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Thorne Research – High Quality Ingredients To Treat A Variety Of Ailments?

In recent years, it has become extremely obvious to people that there is a health epidemic sweeping the United States. Showing itself most obviously in the obesity crisis, the health issues that are plaguing people can often be tied to one key element: Nutrition. Over the past several decades, the nutrition in food items sold across the country has altered significantly, mostly due to the preservatives required to keep these foods on shelves and in freezers longer.

As more and more people become aware that their bodies are not getting the nutrition they need to be healthy and strong, they’re turning to other options to support their health. One of the biggest alternatives available today comes in the form of supplements. Despite being around for decades, it is only in recent years that the need for supplements has caused a huge boost in that industry, with more and more options being available than ever.

While supplements serve a very good purpose, providing users with the nutrition they need to thrive, there is also a downside to these nutritional alternatives. The biggest issue is that because supplements aren’t held up to the same standards as medicines, some companies can get away with filling their products with questionable ingredients, with some even lying about what their products contain. The only forces that supplement companies answer to are themselves, which is why it’s important to purchase supplements from reputable sources.

Thorne Research has long been a provider of the highest quality supplements on the market. For years, this company has stayed dedicated to making the innovative nutritional supplements that are based on detailed research. The company has also grown to include technology platforms for health diagnostics, as well as medical education. By staying committed to its core values, Thorne Research has and still is the best company for supplements.

About Thorne Research

Founded in 1984 by Al and Kelly Czap, Thorne Research is a company that was created out of the need for better, higher-quality alternative medicine solutions. Tired of all the medications that hindered rather than helped the health of users, the Czap’s wanted something better, so they created it themselves. Starting with their first product, Pure Ascorbic Acid, the couple created a company dedicated to the health and wellness of its users, a dedication that still exists in the company today.

In the past 30 years, Thorne Research has continued to work to enhance the lives of its customers. Using the best ingredients to make the most effective natural supplements, Thorne Research has been able to provide nutritional supplements that actually work, without putting user’s health at risk. All the products sold by Thorne Research are based on innovative and deeply researched evidence. Over the decades, Thorne Research has added technology platforms that aided in propelling the company into the modern age.

Despite starting with just one product, Thorne Research has grown over the past three decades in a way that most companies would envy. The key to how Thorne Research has grown is based on its core values. While many companies flippantly refer to their values, Thorne Research has a physical list of values that it refers to in all things.

On this list, customers will find things like putting customers and colleagues first, never compromise quality, and communicate with candor. All these values, which have been ingrained in everyone working at Thorne Research, allow the company to produce the best of the best products, ones that are truly able to transform the lives of those who take them.

Thorne Research has always strived to become a leader in the healthcare industry, aiming to serve as many people around the world as possible. In recent years, as more and more have realized the amazing quality of Thorne Research products and the standards of the company, this goal is getting closer and closer. With their passion for health and dedication to customers and staff alike, Thorne Research will continue to grow and flourish.

What Makes Thorne Research Different

The biggest difference between Thorne Research and other supplement companies is the devotion Thorne Research has to research and quality. And, this devotion shows itself most obviously starting at the very inception of the company’s supplements, the ingredients. Without the right ingredients, ones that have been researched and tested for quality, the supplements created are useless. Because Thorne Research believes in this concept completely, it has created an entire system around testing its ingredients.

Thorne Research has its own in-house lab. In this lab, the scientists and amazing personnel make sure that the company upholds its quality control standards, maintaining manufacturing excellence. In addition to this lab, Thorne Research only uses ingredients that have been validated by scientific evidence. There is no cutting corners with Thorne Research. Each ingredient is identified and tested for composition. Then they are tested for contaminants, so nothing that shouldn’t be in Thorne Research supplements is ever present.

The ingredients that Thorne Research uses aren’t just tested and scientifically supported, they are completely raw. Every year, Thorne Research tests over 1,900 raw ingredients, which are quarantined the moment they arrive at the Thorne Research labs. Raw ingredients means that Thorne Research is only putting the good stuff in its supplements, from botanicals, amino acids, and oils to vitamins and minerals. It’s this devotion to quality that has made Thorne Research stand apart from so many other supplement companies.

The ingredients in Thorne Research supplements aren’t the only things that are tested. Sometimes when ingredients are mixed, they react differently than when they’re on their own. Because of this, a second round of testing is done on the finished products made by Thorne Research.

The products are tested for stability, potency, and purity, so users know they’re always getting the best of the best. And, because what doesn’t go into supplements is just as important as what does go in, Thorne Research makes sure there are never any binders, coatings, disintegrates, fillers, or lubricants in any of its products.

Products Sold by Thorne Research

Since Thorne Research has been in business for over 30 years, it has had time to add many, many more products to its original Pure Ascorbic Acid supplement. In the past three decades, Thorne Research has provided multiple products for different support. And, in its most interesting turn, Thorne Research has also added a category of animal health supplements, for those who want their pets to be just as healthy as they are.

Because Thorne Research offers so many products, it would be impossible to list them all here. The categories of products have been listed below, so potential customers can get an idea of what they’ll find when purchasing from Thorne Research.

The categories of products offered by Thorne Research include:

It should be noted that even though Thorne Research creates its supplements to provide the best available support possible for individuals, the company does not sell its supplements to individual consumers. Thorne Research only sells its nutritional supplements to licensed healthcare practitioners and the patients of those practitioners who have been approved to purchase the supplements.

For those looking for an approved healthcare practitioner who works with Thorne Research, they can contact the Thorne Research customer service department. The number for this department can be found on the Thorne Research website (www.Thorne.com).

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