver the best product possible to the consumer.

Elimidrol works without stimulants, and relies on nature and scientific research to promote a quality, safe and effective product. Elimidrol increases: Comfort, emotional stability, calmness, positive mood, sense of well-being, and emotional stability.

Elimidrol is available in two formulas, one designed for daytime use and one designed for night time use, so the optimum sleep can be achieved. Combine usage of the daytime and nighttime formulas for maximum and positive results.

Elimidrol Ingredients

Daytime Formula- Magnolia bark, N-acetyl-L-Cysteine, DL-phenylalanine, Asian finding root extract, gotu kola leaf, hops flower, oat bran, kava kava root extract, and milk thistle seed.

Nighttime Formula- magnolia bark, N-acetyl-L-cysteine, lavender flower, gamma amino butyric acid, ginger root, hops flower, lava kava root extract, and 5-htp.

For a complete list of ingredients for all Elimidrol products, visit the website at

Elimidrol Pricing

Elimidrol is competitively priced at $75 for the daytime Formula, and $75 for the night time, save 10% by purchasing the two together. Elimidrol offers a money back guarantee, so purchasing Elimidrol is risk free, with satisfaction guaranteed.

What Sets Elimidrol Apart?

Elimidrol is blended into a powder formula, rather than pill form to ensure the best concentration, and positive results. Many of the ingredients in Elimidrol’s formula are designed in such a way to create balance and harmony, which is the inspiration behind the creation of Elimidrol. When science and nature work together, a unique and quality product can be the results, such is the case with Elimidrol.

Many healthcare providers hesitate to prescribe anti anxiety medications, and the average consumer is left to search for healthy alternatives to prescribed medications.

It’s takes the right combination of natural ingredients to produce the right results, creating the balance of a calm and relaxed mood.

Life is stressful, and it often becomes difficult to relax and leave the stress of the day behind. A body cannot function at its best when stress and anxiety dominate the mind. It is impossible to simply turn stress off, it is an inevitable part of life, however, it can be controlled with the right combination of natural ingredients.

The makers of Elimidrol strive to ensure the right formulation for the needs of the consumer, so the day and night formulas were created.

The day formula will help to maintain focus and clarity, while helping to keep stress and anxiety out of the picture. Elimidrol available in the nighttime formula includes ingredients known to promote calm, and sleep, so the morning brings new found energy and rejuvenation.

Don’t settle for products that rely on one or two ingredients, and make claims that it works. Depend on the scientifically backed formula that has been tested, and contains the right combination of natural herbs and amino acids to produce the maximum results.

The dosage of each ingredient in Elimidrol is carefully measured for accuracy, the combination creates positive results often after one dose.

Elimidrol is assured and manufactured within GMP, good manufacturing practice certified facilities, and each purchase offers a money back guarantee if not completely satisfied.

Only a product with extreme confidence and high standards would offer such a satisfaction guarantee.

All of the ingredients in Elimidrol are supported by science and research, the ingredients have proven overall results after years of scientific studies.

It takes extensive knowledge and research to secure the right combination of herbs and nutrients that promote a calm state of mind, however Elimidrol has done the work, and tested the formula for the consumer, to ensure it works.

Elimidrol Review Summary

There is no need to suffer from sleepless nights, and days spent in a state of fog. Order Elimidrol today and live with clarity and well being.

Visit their website for information and testimonials from very satisfied customers. No one should have decide between working and living socially or maintaining a relaxed sense of well being, and now they don’t have to.

Adding Elimidrol daily will produce the ability to have the best of both worlds, focus, and direction during the day, and rest and relaxation at night.

Finally, a good and sound nights sleep, no waking to check the clock or go over to do lists, everything is put into perspective with Elimidrol, only a positive sense of well being and balanced state of mind remain.

Order both, the daytime formula and the night time formula and receive 10% of the total purchase price.

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WholeyShit – Healthy Herbal Stool Softening Aid For Cleansing?

WholeyShit is a supplement that contains multiple potent ingredients to help relieve constipation. The formula is easy to include in your diet, while offering a natural blend of substances to motivate your GI tract.

What is WholeyShit?

Constipation always seems to hit your body at the worst times, but there’s never a good time to experience it. The first indication that your body may be preparing for this discomfort is the lack of regular bowel movements in your day. You may notice bloating or pain that is like flatulence, but with no progress.

There are thousands of different methods and medications to relieve constipation, but the safest way is to find something that is natural, without putting your body through more difficulties. That’s where WholeyShit comes in.

WholeyShit is a comedic play on words for this product that helps you to relive constipation. Even though the name may give you a case of the giggles, the performance of this remedy is no laughing matter. You won’t find any damaging chemicals in the formula at all – only natural ingredients. If you keep up with the remedy, you will:

  • Have about two to three bowel movements a day
  • Reduce the amount of pressure on your colon from gas
  • Experience an improved mood and clearer thinking

The best way to treat constipation is to maintain a diet that prevents it. Your diet needs to have enough fiber, vegetables, and whole grains to help you maintain the right balance in your body. In fact, you may be able to keep constipation at bay by simply drinking enough water in your day.

Unfortunately, you may have to take medications that make you constipated, or you simply may not have the time in your day to eat a balanced diet. If you end up suffering from constipation, using WholeyShit can help remedy that.

How Does WholeyShit Work?

Just like other supplements, the key to the proprietary blend in WholeyShit is finding the right ingredients that can motivate the movement you need to evacuate your bowels. Each ingredient is carefully balanced to ensure that you get the right relief without hurting your digestive tract. This formula includes:

  • Cape Aloe
  • Barberry Root Bark
  • Cascara Sagrada Bark
  • Cayenne Pepper

Read on below to find out more about each of the ingredients.

Cape Aloe

Cape Aloe is widely known for its ability to cleanse your colon of any toxins and blockages. In fact, some reports claim it is the strongest herb that is used for this purpose. Along with helping to move along your excrement, Cape Aloe is also used to reduce inflammation and to help heal wounds.

Barberry Root Bark

Barberry root bark is often used to help eliminate bile from the body to protect the health of your liver. It has a wide range of other benefits, and is a rich source of citric acid and Vitamin C.

