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True Natural – Another Organic Skin Care Product Line?

The organic skincare industry is growing and growing, as the state of our environment becomes even more threatened by a disregard for using healthy and natural remedies. You need products that are reliable, but you still want to make sure those products are safe to use in the environment. That’s where True Natural comes in.

What is True Natural?

True Natural makes products that are free of the normal chemicals that threaten the safety of consumers and the environment. With a tea of beauty experts, each product from this company is tested for efficacy and safety, which does not involve any animals.

The company is strict about the way they make their products, rejecting the use of synthetic and fake ingredients. The only ingredients you will find are safe and natural, which are safe for any skin type or complexion. If you are concerned about any of the ingredients on the list, you can seek out the guidance of your location dermatologist.

The founder of the company has a background in biochemistry and research, which is what has made it possible for True Natural to have effective remedies that are also safe. With 15 years of experience in the Personal Care industry, the founder easily learned the differences between the organic and chemical-based options. This knowledge has shaped the entire line of True Natural sunscreens and other products.

True Natural Products

The great thing about the True Natural product options is that is essentially covers every possible product you will need to keep your body healthy. Though the main focus is on sunscreen, the product line includes skincare, makeup, and body care with the amount of protection you need from the sun.

To get a better idea of the quality you can expect from True Natural, here are a few of the latest products from the company.

Natural Lipstick: Catwalk

Catwalk is a bold, red hue, which helps your lips stand out in any situation. The formula is made with pure minerals and other organic ingredients, which nourish the soft texture of your lips. The formula also includes organic castor seed oil, sunflower oil, and jojoba to help with this hydration,

This lipstick is available in a variety of different shades to help complement your complexion. You can choose any color from the shades featured for $13.99.

Natural Matte Eyeshadow: Frozen Yogurt

This Frozen Yogurt hue is a light peach shade, which lets you add a delicate enhancement to the shape of your eyes. With a matte finish, you still get to enjoy a satiny texture during application. Since the company uses organic ingredients for this formula, it can be used on consumers that are normally sensitive to eye makeup products.

This organic eyeshadow is available in multiple colors to let you completely reinvent your look. You can choose any one of the shades for $12.99.

Benecos Natural Face Cleansing Milk with Aloe Vera

This cleansing milk helps to clean your skin in two ways – by removing your makeup and by cleansing your skin after. The product is able to get this level of clean with the use of Aloe Vera juice, while nourishing your skin in the process with herbs and almond oil, among other ingredients. The milk is actually vegan safe, containing no animal milk in spite of the name.

Add this cleanser to your nightly routine for $18.99.

Lavera Self-Tanning Lotion

When you don’t have the time to head to the beach, or it is too cold outside to stay in a bikini for hours, you can get the same effect with this self-tanning lotion. Infused with macadamia oil and organic sunflower oil for softness, all you have to do is massage this lotion into your skin where you want to tan. After about three or four hours, you will notice a more golden hue along your skin.

This product is resistant to streaking, and it is safe to apply to any skin type. Make this product part of your weekly routine for $32.00.

SunPup SPF 30 Sunscreen Stick for Pets

While you probably remember to apply sunscreen to your body on a regular basis, you may not consider the effect that UV rays have on your dog or cat. When they start to have black sunspots on their nose, you know that they will need protection as well.

This sunscreen stick is designed to apply to the soft part on and around their noses, which prevents cracking and dryness in the heat. The sunscreen in this stick is strong enough to offer broad-spectrum protection for up to 80 minutes, which means your pup can still enjoy a dip in the pool or a full bowl of water without losing protection.

Make sure you keep your pets protected during walks and outdoor adventures for just $12.00.

Contacting True Natural

With so many innovative solutions to protecting your body from the sun, you may have additional questions about the formulas involved in the inventory or your potential purchase. The customer service team is available for all of these questions via email or phone call.

If you are one of the consumers who want to speak with a customer service agent directly, you can call 1-877-515-8783. The department is open on weekdays from 9:00am to 4:00pm.

If you are unable to make enough time in your schedule to call during these hours, you can select the email link on the Contact page for the website. This link will open up a new window for you to send a message to the company.


True Natural focuses on creating formulas that are safe for everyone and their environmental surroundings. The products are available at a fair price, especially considering the high-quality ingredients that are included to make the products as effective as possible. When you choose to treat, protect, or otherwise adorn your skin with these safe solutions, you know you are making a safe choice for the world.

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