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High Brew Coffee – Is This Really Better Than Starbucks?

High Brew Coffee Review – Worth Buying?

High Brew Coffee is a company that makes a variety of cold-brew coffees for a better flavor, increased sweetness, and slightly less caffeine than normal coffee drinks. This is our review.

What is High Brew Coffee?

For many people, coffee is a morning staple that is necessary to start the day. The fresh fragrance of ground coffee beans mixed with the steaming hot water is enough to get any person out of bed. After adding in your selected sweeteners, you get to lay back and wake up a little smoother to start your day. However, the quality of your coffee can greatly impact the course of your day. That’s what High Brew Coffee is all about.

High Brew Coffee makes all of their recipes using a “cold brew” process. Essentially, that means that the flavor and potency of the beans is slowly extracted, which means that the beans have a deeper and fuller flavor. By using this process, High Brew Coffee is able to get a better taste out of your morning cup of joe. This process involves:

  • Roasting the beans lightly to change the look and flavor of each one.
  • Grinding the beans to help with filtration.
  • Soaking the grounds for several hours, rather than heating them
  • Filtering out the grounds for a more potent recipe.
  • Mixing in pure cane sugar, stevia, and milk, depending on the recipe.

David and Elizabeth Smith are responsible for creating this delicious brand, which started with their need to be able to stay alert and awake during their journeys with their children. With the cold-brewed coffee, they were able to maintain a smooth level of alertness that was incomparable to other brands of coffee.

When you cold-brew coffee, the bitter taste of black coffee is almost non-existent. Basically, this process lets the true flavors shine through, even in beans that previously were mediocre, at best. However, it’s important to understand that iced coffee is not the same thing. Iced coffee is originally brew hot and then chilled. Instead, cold-brew coffee is made exclusively with the extended soaking method.

All of the coffees are made with Fair Trade Arabica coffee beans. This type of coffee bean is exclusive to Ethiopia, but has made its way to regions around the entire world. Unlike Robusta beans, which are the other commercial available coffee beans, their taste is much smoother and less bitter. While Robusta beans contain more caffeine naturally, the makers of High Brew Coffee wanted to create a gentler flavor for consumers. Each of the formulas fall within two different ranges of caffeine. Double Espresso and Black & Bold have the highest amount of caffeine offered by the company, which is 145 to 155 mg of caffeine.

High Brew Coffee Products

All of the products are made with the Fair Trade methods. Essentially, this means that your purchases on this website help to support farming families and their livelihood. With such high-quality ingredients, the prices range from $15 to $40. Here’s a little bit more about the popular flavors offered by High Brew Coffee.

Double Espresso

This is the first recipe that High Brew Coffee developed, which was in effort to keep up with all of those consumers that rely on their coffee to get them through the day. The blend is simple, but strong enough to give you the morning pick-me-up you need. However, High Brew improved on the original style of this coffee, offering a lower acidity with natural caffeine.

Mexican Vanilla

This recipe uses two different types of beans to create an exotic and rich flavor, which is enhanced even more with the Arabica coffee beans. The sweet aroma is enough to wake you up, even before you take your first sip.

Salted Caramel

Caramel is a sweet and buttery taste that almost everyone loves, so why not include it in your morning brew? To bring out the full flavor, High Brew adds in a little sea salt and the original espresso blend to help you maintain your alertness all day long.

Dark Chocolate Mocha

Combining coffee and chocolate is a smart enough idea already. However, High Brew takes it to the next level by keeping the potency and flavor, but by cutting the brew down to 60 calories for weight-conscious consumers.

Black & Bold

Sometimes, the drink you really need is a no-nonsense cup of black coffee. This extreme flavor has no dairy at all, leaving you with the full-bodied, bold flavoring.

Contacting High Brew Coffee

If you have any questions about these methods or flavors, you can contact the customer service department in no time. Urgent requests should be handled by someone live, so you should call (844) COLD-BRU for those issues. However, if your inquiry can wait, then you should submit your information in the online form.


High Brew Coffee started as a company that created a product out of necessity. However, it slowly evolved into a company that creates high-quality coffees that aren’t bitter, unlike other companies. The prices are fair, and you can order directly from the website.

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