Cascara Sagrada Bark

Cascara Sagrada Bark is a potent laxative, motivating the muscles to eliminate anything that is trapped in your intestines. The reason that the bark is so effective is because it contains a chemical called anthraquinones.

Cayenne Pepper

Cayenne Pepper is a common ingredient in many homemade cleanses, which is probably due to the way it impacts the contractions of the large intestine. It promotes healthy blood circulation to deliver the necessary stimulation to your excretory system.

Using WholeyShit

The only way to get the full benefits of WholeyShit is to take it daily. While it doesn’t matter which meal that you take the single capsule with, you will need to swallow the dose immediately before eating. However, if you’re having great difficulties with your constipation problems, you can increase the dosage by one more capsule each day until you have relief.

Pricing for WholeyShit

You have several pricing options, when it comes to making WholeyShit a part of your routine. A single bottle of the supplement is priced at $29.99 at the moment, which is a markdown from $33.98.

However, in effort to promote a higher amount of sales, you can purchase higher quantities in one order to get a bigger discount.

To order a three-pack of WholeyShit, your total cost will be $81.79, bringing down the price to $27.26 per bottle. For a six-pack, the total cost is $149.95, which makes the final price $24.99 per bottle. By ordering one of the multi-packs, you are eligible for free international shipping.

Contacting the Creators of WholeyShit

With such a helpful supplement, you may still have a few questions before you are comfortable with introducing it into your regular diet. That’s why the customer service team is available to address your concerns. You can email the company at


WholeyShit may come with a humorous name, but it’s only with consistent use that you can feel comfortable enough to find entertainment in it.

Constipation can be deeply uncomfortable, and leaving your body to handle it on its own only prolongs the discomfort you’re experiencing. You don’t have to keep suffering with the use of WholeyShit on a daily basis, helping to improve the entire functioning of your intestines and the rest of your digestive system.

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Green Tea X50 – Tribeca Health’s Detoxifying Energy Drink Mix?

Tribeca is a fairly new health supplement company that is based out of Australia. There is only a small selection of products at this time, but they claim to be of the highest quality. Read this review to find out about Green Tea X50 today.

What is Tribeca Green Tea X50?

Tribeca Health Green Tea X50 is a convenient to use sachet. It provides users with green tea catechins and reservatrol. It is flavored and easy to make. All you have to do, is mix it with clear, clean water. It is designed to help you stay healthy hydrated and full of good energy.

How Does Tribeca Green Tea X50 Work?

The supplement is derived from one of the world’s most popular drinks. Green tea is one of the best antioxidants available and is completely safe for everyone.

Time and time again, green tea has been proven to be one of the best health supplements on the market. The supplement manufacturers claim that the supplement will help you with wellbeing. It is also said to induce a calming like effect. Along with that, the supplement will help you with weight loss.

It works by acting as an inhibitor of carbohydrates that will also increase the metabolism so you can burn more fat. So ideally, it doesn’t just act as a powerful fat burner, it also helps you avoid carbs as fats. It’s a type of double effectiveness. The effects happen because of the properties of the green tea catechins. Typically you would need as much as 10-16 cups of green tea to get enough of the active ingredients.

According to the people at Tribeca, Green Tea X50 has as much of the nutrients as 20 cups of green tea in each serving. They claim that is more than enough to see amazing health results. The resveratrol in the supplement is also one of the best ingredients you can consume. It is suspected of helping improve longevity. It will also help you support health heart and blood flow. Along with that, you can count on the improvement of insulin control.

The supplement comes in four different flavors. There is mango, raspberry, tropical and original. The flavors are said to taste to great. The tropical and the original are said to be the tastiest flavors out of the four.

The product mixes quite well, they claim there is only a small amount of residue at the bottom of the glass when you’re done. It’s best to mix the Green Tea X50 works best in cold water. You could drink it with hot water if you want, but people claim it’s not as good.

What Ingredients Are in Tribeca Green Tea X50

The supplement only contains two different ingredients, so it’s a very clean product. The two ingredients in Green Tea X50 are Camellia Sinesis Leaf Extract, also known as green tea extract. And it contains, Fallopia Japonica Root Extract, which contains at least 30mg of reservatrol.

Other ingredients in the supplement are sweeteners, flavors, and colors. The supplement was created to have a majorly long shelf life. Each packet, of Green Tea X50 contains 60 serves 3g each. It has about 10 calories and 1.9g of carbohydrates.

How Much Does Tribeca Green Tea X50 Cost?

Items on Green Tea X50 are fairly priced. When compared to other supplement companies, they are averagely priced.

What Are Customers Saying About Tribeca Green Tea X50?


People report that the supplement tastes great. And that it leaves you with a very calm feeling of relaxation and smooth energy. Apparently, it’s a good health product that is ideal for anyone looking to achieve higher levels of health.


Each of the packets is said to have the same amount of beneficial ingredients as about 5g of dried green tea. That’s only about 1 cup of prepared green tea. That makes it kind of difficult to believe the claims that one serving has the equivalent amount of ingredients to 20 cups of green tea.

It’s a little hard to swallow those claims. Most of the health benefits of green tea are based around people who primarily eat Asian diets. Many people in those cultures drink at least 3 cups of green tea a day.

So basically, if the numbers are correct, three sachets of Green Tea X50 is the equivalent to about e cups of Green Tea.

Should I Use Tribeca Green Tea X50?

The final verdict, is that it’s a quality product. And it will help improve your health. It is becoming a supplement that is achieving a near cult like status with its users. It will provide it’s users with the same active ingredients that are in green tea that are highly beneficial. It’s not likely that it will give you 20 times the amount of benefits of 20 cups of green tea, but it is still a good product.

Also it’s ideal for people who want the same health benefits of green tea without the taste. If someone doesn’t like tea, then this is a great product for them. Plus the fact that it’s a cold water mix, it’s ideal for summertime and spring time.

If you drink Green Tea X50, then you’ll likely benefit from overall improved health and fitness. The reservatrol in the supplement is also an excellent health supplement, and it’s not found in regular green tea.

All in all, Green Tea X50 is a fairly effective health supplement and there really is no bad traits with the supplement.

