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Falling For You Makeup Palette Review – Quality Healthy Skincare?

Falling for You Makeup Palette is a product from Honest Beauty which gives you plenty of variety in your makeup each day. With five eyeshadows, a blush cream, and two lip colors, you can easily form many different color schemes and combinations.

What Is the Falling For You Makeup Palette?

Women want to present the best version of themselves to the general public at all times, but everyone has a different idea of what this look is for them. Some women prefer the natural look, while others use makeup to set apart their favorite features. If you’re someone who loves to wear makeup, you know the importance of choosing the right brand and colors. The Falling for You Makeup Palette from Honest Beauty is one of the many ways you can achieve that.

The Falling for You Makeup Palette includes eyeshadows, lip colors, and blush crème, helping you create an entire look with one palette. The product’s colors and included merchandise were created by Daniel Martin, who is a makeup artist to many different celebrities. He’s worked to create the right types of products for the different actors in the industry, which is what sets the quality from Honest Beauty apart.

This makeup palette, along with all of the other products from Honest Beauty, have all been tested to ensure that it is gentle on your face. None of the products from Falling for You Makeup Palette have been tested on animals, which shows that the company considers the treatment of other creatures during product. However, in the event that this product just isn’t for you, you have up to a year to return the product for a full refund.

About Honest Beauty

Honest Beauty is a company that was originally created by Jessica Alba, and their goal is to make a variety of different skincare and makeup products, which help to treat a variety of complexions. All of the products are well-researched, in effort to make them safe. The company has been present in the news lately for poor reactions for some of their formulas, but the Falling for You Makeup Palette was not one of the products criticized.

The company tries to use organic and all-natural products when available, giving your skin as much nutrients as possible.

The Colors and Makeup Products on the Falling for You Makeup Palette

Perhaps the best part about this set is how many colors and types of products are offered under the same lid. Within the package, you get five different colors of eye shadow, which means you can go from a casual workplace look to a late-night date style with the same makeup palette. Choose from:

  • Blackened Burgundy, which features a matte finish with a dark burgundy hue
  • Painted Gold, using yellow-gold for a metallic look
  • Dusted Copper, featuring a deep copper that also has a metallic look
  • Smoked Aubergine, a metallic eggplant hue
  • Chromed Rose, using a little bit of shimmer to bring out the taupe

In addition to the eyeshadows, you get a crème blush, which is called Crushed Pink. The hue is a creamy and soft peony shade, and it easily blends into the apples of your cheeks.

With the lip colors, you can choose from two different colors – Blazed Garnet (a dark maroon with a demi matte look) and Glazed Quartz (a pale rose color with a demi matte finish). Both of these colors let you play up the drama of your eyeshadow, without taking over your entire look.

How to Use the Falling for You Makeup Palette

All of the products on the makeup palette are fairly easy to use. Basically, if you’ve ever used the product before, the application is simple. You can enjoy multiple color combinations, which ensures that you can have a unique look for any day of the week. The set includes the proper applicator for each type of makeup.

Pricing and Shipping for the Falling for You Makeup Palette

At this time, the Falling for You Makeup Palette can be yours for $35.00. Your purchase will be subject to the local sales tax in your state, and you have three different options for shipping speed.

If you want to truly bring out your most beautiful features, using the Falling for You Makeup Palette alone will not cut it. The company recommends several products to help achieve the flawless results you desire, including:

  • Falling for You Cheek Palette ($34.00)
  • Mascara ($22.00)
  • True Velvet Eyeliner ($16.00)
  • Contour + Highlight Kit ($34.00)

While the other products aren’t necessary, they can increase the appeal of your beautiful face.

Contacting the Makers of the Makeup Palette: Honest Beauty

Whether you have questions about a recent order, or you need more information about this product, the Honest Beauty brand has a reliable customer service team to answer all of your questions. They can be reached by phone or by email.

To speak with someone from the phone-based customer service department, you can call 1 (888) 678-8873. The department is exclusively open on weekdays, so you can reach someone from 5:00am to 9:00pm PST. If you are unable to call within business hours, you can email your inquiry to


The Falling for You Makeup Palette is a great way to combine many different products into one. You have everything you need for your makeup each day, while helps you to challenge your creativity to make a new look in the morning. The Falling for You Makeup Palette is reasonably priced, which means that there is no reason that you shouldn’t be adding one of them to your online shopping cart already.

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