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Deciem Hylamide Booster Glow

Deciem Hylamide Booster Glow

By Aimee S.

For the last month I have been using Deciem’s Hylamide Booster Glow ($32), and I’ve never seen such fast results! Hylamide is basically a natural version of a self-tanner (no DHA here) with — bonus! — some other skin benefits, too. Being 56 years old and growing up in the south when sunscreen wasn’t as mainstream, I do my best now to stay out of the sun. It was fun having natural-looking color and this booster serum really helped my skin look better overall. The glow it gave my face after using the product just twice literally caught me off guard — in a great way!

I experimented with the frequency of application over the month. The company says to apply twice daily in addition to your other skincare products. The product has a yellowish-orange color and comes with an easy to use dropper. Having fair skin, I found that it worked best when applied just once at night for three to four days in a row. Then, I would shelf it for the next three to four days. When I applied any more than that, the results didn’t look as natural. It’s also good to note that the color faded after a few days when not using the product, which I appreciated.  

Deceim claims that Hylamide targets dullness and uneven tone, and my skin definitely looked brighter while using the serum. It has an interesting ingredient mix: Keto-sugar (found in raspberries) is said to create a nontoxic interaction with the skin that causes a subtle change in color. An oxidized glutathione complex, or grouping of amino acids, contributes to skin lightening while dextran helps brighten and smooth.

Another interesting ingredient is citrullus lanatus (aka watermelon fruit extract) and its claim to fame is to improve the appearance of stressed skin. Also present is citrulline from the watermelon rind, which, according to TIA, functions as a conditioning agent with potential antioxidant benefits.

Lastly, I thought it was so interesting how Deciem used leuconostoc filtrate (aka radish root ferment) as a natural preservative. However, at the end of the ingredient list are two preservatives with not as favorable ratings: phenoxyethanol and sodium benzoate.

Overall, I think Hylamide is a great product if you want a boost of color with added skin improvements.  It’s easy to apply and the seemingly small bottle actually goes a long way.

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