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ToneX – Legit Core Strengthening Fitness Vest For Exercising?

When it comes to shaping and forming the body, there are often no lengths people won’t go. And this is becoming more and more true in recent years as the obesity crisis has grown. As is the case throughout history, as the weight problem the Western world was facing became front page news, society began to fight back.

As a result, people are adjusting their eating habits and workout habits in order to experience better health.

While diet is a huge aspect of losing weight, getting fit, and increasing muscle mass, fitness plays just as important a role. And it’s obvious that people are embracing serious workout and exercise methods, pushing their bodies to the limit so that they can increase their strength and support their overall health. However, there are several downfalls to the current exercise trends currently being used.

Gyms have always been at the forefront of the exercise world, but they can be expensive. Plus, unless someone has a home gym, it can be time consuming to travel to and from a local gym every day.

Even home gyms have their downsides, costing huge amounts of money to truly reach levels that are helpful for users. Training programs and systems are also options, but they cost a lot of money and once they’re completed, they don’t push the body anymore.

One of the best ways to exercise is to use the strength of the body. This is seen most clearly in resistant training.

Through resistant training, users can do the same exercise over and over, but push their bodies to new limits each and every time. More importantly, with resistant training, the body is safer during these workouts, with a lesser tendency for being hurt.

For those who want to take their resistant training to the next level, the Tonex is the perfect tool. Using methods that have long been praised by fitness professionals, the Tonex allows users to add a degree of resistant training to every workout they do, pushing and strengthening their bodies more and more each day.

What is Tonex?

Tonex is a fitness vest that wraps around the back and upper chest, connecting to two handles that are attached to the vest using resistant bands.

When combined with the exercises that users do on a regular basis, Tonex is able to provide a steady resistance, which forces users to push themselves a little more during each of their workouts. As a result, Tonex is able to give users better results than they would get through other methods.

The best thing about Tonex is that it provides a total body workout without the need for fancy equipment or expensive gym memberships.

A simple run can turn into a crucial combination of cardio and weight training with the Tonex, making it the simplest tool for total fitness. With the Tonex, users can work their deltoids, pectoralis majors, triceps, and even their transverse abdominals. And the best thing is, users of Tonex get this workout using one simple device.

The harness of Tonex is comfortable and adjustable, so it can be used by athletes of any shape and size, allowing them to increase the level of difficulty whenever they want.

As a result, Tonex is able to offer users the one tool that they won’t outgrow, because Tonex users the strength of the body through resistant training to crucially work the body.

Benefits of Tonex

Everyone has heard the horror stories of people who have snapped muscles or torn ligaments because they were pushing their bodies too far with their resistance training.

One of the biggest reasons behind stories like these is that the typical resistance training that people are taught, like those that use weights, are unnatural to the body, resulting in a higher likelihood of damage to the body.

And this is where the first benefit of Tonex is seen. Unlike these unnatural methods of resistant training, Tonex is more natural, using the strength and resistance of the body to push users to new levels in their training. This means fewer injuries, even though they’re getting better results.

People often have to schedule days for when they’re going to work specific muscle groups. However, even with this type of organization, it’s very easy to overlook certain muscle groups that need to be worked out. However, with Tonex, more muscles are engaged, even those that often remain dormant in exercise.

Using Tonex, athletes will be able to push and strengthen parts of their bodies that they weren’t even aware could be worked out.

As mentioned above, one of the worst things about buying workout equipment is that it can often only be used for a bit, before it needs to be upgraded to another level as users improve in their fitness.

This can get expensive very quickly. However, with Tonex, all levels of difficulty are supported. For those who are just beginning, Tonex can be loosened, decreasing the amount of resistance felt through workouts. However, as Tonex users become stronger, they can tighten the bands, increasing the resistance so they are constantly pushing themselves.

This makes Tonex one of the most affordable options for continuous athletic improvement.

Back injuries are notorious with those who work out consistently. This is often because when they’re lifting weights or running, they aren’t maintaining the correct posture. As a result, they are more likely to have sore, aching backs.

What’s great about Tonex is that it pulls users into the correct posture naturally, allowing them to protect their backs even through the most difficult workouts. Just as important, the way Tonex corrects posture allows users to sculpt their back at the same time they’re working their arms.

Finally, because Tonex is a simple harness with resistant bands, it’s much lighter and easier to carry around than other workout equipment. Whether users are traveling or want to keep something in their car for spur of the moment workouts, the Tonex offers a simple and easy solution.

With Tonex, users can take their workouts anywhere, without a second thought. And, when Tonex gets dirty, it can be thrown in the wash for easy cleaning.

Purchasing Tonex

Even though Tonex has gone through trial runs and has proven to be a very effective exercise device, it isn’t quite ready to be purchased.

The device is still in the Beta phase and will be available in several months. However, for those who are too excited and can’t wait to get a Tonex, it will soon be launching a Kickstarter campaign which will allow those interested to be first in line to get the device when it is released.

By contributing a small amount to the manufacturing of Tonex, those who want to transform the way they exercise will be able to get first access to the resistant fitness vest.

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Blood Pressure Miracle – Can It Lower Blood Pressure Naturally?

As people begin to get older, the worry and concern they have for their health begins to grow. The problem with health is that no matter what people seem to do, there isn’t anything they can truly do to make sure they will be healthy forever. It’s this fact that puts fear into the hearts of those who are getting older.

Starting in the mid-thirties, concerns like blood sugar, cholesterol, and blood pressure become more and more serious.

Because the health of aging adults is so important, the drug industry has created hundreds of thousands of medications to help with these problems. However, many of these medications are flawed due to two very specific reasons.

The first is that most of these medications are designed to be taken after a health condition has already formed. For those who are trying to prevent their deteriorating health, it makes the effect of these medications moot.

The second reason is that often these medications work to cover up symptoms instead of treat the root of the cause. As a result, most people will be stuck suffering with their conditions throughout the rest of their lives.

The goal for those who want to live healthy, active, and healthy lives is to find treatment options that won’t just work to prevent them from having any problems, but that can permanently reverse these problems if they should occur.

By focusing on treatments in this mindset, fewer people have to go on prescription medications and even fewer find themselves in emergency situations when it comes to their health.

