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Mediterra Nutrition – Can This Be As Tasty As A Candy Bar?

Mediterra Nutrition Review – Taste Great?

Mediterra Nutrition is a company that produces nutrition bars, which have been inspired by the classic Mediterranean Diet in Greece. This is our review.

What is Mediterra?

Finding healthy food options in the grocery store has proven to be more and more difficult as the years go on. With fast food and junk food at low prices, many people choose to save their money, rather than investing in their nutrition. However, if you want to live a balanced and healthy life, you need to find an affordable snack option that is filling and healthy. That’s where Mediterra comes in.

Mediterra bases all of the food products they have off of the influences of a Mediterranean diet, which is rich with fruits, vegetables, grains, and seeds. Usually infused with some type of olive oil, you may forget that you’re actually eating a treat that is wholesome and healthy for your body.

The different lines of Mediterra products were developed by Telemaque Lavidas, who used his memories of spending time with his family in Greece to inspire each blend. While he presently resides in New York, that hasn’t stopped him from bringing the flavors of home along with him. By using leafy vegetables, healthy oils, and other ingredients, you are actually changing the way your body processes food, giving you a cleaner digestive tract and healthy immune system.

At this time, the company solely makes all-natural nutrition bars, which means that you can get the nutrition you need at any time of the day. It also means that you can get all the antioxidants and healthy properties of these ingredients, without having to learn to cook with them.

Mediterra Products

All of the nutrition bars provide a healthy option for consumers, which is not always readily available. By choosing one of these bars, you can avoid indulging in French fries or chips when your afternoon hunger hits. For a package of 12 bars, your total cost is $23.95 for any of the flavors below.

Kale and Pumpkin Seeds

Kale has a wealth of antioxidants, which make it a superfood that you should try to work into your daily nutrition anytime you can. The pumpkin seeds are a great source of protein and other vitamins. Along with these distinct flavors, the recipe is infused with pea crisps, amaranth, rosemary, and extra virgin olive oil.

Bell Peppers and Olives

This blend features the powerful and clean tastes of bell peppers and green olives, giving it a very Greek taste. Rather than serving these flavors separately on a platter, the bar combines them for a snack that is easy to take wherever you go. It also contains pea crisps, sunflower seeds, amaranth, extra virgin olive oil, and an oregano garnish.

Sundried Tomato and Basil

For a refreshing and full-bodied taste, the company also offers a blend with sundried tomato and basil, which tastes similar to an old-fashioned tomato sauce for pasta. To balance out the flavors, the recipe also includes piquant capers, pea crisps, extra virgin olive oil, and cashews.

Olive and Walnuts

Black olives have a completely different taste from the green olive, with high amounts of salt. However, to balance out the bar and give a protein boost, the recipe also includes walnuts, extra virgin olive oil, green pepper, pea crisps, and chives.

Orange and Honey

The orange and honey bar is the first of several bars that help to give you the extra energy you need from the Sesame Energy Bar line of snacks. This sweet blend is a great way to perk you up in the morning.

Pistachio and Honey

As another one of the energy bars, this blend has a gentle sweetness that may be more appealing for consumers with a sensitive palate.

Cherry and Pistachio

If you want a more full-bodied flavor, then the tartness of the cherry in this recipe should help wake up your taste buds and your brain. To balance out the tartness, the recipe also includes honey, raisins, figs, and sunflower seeds. This bar is part of the Yogurt and Oat bar line, which means that it will work wonders on regulating your digestive system with enzymes and fiber.

Apricot and Pistachio

This bar is the only other one that is in the Yogurt and Oat bar line. The citrusy sweetness of the apricot helps to balance out the other ingredients. However, for a little added sweetness, a drizzle of honey covers the top of the bar.

Where to Find Mediterra Products

To purchase the products, you can either make your purchase directly from the website, or at a local retailer. Purchases through the website are subject to shipping fees. To find out what retailers in your area sell these delicious foods, you can use the Store Finder tool on the website.

Contacting Mediterra

You have multiple options when it comes to contacting customer service, depending on the nature of your request. For urgent requests, you can call the company directly at 1-800-228-1091. For requests that aren’t urgent, you can fill in the online form with your inquiry and contact information for an emailed response.


Most nutrition bars are sweet or completely made with fruit and granola. However, Lavidas introduces a foreign concoction to consumers that is hearty, without being overpowering. At fair prices, this company is helping to make a healthier world one customer at a time.

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