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Sunology Natural Sun Protection Review – Defending Against Cancer

With too much exposure to the sun, your skin soaks in UV rays which are extremely toxic, which can cause you to age quickly and develop very noticeable wrinkles. With enough exposure, you even put yourself at risk for skin cancer. When you have to protect your skin against these potential effects, the only real way to get the job done is by using products from Sunology Natural Sun Protection.

Sunology Natural Sun Protection is not one of the classic, chemical-filled sunscreens you will normally find in the grocery store. Instead, all of their sunscreens are mineral based, which is the solution to more than one issue with sunscreen.

How did Sunology Natural Sun Protection Start?

The founder of this company, Richard Doermer, decided to come up with a better solution than the current sunscreen options in the market after being diagnosed with basal cell carcinoma. Though he won the victory with cancer, he decided that he needed to come up with a new sunscreen, since his religious application of other sunscreens had been so ineffective.

Chemical and mineral sunscreens both offer protection, but mineral formulas have such a higher quality and better level of protection. The first product from Sunology with the original Mineral Sunscreen, which slowly expanded to include formulas that covered specific areas. The sunscreen features the highest SPF rating from the FDA, and only uses the active ingredients in minerals to achieve that.

These formulas are completely safe for every age, and will not irritate sensitive skin like other formulas might. Cruelty-free and vegan-safe, you can also field confident in a company that puts the needs of the environment before themselves. If all of these reasons do not motivate you to change your approach to sunscreen, then you need to try the product for yourself anyway.

Why Choose Natural Protection?

The biggest difference between natural sunscreen and chemical sunscreen is the way it protects you. Chemical sunscreen still allows your skin to absorb toxic UV rays, so it is actually not offering you protection at all. Natural sunscreen reflects the sun off of your skin, which means that the rays never actually absorb in your skin.

Sunology Natural Sun Protection Products

All of the products you will find with Sunology Natural Sun Protection have two ingredients in common – zinc oxide and titanium dioxide. This potent combination is infused with essential oils, which basically means that your formula is incredibly potent, and smells elegant.

To get a better idea of the different remedies available, here are the different types of sunscreen you can buy through Sunology.


Your face has a texture on your body that is unlike any other area, and it cannot handle the same oil-based or moisture-rich formula that is used on other parts of your body. With the wrong formula, you put yourself at risk for unwanted blemishes and clogged pores. Sunology offers a formula that is safe for your face for $14.99, which nourishes your skin, even if it is sensitive.

This sunscreen is mineral-based, which means you don’t have to worry about the sunscreen becoming running and dripping into your eyes. To keep your skin hydrated still, the Face sunscreen contains a moringa essential oil complex. Additionally, that hydration makes this formula great for consumers who have wrinkles and fine lines, since it replaces much of the lost hydration that happens in your older years.

You may only need a dime-sized amount of this sunscreen to get the protection you need. However, you can use more if you need it on a daily basis.


When you apply sunscreen to your body, you need a formula that is resistant to water and sweat, helping to maintain the protection that is essential to prevent sunburns. The formula is mineral-based, which won’t run and remains in place until you need to reapply. This formula can be purchased for $14.99, and contains no chemical additives.


Your children require a different level of care from the adult product lines with Sunology. Available at SPF 50 strength at $14.99, this formula is mineral based and designed as a broad-spectrum layer of protection for the sensitive skin of a child. The simple formula is as much as you need to protect your child’s delicate complexion from being burned by the UV rays of the sun.

The formula provides up to 80 minutes of protection, even if your child decides to enter the water. To prevent any other irritation, the sunscreen is unscented and safe for every type of skin.

Contacting Sunology Natural Sun Protection

With so many products to treat every member of your family, you may have some questions you want answered before you bring the products home. The website features a fill-in form on the website that lets you submit your question electronically.

You can keep updated with the latest products by following along with the company’s social media profiles on Facebook, Twitter, and other websites.


Sunology Natural Sun Protection takes a unique approach to skincare that few other companies are choosing to take on. Basically, using a natural and mineral sunscreen combined eliminates many of the issues that you face from using your chemical sunscreen all these years. With the ability to reflect the sun’s rays and resist water, this sunscreen formula helps protect you throughout all your summertime adventures at the beach or the poolside.

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