The Blood Pressure Miracle is a perfect example of how people can reverse their conditions, instead of just covering up the symptoms.

Using the Blood Pressure Miracle, those who struggle with their blood pressure or have a history of high blood pressure in their family can finally rest at ease, knowing they’re doing everything in their power to keep their health.

What is the Blood Pressure Miracle?

Created and compiled by Frank Mangano, the Blood Pressure Miracle is an eBook guide that goes over several steps that can be taken to lower blood pressure. However, unlike other systems or medications on the market today, the Blood Pressure Miracle uses natural methods that work with the processes in the body to reverse blood pressure damage.

Following the Blood Pressure Miracle, users will be able to regain their health in a way that will surprise them in its simplicity.

A system or program is only as good as the person who creates it, which is why the Blood Pressure Miracle already has such a huge group of supporters. Frank Mangano is most known for his work on naturally reversing cholesterol levels, a mission he set out on when his mother began to suffer from high cholesterol.

During his time researching information on high cholesterol, Mangano noticed that there was a direct tie between blood pressure and high cholesterol. As a result, when he finished his work on cholesterol, Mangano turned his attentions to blood pressure.

Mangano spent months researching solutions to blood pressure that wouldn’t just do completely away with the condition, but would do so without any unwanted side effects. One of the biggest problems Mangano had with blood pressure medications is that they

often had a long list of horrific side effects. However, he found that treating high blood pressure was best done naturally, creating the Mangano Method which is described in the Blood Pressure Miracle. And because the Blood Pressure Miracle guides users on how to reverse their high blood pressure naturally, they don’t have to worry about any unwanted side effects.

For those who are tired of struggling with the high blood pressure, worrying about when it might cause them irreparable damage, and are worried about the side effects of their current medications, the Blood Pressure Miracle is the perfect solution.

In this easy to understand guide, readers are taken through the steps they need to follow to restore their blood pressure to normal levels, completely naturally.

Benefits of the Blood Pressure Miracle

There are thousands of journals on ways to treat blood pressure available to those who truly look. Unfortunately, most of these journals are written by medical professionals for other medical professionals.

For those who are just trying to find a solution to their health problems, these papers, clinical trial results, and articles can be overwhelming. This is where a benefit of the Blood Pressure Miracle comes in.

Not only did Frank Mangano do all the research for those who want to naturally reverse their high blood pressure, he compiled all the information they need in an easy to read guide. Mangano knows and understands that when it comes to health, people don’t want to struggle to understand what they’re reading.

Because of this, the Blood Pressure Miracle is compiled in an easy to follow structure and is presented in simple language that everyone can understand.

While the simplicity of the information in the Blood Pressure Miracle doesn’t decrease its importance, it makes it so much more accessible for non-medical professionals.

For those who have been daunted before about the idea of naturally reversing their blood pressure, there is nothing to fear with the Blood Pressure Miracle. Unlike many other methods on the market, the Blood Pressure Miracle makes simple suggestions on lifestyle changes that are easy to incorporate into everyday life and very simple to follow.

With the Blood Pressure Miracle, users only need to make a little bit of effort in order to transform their health, which is perfect for those already leading busy, hectic lives.

Finally, the methods that are described and used in the Blood Pressure Miracle aren’t ones that need to be adopted all at once. For those who want to make big changes quickly, the guide will help them. But for those who want to move more slowly, the Blood Pressure Miracle is also for them.

The routine used in the Blood Pressure Miracle is done at the pace of the users, with no pressure to rush things. This approach to lowering blood pressure is perfect for those who like to take a more cautious approach.

Purchasing the Blood Pressure Miracle

One of the greatest things about the Blood Pressure Miracle is that the system understands that while it can provide a lot of help, many people want to know more. Because of this, the Blood Pressure Miracle comes with several free bonuses.

These bonuses were designed to help users through the process of lowering their blood pressure, providing them with extra information and support.

A list of the free bonuses included with the Blood Pressure Miracle, as well as a brief description of each, can be found below.

Power Your Mind to Improve Blood Pressure – A guide on using hypnotherapy to lower blood pressure.

The Stress Reduction Hypnosis Audio Program – An MP3 that uses hypnosis technology to eliminate the stress in users.

Lessons from the Miracle Doctors – A guide compiled by a group of doctors on how to gain optimal health.

How Your Shower May be Hazardous to Your Health – A look at how showers can influence the health and wellness of people.

Is Your Home Making You Sick? – A report on how everyday things around the house can cause sicknesses and health conditions.

In addition to the bonuses listed above, the Blood Pressure Miracle comes with free lifetime upgrades and access to the VIP mailing list, which gives users access to Frank Mangano’s inner circle.

All these amazing bonuses come with the purchase of the Blood Pressure Miracle, which is available from the program website ( for only $27. And because the Blood Pressure Miracle is an electronic download, it is available for users as soon as they confirm their purchase.

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Muscle Boost X & Testo Boost X – Top Rated Muscle Enhancers?

Whether are you are just starting to develop a solid workout routine or have been going to the gym for months, you still may be struggling to figure out how to build large, bulky, and ripped muscles. After all, it is clear that simple diet and exercise are just not enough to achieve prominent results. To truly build bulk and to develop the body that you’ve always wanted, you need to add a supplement to your workout regimen.

The best approach to muscle enhancing supplements is to choose a stack. This way, you can optimize the impact and enjoy from serious growth in a short period of time. That being said, this review would like to introduce you to Testo Boost X and Muscle Boost X.

What are Testo Boost X and Muscle Boost X?

Testo Boost X and Muscle Boost X are two muscle enhancing supplements that work well together to provide you with optimal growth and a ripped physique. The supplements each have different mechanisms of action that focus on providing your body with various muscle enhancing qualities. For instance, Testo Boost X is a testosterone enhancer, while Muscle Boost X increases your nitric oxide levels.

Testosterone and nitric oxide are compounds that already exist in your body, but not at the levels necessary for growth. With these two supplements, you can increase the production of these compounds so that you can meet your growth goals.

This review will first cover Testo Boost X and then Muscle Boost X.

What is Testo Boost X?

