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The Victory Unit – Brandon Carter’s Fitness & Nutrition Program?

Who is Brandon Carter?

Brandon Carter is a charismatic character when it comes to blending tactical fitness habits with practical dietary nutrition planning and wants you to become a champion at both so you can get the best of both worlds.

In other words, with a fun sense of humor, humbleness and heart; The Victory Unit is the first-hand accumulation of countless hours in the gym and kitchen when it comes to merging your workouts with the way you eat in a mindful manner.

In front of the camera or in front of the mirror, Brandon’s Victory Unit fitness membership program wants to help you get ripped and achieve the body and life of your dreams.

There are few things more satisfying than reaching your life and fitness goals. But, as you may already know, cultivating business success and achieving your fitness goals is much easier said than done. But, that does not mean that things are impossible. There are programs out there that truly lead you to victory and those are the programs that you should be implementing into your daily life.

One program that is known for its ability to drive results is Brandon Carter’s Victory Unit. This program was developed by a personal trainer who has trained some of the most famous celebrities. His program will allow you to lead the life you’ve always wanted in just 12 weeks.

What Is The Victory Unit?

The Victory Unit is created by entrepreneurial-minded online personal trainer ‘Big Brandon Carter’ who is a Youtube star (500,000+ subscribers) and Facebook Live sensation (1,500,000+ fans) that helps people accomplish both physical and life goals.

Brandon’s Victory Unit membership program is all about combining Lifestyle & Fitness along with getting an extra edge from his own nutritional supplement company Bro Laboratories.

After all of his years of doing fitness videos and nutritional planning, he realized that not everything works for everyone and there is no one size fits all.

He is the author of 3 best-selling books on Amazon.com and has been in popular fitness magazines “Men’s Health”, “Vibe”, “XXL”, “Cosmopolitan” and “Krave Fitness” while also working as a model for house-hold name brands NIKE, Puma, Adidas and Brand Jordan.

The Victory Unit lifestyle membership will be a place where all of his best products are active for you to learn, apply and implement into your daily routines and regimes.

Brandon Carter’s Victory Unit was developed by a professional who knows what it is like to be in your position. But instead of giving up and resigning himself to the situation, he built up his life, his physique, and his self-confidence by using the program that he developed. Victory Unit is an easy-to-follow program that teaches you how to build a ripped body that is bursting and bulging with lean muscles.

By following the program as directed, you’ll be able to meet your fitness and life goals so that you can achieve the ultimate lifestyle.

Launching July 12, 2016

While the program just launched on July 12, 2016, it has already received positive reception from Brandon Carter’s dedicated followers. To view what people are saying about this life-changing program, just visit the brand’s website or social media page.

There are already dozens of comments commending Brandon Carter for his new program. The commenters also explain how they cannot contain their excitement for the program. His Private Facebook Group “High Life (Fitness & Personal Development)” has over 15,000 active members and is on a steady climb to grow and be a place where people share their journey, results and questions of concern.

Simply based upon the comments, it is clear that Brandon Carter has gathered a strong backing. His experience as successful personal trainer to celebrities has given his new program the legitimacy and standing that it needs to truly start as a success.

12-Weeks to Results

Many fitness programs are either unrealistic about their speedy results or they take too long to show any impact. Victory Unit is different because it is honest and upfront about how long the program takes and everything that you need to do to experience results.

Those who follow the program as directed and implement all of the steps and recommendations can expect significant changes in about 12 weeks. Keep in mind that this time frame may also vary depending upon your weight and body type before starting the program. Another factor that can have a significant impact is your genetics. In general though, if you are a healthy and young individual, you should experience results within the expected timeframe.

Victory Unit is a Way of Life

Those who implement Victory Unit into their lifestyle will realize that the program is not just something you follow once or twice a day, it is a way of life.

When you purchase and enroll in the program, you attain membership in Victory Unit’s system. The system is called Direct HIIT 2.0 and this amazing HIIT cardio program is proven to eliminate fat, build muscle, and enhance your overall wellness. While you certainly will not need to work out hours upon hours on a daily basis, you do need to stay dedicated and keep up with the program’s overall recommendations. This way, you’ll experience faster and more effective results.

