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Green Valley’s Brain Essentials Lithium Orotate – Worth It?

Brain Essentials: Lithium Orotate Review

Brain Essentials: Lithium Orotate is a supplement that helps to increase your mental capacity and the functioning of your brain on a regular basis. Check out the information below to determine if this capsule can help you.

What is Brain Essentials: Lithium Orotate?

As you age, your body goes through many out outward and inward changes. Externally, you can see the obvious changes like wrinkles or gray hair. However, the changes that happen to your brain are hidden, even though they can become severe enough to affect your everyday life. It is not uncommon to notice differences in your memory and ability to focus over time. To remedy these issues, Brain Essentials has come up with a supplement that contains Lithium Orotate.

Brain Essentials: Lithium Orotate is different from other lithium supplements. This type is specifically designed to help grow new gray matter, repair and renew your brain cells, and “supercharge” your mental capacity. This supplement can help many people who have mental issues, but in ways that other types of lithium cannot.

For example, many doctors prescribed the use of pharmaceutical lithium carbonate for patients that suffer from major and severe brain disorders. However, due to the complex composition of the carbonate ions, it cannot penetrate the brain barrier as easily. When the use of the Orotate ion, it can cross over that barrier between the blood and the brain, which helps to remedy the disorder.

The best reason to use the Brain Essentials: Lithium Orotate over other lithium formulas is simply the way it is administered. You can take less of the ions while still getting the right results. In addition, you won’t even have to worry about side effects. Read on to find out more ways that lithium can help in your everyday life.

How Can Lithium Help You?

According to the makers behind Brain Essentials: Lithium Orotate, there are a few ways that lithium is able to help with the functioning of your body. Overall, lithium is used to protect the brain from a protein that can latch onto your brain and cause failure or abnormalities. With the information provided, you will find that Lithium Orotate also:

  • Protects your brain cells from being damaged from strokes or other brain injuries
  • Increases the amount of gray matter, while helping to prevent shrinkage
  • Prevents your brain from absorbing the chemicals and minerals from toxic heavy metals that are known for causing brain disorders
  • Boosts your mental capacity at any age

At this time, the website is open about the fact that the FDA has not approved Brain Essentials: Lithium Orotate as a method of treating particular brain issues, due to the need for more studies to be performed for evidence. Still, the creator and distributor of this supplement has been taking the supplement for years to improve his own mental capacity and functioning with no side effects.

Using Brain Essentials: Lithium Orotate

The website for the Brain Essentials: Lithium Orotate supplement doesn’t go into specific detail about how to use these supplements, but you just need to use simple math to determine the appropriate dose for one day. Since each bottle contains a 60-day supply of 60 capsules. With that amount, you should be taking one capsule each day to reap all of the benefits.

Some companies instruct you to eat a meal when you take the supplement, but these instructions are not included on the website for Brain Essentials: Lithium Orotate. You may be able to find these additional instructions on the bottle of the supplement when it arrives.

Pricing for Brain Essentials: Lithium Orotate

When you decide that the Brain Essentials: Lithium Orotate supplement should be added to your daily routine, you actually don’t have to pay anything initially, with the exception of paying the $7.95 fee for shipping and handling. You get the chance to try this product for 30 days before you have any charges of your own. When you initiate the trial, you will receive access to a free report titled “7 Ways to Keep Your Brain from Shrinking,” which has a value of $14.95.

At the end of the first 30 days, you will be charged $59.90 for the supply of the product you already have. After this point, you will be issued a new bottle of the supplement at the 60-day mark, and you will be billed $59.90 for the new bottle.

You will continue to receive a new supply of Brain Essentials: Lithium Orotate every 60 days, and you will be billed $59.90 for each shipment. If you decide you want to discontinue this service, then you will not have any more charges or bottles sent to you.

Contacting the Makers of Brain Essentials: Lithium Orotate

Since Brain Essentials: Lithium Orotate is relatively new, it is understandable if you have more questions about the subscription program or the way the supplement works. If you need to speak with someone, you can contact the Virginia office by calling 800-893-1694. There are no listed hours of operation.

If you are unable to reach someone via phone, you can still reach someone by email at customerservice@greenvalleynaturalsolutions.com.


Brain Essentials: Lithium Orotate has an obvious amount of benefits for your brain, and does not require a physician’s approval for use. However, if you are already treating a brain condition with some other medication, let your physician know about your intent to switch to the supplement instead. He or she will be able to educate you on the best way to make this transition without risking your health or the state of your brain’s performance.

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