TestoBoostX is a muscle enhancer that naturally increases your body’s levels of testosterone. As you age, your body’s ability to produce testosterone dramatically decreases, thereby preventing you from experiencing growth. This natural supplement does not contain any additives, fillers, chemicals, or synthetic testosterone that can reduce the product’s quality and performance.

The Benefits of Testo Boost X

There are many great reasons for adding TestoBoostX into your workout routine. The higher testosterone levels promote the following qualities:

Larger Muscle Mass

First, the increase in testosterone lends itself to larger muscle mass. The testosterone acts as the fuel necessary for massive growth and as you work out harder with this supplement, your muscles will grow larger.

Reduce Recovery Time

Second, the higher testosterone levels also provide you with a shorter recovery time. By cutting your recovery time substantially, you’ll be able to power through the most challenging of workouts and still be ready for your next session. By being prepared for your next routine, you’ll be able to make progress on a day by day basis.

Promotes Metabolic Efficiency

Finally, the supplement also promotes metabolic efficiency. That is to say, your metabolism will skyrocket to burn the excess fat. By removing the excess fat throughout your body, you’ll achieve a toned, ripped, and leaner figure that enhances the appearance of your muscles.

Supported by Clinical Trials

Another reason for choosing this supplement is that its performance is supported by clinical trials. According to researchers assessing the performance of the supplement, the product is able to do the following in fewer than 30 days:

  • Increase the size of your muscles by 55%
  • Enhance your strength by 46%
  • Increase shredding by 32%

You’ll notice each of these qualities in just less than 30 days. Keep in mind though that the supplement’s performance may vary from person to person. Moreover, to increase the chance that the supplement will continue to work well, it is best to use it on a daily basis and as directed.

Enhances Sex Drive

Finally, Testo Boost X not only enhances your muscles, but it also promotes an improved sex drive. You’ll experience virility and you will be able to please yourself and your partner in the bedroom again. If you are ready to experience substantial growth and to improve your sex drive, then Testo Boost X may be the right product for you.

To enhance the supplement’s qualities, it is best to use it with Muscle Boost X.

What is Muscle Boost X?

Muscle Boost X is a muscle enhancer that that utilizes the power of Nitric Oxide to promote massive muscle growth. While Nitric Oxide is already present in your bod, it is not at the level necessary for progress. Luckily, this supplement naturally increases your ability to develop muscles all through natural means.

The Benefits of Muscle Boost X

There are many benefits to be had when you incorporate Muscle Boost X into your daily routine. For example, when you use this supplement, you’ll experience the following benefits:

Higher Stamina Levels

Stamina is necessary for growth. The more you are able to push yourself at the gym, the easier of a time you’ll have developing larger and stronger muscles. The good news is that this supplement promotes growth by enhancing your stamina. The higher stamina will last you well after your workout routine so that you can maintain productivity throughout the day.

Nourishes Muscles

Next, the supplement nourishes your muscles by way of vein dilation. With larger veins, more nutrients and oxygen, which are crucial to growth, are able to reach your muscles. With these compounds, you’ll experience the best results.

Shreds Fat

Finally, like testosterone, this supplement works to shred fat. With a leaner figure, you’ll be able to show off your muscles since they will not be hidden beneath the excess weight.

To enjoy the benefits of the supplement it is necessary to use it on a daily basis and as directed. You’ll be able to experience even better outcomes when you couple this supplement with Testo Boost X.

Where to Buy

If you are interested in purchasing Muscle Boost X or Testo Boost X, then you can do so through each brand’s website. The products also come with the opportunity to use the product as a free trial before you commit to purchasing the product.

The Trial Order

Both products come with a 14 day free trial. If you keep the supplement beyond the 14 days, then you will be charged or the formula and enrolled in a monthly subscription service. On the other hand, if you return the products within the time frame, there are no obligations involved.

Testo Boost X and Muscle Boost X Combo Review Summary

Overall, if you are looking for a safe, effective, and powerful stack that works well, then Testo Boost X and Muscle Boost X may be the right options for you. These products are recognized for their prominent results and now you too can experience the same qualities when you add them to your daily workout routine. If you do choose this stack, please let us know about your experience in the comment section below!

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Develop Good Habits – Healthy Ways To Live A Better Life?

I love Personal Development.

The love affair started when I joined a MLM company and was inadvertently surrounded by people who immersed themselves in these type of ideas.

Once I was surrounded by people striving to improve, I too was bit by the bug.

A whole new world opened up to me. Once I stated applying what I learned, my life improved in like fashion. It was like magic.

My love for the field of Personal Development is why I’m bursting with excitement to bring to your attention a blog that I admire.

The name of this blog is

I don’t frequent many blogs but this one is different. Read what I have to say about it and you’ll soon know why it’s a game changer.

Develop Good Habits

Develop Good Habits is a blog that was started by a gentleman named Steve Scott.

Steve started this site because, like me, he has a profound interest in self-help. Because of this, he became acutely aware of some of the problems in the field.

More specifically, the whole concept of “The Law of Attraction” and positive thinking as a whole rubbed him the wrong way. He believed it made people lazy and wishing for a good life when they could be creating one.

I couldn’t agree more.

Steve has a different outlook on how you create a better life for you and your family. His conviction is that habits are the key.

The thing that separates the successful from the mediocre is simply what they do every day. In other words, their habits.

I’m in total accord with this. As a strong proponent for self-help myself, I know that most of your behavior is controlled by your habits. We rarely take new actions or make new decisions.

Once you understand this, you should understand the importance of good habit cultivation. Don’t underestimate the power of this. As Warren Buffett once said:

“The chains of habit are too weak to be felt until they’re too hard to be broken”.

Steve drives home this fact by constantly putting out blog post on how to develop different types of habits for different purposes.

At the time of this writing, I even purchased an E-Book on his website entitled “The Miracle Morning for Writers”. It shows you how to build habits that are congruent with a successful writing life.

As you can see, these type of books and blogs can offer tons of benefits.


Many people can surely benefit off of following the posts created by Steve and other contributors to his website.

Anyone who’s interested in personal development should definitely visit to see if anything their piques their interest.

I know we said that Steve’s website is all about habit formation and changing your life through your daily routine, but I want to really unpack that statement here.