Just so you can follow the program from anywhere, the program can be streamed on your mobile device or tablet. You can also take the DVDs that you receive anywhere you need so that you can keep up.

The Victory Unit Products

When you purchase The Victory Unit, you will gain access to all of the following components and products to the fitness and healthy lifestyle program:

AB Finishers

The AB Finishers DVD and online stream is a program that teaches you how to build hardcore abdominal muscles. This portion of the program features the right exercise routines that you should incorporate into your day. Routines do not need to be reformed for hours on end. Instead, just follow the time recommendations outlined by the program.

No-Nonsense Yoga

The Yoga portion of the program is for both men and women who are interested in achieving greater flexibility, more effective yoga positions, enhanced mental focus, a boost in awareness, and the right ways to prevent injuries. With these recommendations, you’ll be able to adopt a no-nonsense yoga system that actually leads to excellent results.

Lean Mass Manifesto

The Lean Mass Manifesto is a system of proven techniques that enables you to gain massive lean muscle mass. With lean muscle mass, you do not need to worry about fat that weighs your body down and ruins your physique. The lean mass manifesto is an excellent program that truly is the heart of Victory Unit. The recommendations allow you to maintain a powerful body throughout the entire year and onward.

Alpha Mindset = Alpha Male Mastermind

The Alpha Mindset is more than just taking care of your body, it is a way to change the way you think so that you can achieve any goal that you want. By changing your mindset and positioning it for success, you’ll be able to attain success in every area of your life.

Baller Business Blueprint

If you are looking to start your own business, then the Baller Business Blueprint will help you get there. The blueprint provides you with all of the information that you need to know on how to make your business dreams a reality. This way, you can be successful in every aspect of life.

Direct HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training)

We mentioned this above, but is one of his newest releases of 2016 and includes a 12 week HIIT cardio program that gets you ripped without having to guess what to do. It comes with a complete training log so you know exactly what to do day in and day out. Read our review on this for more information to see why and how steady state cardio vs high intensity interval training is so different and how HIIT cardio raises your overall metabolism. It also turns your body into a fat burning furnace and has been known to raise testosterone.

Customized Meal Planning

Brandon’s team of health and wellness nutrition experts will help you strategically map out your personal meal plans based on your specific needs and favorites foods to indulge with.

A Risk-Free Program

Victory Unit is a risk free program. This means that you can return the program within 30 days of purchase if you are dissatisfied for any reason. There are no questions asked during the return process. Also, based on Brandon Carter’s general success in his field, there is very little chance that you’ll need to go through the return process.

Exclusive Content (Not For Public)

Not everything is made for Facebook Live, Youtube and Snapchat. Brandon promises those who decide to become a member of The Victory Unit will get content and value that he will not make available anywhere else except to those on the inside.

Live Streams; FAQ Sessions & Fitness Expert Panels

It is only open for 5 days or until the first 4,000 members to lock in a grandfathered price.

BONUS #1 – “Get Ripped Fast” Manual

Every secret he ever used to get into the best shape of his life and burn fat while getting ripped fast. Check out his Simple Shredded Solution and Intermittent Fasting guides as well.

BONUS #2 – “25 Fat Burning Workouts That Work FAST”

What would you do if a fitness expert and celebrated trainer gave you 25 free fat burning workouts that work fast for free? You might want to learn more about them.

BONUS #3 – “Ultimate Abs”

Everyone loves to have a sexy core that is leaned, toned and strong. Big Brandon Carter’s Ultimate Abs tips give 21 abdominal workouts that will help you get that chiseled 6 pack by working all major areas and abs.

Before beginning any workout plan, check with your doctor. There are many fitness and lifestyle program on the market that are gaining many fans.


For Brandon and his goal behind newest release, it basically comes down to are you 100% happy with the life you live right now? And for him, that is a black and white question with your response either being “Yes, I am Perfect or There Is Always Room For Improve”.

Overall, Brandon Carter’s Victory Unit is new but the experience, training and teachings are from years and years of trial in error – and based upon comments, hype, and Carter’s legitimate experience, the fitness program is poised to be one of the best of the year. With this all in one system, you can achieve a strong body, a better life, and success as a professional.

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