Below you’ll find some of the additional benefits that can be gained when you follow the content on

-Elminate bad habits like smoking, nail biting and video game addiction

-Make small improvements to existing habits

-How to effectively lose weight and keep it off

-Learn how to “test drive” new habits before accepting them completely

-Develop a deep understanding of will power

As you can see, learning how to cultivate proper habits is a powerful practice. Just by committing yourself to this one thing, you can effectively change your life forever.


I was so excited when I stumbled upon this site that I couldn’t wait to see what kind of books they offered.

When you go to the book list over at, you will first see a list of “175 Must Read Book”. Seeing this list instantly made me smile because I love book recommendations by smart people.

Next, you’ll see a list of books that were written by Steve Scott. When this man says he knows habits he is certainly not lying.

The books listed here touch on many different areas of people’s lives and approach these problem areas from the angle of habit formation.

To give you context, a couple of the books listed are:

– “Declutter Your Mind”

– “Exercise Every Day: 32 tactics for Building the Exercise Habit”

– “Confident You: An Introvert’s Guide to Success in Life and Business”

– “ 23 Anti-Procrastination Habits: How to Stop Being Lazy and Overcome Your Procrastination”

And these are just to name a few. That guy Steve is a busy fellow. If you question whether or not these books are of substance just consider the fact that James Altucher has written the Forward of one of them. That should serve as confirmation.

If you don’t want to start your journey by purchasing a book, that’s ok. I mean, it’s cheap, but it’s ok. You can always check out some of Steve’s blog posts which touch on similar topics.

Just make sure you revisit purchasing a book if you like the blog posts. Books are where the magic happens.

Conclusion is where I’m going to be spending a majority of my time. I say this because, like Steve, I understand how vital habits are to success or failure.

The habits you choose to embody are what steer you towards your destiny. Following Steve’s advice will fine tune your compass, ensuring you wind up at your intended destination.

In life we ultimately find out that it’s the little things that are important. Little things compounded become big things. Habits are the little things that can change everything about your life.

Do yourself a favor and venture into this world that Steve has built. You won’t be sorry.

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Insane Burn – Thermogenic Fat Burner Muscle Enhancer Supplement?

Insane Burn Fat Burner is a supplement designed to support men in achieving their weight loss goals.

When taken daily, Insane Burn’s specifically formulated ingredients can increase your metabolism and support fat burning for up to eight hours.

Combine the use of Insane Burn with a reduced calorie diet and exercise and you can be on your way to achieving your weight loss goals. Read below to find out more.

What is Insane Burn Fat Burner?

Insane Burn is a thermogenic fat burning supplement designed for Men.

Users of Insane Burn Fat Burner can lose weight, gain energy, increase metabolism, and improve mental focus. When combined with exercise and a reduced-calorie diet, Insane Burn can help you reach your optimum weight.

Insane Burn is not just about burning fat.

The Insane Burn supplement helps you burn fat while amping up your metabolism, preserving muscle mass, and helping you stay focused and energized during workouts.

Utilizing Insane Burn’s special blend formula of Synephrine, Kola Nut and L-Carnitine targets fat cells and helps them fade away.

The Insane Burn burns fat at the deepest cellular structure in your body.

Green tea and raspberry ketones are included to keep your metabolism operating at a high level to keep calories burning away. Keeping your metabolism levels high is critical to fat loss.

Caffeine included will give you extra energy to help you perform better during your fitness regime. Additional ingredients are designed to help you focus.

Insane Burn is a weight loss supplement taken in capsule form once daily in the morning.

Users can take the Insane Burn Supplement daily for up to eight weeks before taking a one-week break before continuing use. Insane Burn consumers are cautioned to not take more than two capsules within a twenty-four hour period.

How Is Insane Burn Fat Burner Used?

Insane Burn users take one capsule in the morning. Do not take supplement after 4:00 pm or it will affect your sleep quality.

For every eight weeks of use, users should take a week-long break before resuming daily doses.

Insane Burn’s total dosage is 497 milligrams per dose. The supplement contains ingredients in three categories- energy boosting and focus stimulation, metabolism enchantment, and fat burning.

Key Ingredients

Insane Burns active ingredients are Caffeine, Phenylethylamine HCL, Glucomannan, Fursultiamine, L-Tyrosine, Green Tea Extract, Raspberry Ketones, Yohimbe Bark, Synephrine HCL, Kola Nut, and L-Carnitine. Inactive ingredients include gelatin, rice flour, magnesium stearate, silicon dioxide and titanium dioxide.

The levels of caffeine in one Insane Burn capsule are equivalent to three cans of cola or two cups of coffee. Caffeine also works to stimulate your mood.

Phenylethylamine HCL is an organic compound commonly added to weight loss supplements. Phenylethylamine HCL helps support mood as well as weight loss.

Glucomannan is a sugar made from the root of the konjac plant. Glucomannan is used for constipation and weight loss in adults as well as in supporting type 2 diabetes, blood sugar levels, and lowering cholesterol. Glucomannan works by forming a bulky fiber in your stomach helping to suppress your appetite.

Fursultiamine is a Vitamin B1 derivative that works to improve energy metabolism during exercise and helps to reduce exercise-induced fatigue.

L-Tyrosine is an amino acid that is added to Insane Burn supplements to support the user in maintaining focus and increased mental clarity.

Green Tea Extract is a powerful fat burner full of powerful antioxidants. Green tea is highly caffeinated giving the Insane Burn users more energy increase calorie burning.

Green Tea also contains polyphenols that help strengthen your immunity towards chronic diseases.

Raspberry Ketones is a chemical from red raspberries believed to help increase weight loss.

Yohimbe Bark is from a tree that grows in western Africa. People in western Africa have long used yohimbe bark as an aphrodisiac and to boost consumer’s general health and athletic performance.

Please note this ingredient can have side effects so do your research prior to consumption.

Synephrine HCL is commonly referred to as bitter orange and is used to support weight loss.

Kola Nut is the nut from the Nigerian Kola tree. Kola nuts are used for their high caffeine levels to help boost energy. Traditionally the kola nut has also been used to treat depression and minimize fatigue.

L-carnitine helps the body produce energy. It is an important amino acid for heart and brain function, muscle movement, and many other body processes.

These ten ingredients are specially formulated to provide you the best supplement to support your weight loss goals.

Ignite Pharm makes a similar product specifically for women called Fit Chick.

As with all weight loss supplements it is important to consider the ingredients and possible side effects. If you are taking prescription medication, it is wise to consult your primary care physician prior to using Insane Burn supplements.

Insane Burn Supplement Pricing

Consumers can purchase 60 capsule bottles for $29.95 through Ignite Pharm on offers free shipping on purchases over $49.

Insane Burn is eligible for both priority shipping and Amazon Prime.

Insane Burn comes with a 100% money back guarantee. Like the product or send it back for a full refund.

Who Makes The Insane Burn Supplement?

The Insane Burn 4 in 1 Supplement is made by Ignite Pharm, a well known and popular producer of health supplements and vitamins.

Insane Burn Supplement Review Summary

Are you looking for a supplement in a convenient once-daily capsule that helps you lose weight quickly while maintaining lean muscle mass? Then Insane Burn is for you!

Have you been trying to lose weight with a reduced calorie diet and exercise alone and it is not giving you the results you are looking for.

Add Insane Burn to your weight loss routine and see the results you have been hoping for all along.

Imagine taking one capsule of Insane Burn in the morning and feeling energized all day long. While taking the Insane Burn supplement your body will have increased energy to support you in losing weight while exercising at your full capacity.

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Yogalosophy – Groundbreaking Mandy Ingber Yoga Workout?

Yoga has been used for centuries throughout the world. However, when the Western world jumped aboard the trend, it became harder and harder for those who truly wanted to experience pure, transformative yoga to find the right programs.

With yoga studios on every corner and hundreds of thousands claiming to be experts, finding the perfect fit has become next to impossible.

Mandy Ingber has long been considered an expert when it comes to yoga. In fact, her expertise isn’t just something she claims about herself, in the twenty years she’s been teaching, she has become a beloved instructor to famous clients, from Jennifer Lawrence and Helen Hunt to Jennifer Aniston and Brooke Shields.

However, it’s not just her clients that have made Ingber so famous, it’s the effortless way she blends strengthening the body with healing the mind that has made her programs, Yogalosophy, the most sought after guides in the industry.

About Yogalosophy

As mentioned above, the popularity of yoga in the United States has caused the therapy to become a bit convoluted. With so many people claiming to be professionals, though many don’t have the evidence to support these claims, it makes sense that those who want to do yoga have started become more and more suspicious.

However, even though there are so many questionable programs and teachers out there, those who truly want to transform their bodies shouldn’t give up, the power of yoga is too important.

Mandy Ingber has used Yogalosophy, her renowned book on her yoga teachings, to change the lives of thousands of people across the country.

While her classes and lessons were once only available to the rich and famous, Ingber has created Yogalosophy to spread the power of yoga over the body and mind to the world.

Yogalosophy differs from so many Western yoga options because it blends some of the most important aspects of a variety of systems to create a complete and comprehensive approach to the strengthening of the body and the healing of the mind.

The body-mind connection has always been of the upmost importance to Ingber, which is why she combines her toning and strengthening lessons with innovative insights into the human mind.

Yogalosophy Products

Mandy Ingber currently sells three specific products on her website ( While customers can find brief details about each product on her website, more extensive details and prices are available on the websites where she sells these products.

At the moment, Yogalosophy products are available on Amazon, Apple, Barnes and Noble, and Powell’s.

A list of the Yogalosophy products sold by Ingber can be found below. The prices listed for the products below represent the prices as they are on Amazon. Other retailers may vary these prices.

Yogalosophy for Inner Strength – $15.58

The second book offered by Ingber in the Yogalosophy series, this book moves away from the yoga and body connection to how yoga can be used to build inner strength. When people go through moments of heartbreak or disappointment, it can be difficult to heal and find self-love again.

Yogalosophy for Inner Strength is all about self-care and the best ways to stay strong in hard times.

Yogalosophy for Inner Strength uses revolutionary methods to aid in the alignment of all aspects of the psyche, from mind, body, and heart to the spirit. Over the course of 12 weeks, the program will lead users through how they can overcome loss, grief, heartbreak, and stay strong through times of transition. Because Ingber believes that finding this balance needs to be a complete and total experience, she combines a wide range of methods in order to give users what they need to find their inner strength. Some of the methods used in Yogalosophy for Inner Strength include:

  • Exercise Routines
  • Meditations
  • Recipes
  • Playlists
  • Rituals

What really sets Yogalosophy for Inner Peace is how raw Ingber is in this program, sharing experiences and moments in her own struggles to help users understand.

By building this relationship with readers, Ingber is able to provide the motivation they need to find their inner strength through Yogalosophy.

Yogalosophy: 28 Days to the Ultimate Mind-Body Makeover – $16.78

The first book offered by Mandy Ingber outside her role as yoga instructor and fitness expert for the stars, Yogalosophy started the movement that has become so defined in recent years.

While Yogalosophy has spurred many programs and guides since it was released, it will always remain the pinnacle of how to use yoga to strengthen the body and power the mind.

Yogalosophy is a 28 day handbook that often accompanies the Yogalosophy DVD to walk users through how they can utilize yoga to be healthier and happier.

The guide doesn’t just walk readers through the workouts they need to strengthen their bodies, bringing them to better health and wellness, it also provides dietary support. These eating guidelines will help users know what foods will best power their bodies and keep their minds healthy.

In addition to the physical aspect of Yogalosophy, the guide includes in depth looks into how to build mental strength to continue the yoga lifestyle. Ingber uses personal experiences, anecdotes, advice, and support so that readers have all the support they need during their physical transformations.

Even though Yogalosophy offers a lot of invaluable information, Ingber presents it in a comfortable, easy to read manner that makes the pages keep turning.

Mandy Ingber’s Yogalosophy Workout DVD – $10.99

Mandy Ingber may have become an advisor and supporter in recent years, but her expertise and passion will always be in yoga.

The Yogalosophy Workout is a DVD that guides people through the same workouts that many of the celebrities Ingber works with use on a daily basis.

The Yogalosophy Workout is famous for being very easy to follow, but challenging enough that even the most avid yogi will be surprised.

The workout has become so famous because it is able to help users lose weight and keep their bodies toned, without causing any strain or damage to the body. And with Ingber to guide users, even those new to yoga will feel comfortable and capable.

The Yogalosophy Workout DVD comes with two different versions of a 30 minute workout, one with voice over instructions and one without. The DVD also includes a 55 minute routine that is more challenging for those who want to push themselves.

Most importantly, Yogalosophy Workout DVD allows users to find the connection between their bodies and minds that will help them reach the highest levels of health.

Additional Yogalosophy Products

In addition to the products listed and described above, Ingber has expanded her services so that those on the go will also be able to access her information and programs. For those who are traveling or need online access to Yogalosophy, Yoga Is offers the perfect solution.

This online yoga and wellness festival is available unlimited for a year for those who want Yogalosophy no matter where they are.

Yogalosophy also comes in an app form, making it convenient for the busy, traveling users. The information is still the same, just presented in a more convenient modality.

Finally, for those who want to take their transformation to the next level, Mandy Ingber offers Skype sessions, both for yoga and astrological consultations. More information on these additional products can be found on Ingber’s website.

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Volt Athletics – Trusted Strength & Conditioning App?

Volt Athletics Training App is a mobile-based training app that allows elite level athletes and coaches to take the guesswork out of designing daily training regimes. The Volt Athletics Training App is customizable to your specific sport allowing you to train correctly each day to help improve your performance and reduce your risk of injury.

If you are an all-around athlete, bodybuilder, or health conscious individual, this app is also a good option.

If you are an athlete dedicated to improving your performance keep reading, the Volt Athletics Training App could be just the thing you have been looking for to support your daily training routine.

How Does The Volt Athletics Training App Work?

As a member, athletes gain access to daily-personalized workout routines. The Volt Athletics Training App creates an individualized profile based on your needs as an athlete and creates daily training routines for you to follow.

With the Volt Athletics Training App, you can rest easy knowing that every training detail is already laid out for you, all you have to do is show up and give your best to the training regime. Not sure how many reps to complete allowing to you maximize your muscle strength development? Do not worry!

The Volt Athletics Training App has you covered! Complete with videos, detailed instructions, and coaching cues the Volt Athletics Training App is like having a full time coach next to you in the gym.

The Volt Athletics Training App is tailored to you, which means every week the app varies your workout by week and even includes a 52-week plan to see your progress and help you alter your training routine to achieve your athletic potential.

Many athletes train without a fully thought out plan, having an app that supports you by creating a plan takes a lot of the mental stress out of training.

By following the Volt Athletics Training App, you as an athlete have access to the right workout in the right sequences to help you reach your fitness goals.

One of the best features of the Volt Athletics Training App is its ability to track and analyze your progress as you train.

This up to date information allows you to feel confident in your training routine and know that the App will evolve with you, as you get stronger and closer to peak physical condition.

Following the App allows you to adjust your workouts, continually challenging your body, as you grow stronger. Doing the same workout day after day will not give you the results you are looking for.

Utilizing the Volt Athletics Training App to set your workout routine means no two workouts are the same. Imagine going to the gym every day and knowing you get to change up your routine-awesome!

Which Sports Does the Volt Athletics Training App Support?

The App supports thirty specific sports plus a general all-around athlete option.

The sports covered are Alpine Skiing, Baseball, Basketball, Combat Sports, Crew, Cricket, Cross Country Running, Cycling, Diving, Field Hockey, Football, Golf, Half Marathon Running, Ice Hockey, Lacrosse, Full Marathon Running, Obstacle Course Racing, Rugby, Running, Soccer, Softball, Squash, Swimming, Tennis, Track and Field, Triathlon, Ultimate, Volleyball, Water Polo, Wrestling, and All-Around Athlete.

Volt Athletics Training App Pricing

Volt Athletics offers a free seven-day trial of the App. After the free trial, if the consumer is interested in continuing to use the app it is $29.00 per month.

The Volt Athletics Training App is also available for teams and more information can be found at their website

Who Makes The Volt Athletics Training App?

The Volt Athletics Advisory Board is comprised of industry experts. These industry experts oversee the training plans and work to ensure that Volt training is backed by the latest science and research.

Additionally the advisory board makes sure that all training routines are utilizing only the safest and most effective training methods.

Some of the top strength and training experts in the United States of America back the Volt Athletics Training App.

The Volt Athletics Advisory board includes: Boyd Epley, a well-known Nebraskan strength coach, serves as the Board Chairman; Mike Favre, Director of Olympic Sports Strength and Conditioning at the University of Michigan; Mike Nitka, Former Director of Strength and Conditioning at Muskego High School, Wisconsin; and Justin D. Smith Co-Director of Athletic Performance at the University of Vermont; and Devan McConnell, Director of Sports Performance at University of Massachusetts, Lowell.

The Volt Athletics Training App is also backed by a four member sport performance team, four member coach relations team, four member business development team, and six member engineering team. Sixteen strength and conditioning industry leaders also back the Volt Athletics Training App.

Volt Athletics is based in Seattle, Washington and can be reached by phone at (206) 701-6432 or email at

Volt Athletics Training App Review Summary

Join the over 50,000 elite level athletes and coaches who currently utilize the Volt Athletics Training App to help them and their clients improve their athletic performance.

Unlike free fitness apps, the Volt Athletics Training App specifically tailors your workout to give you the correct routines to help you achieve peak physical fitness at the right times for performance.

If you are concerned about injury prevention, then the Volt Athletics Training App is for you. Each sport requires a different set of training routines.

Each Volt program customizes your training program to reflect the needs of your specific sport. By following these customized routines, you can reduce your risk of injury and help improve your athletic performance.

Imagine getting sport specific training plans as an elite level water polo athlete! Alternatively, perhaps you are training for a marathon or even a half-marathon and are looking for support for your training-let the Volt Athletics Training App support you in achieving your goal.

The peace of mind from having a fully researched and industry backed App helping you achieve peak fitness is definitely worth $1 per day-go to today to sign up for your free 7-day trial.

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