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Slim New You – Healthy Weight Loss Exercise & Diet Plans?

Life comes with many challenges, but one you don’t want to find yourself going through is a serious weight loss journey. Unfortunately, the majority of Americans find themselves trying countless weight loss regimens and taking a significant amount of supplements, both to no avail. Each of these methods is largely ineffective because at the end of the day, your body is unique and you need an approach that is specifically geared towards your needs.

A program that is trying to change the weight loss program industry is Slim New You. With this program, you’ll find that the methods and techniques differ greatly from what you are used to.  This program is a massive step in the right direction, one whose benefits will last you a lifetime.

Here is everything you need to know about Slim New You before buying.

About Slim New You

Slim New You is a prominent weight loss program that goes beyond recommending certain foods and a certain workout regimen. The program actually goes through every step and potential issue related to weight loss, thereby boosting your knowledge and your confidence regarding the methods and techniques that you adopt.

The original guide is rich in information that can help you make the most out of your weight loss journey so that this time around, you actually succeed. The program is created by someone who has “been there and done that.” As a result, every technique implement is one that has a purpose and that will enable you to meet your weight loss goals.

More than Just a Weight Loss Program

There are many qualities to appreciate about this program, but one of the most prominent is that it goes beyond simply recommended a certain weight loss regimen. Here, you can attain a better version of yourself . With this program, you’ll find yourself experiencing the following:

  • Higher energy levels
  • Greater confidence
  • More happiness
  • Support from a great group of women
  • An ability to go through the program without shame or judgement from others

Slim New You is a safe haven and a restorative program that truly does help you realize the best qualities about yourself. As you adopt the practices taught to you, you’ll have more energy to enjoy from your day and your family. You’ll also be happier at work and in general.

A Support System that Goes “All the Way”

Slim New You recognizes that weight loss is a difficult and troublesome experience, especially when you don’t have the support of people who are going through the same and those who can help push you when you find yourself lost.

To make your weight loss journey easier, Slim New You features a forum membership program. The membership program comes free with any monthly plan or for 9.99 pounds on its own. Those who join the membership program have the option to do the following:

  • Ask questions about weight loss and more
  • Share meal plans
  • Celebrate losses and milestones together
  • Support other women and receive support in return

The program also has a private Facebook group that features useful webinars, demonstrations, and exercises that you can use to help keep yourself motivated and driven during the day. In addition to the Facebook group, you may enjoy from the weekly emails that come with a range of delicious recipes.

The Immersion Course

Another method to help you stay motivated and on track is the Immersion Course that the program offers. This course spans 1 weeks and it helps you finally understand the main reason for your inability to lose weight. The course is available through online videos and audio playbooks so that you can incorporate it into your day. Many women find it easiest to turn it on while in the car during their daily commute or when making a meal.

When you join the immersion course, you receive a new lesson for each day of the week and at the  end of the video, you’ll be left with tricks and techniques that function to enhance your weight loss journey. Ultimately, you’ll find this program to be life changing in the best of ways.

No More Hunger Pangs

One of the worst qualities to most weight loss programs is that they cause you horrible hunger pangs throughout the day. Here, the good news is that you do not need to count calories or struggle when it comes to meals. The program has a number of excellent meal plans that you can purchase. The meal plans come in kits that you can put together once they are delivered to your home.

Because the meal plans are nutrient rich, you won’t feel hungry afterwards. Moreover, the nutrients and minerals in the meals function to give you brain power, energy for your body, and they keep you satisfied throughout the day so that you can avoid needless snacking. Keep in mind that even with the meal plans, the program also recommends drinking enough water throughout the day.

The program also has a shop of extremely healthy and non-GMO supplements that are proven to work. You can add these supplements to your daily routine to boost your health and enhance your weight loss journey.

What You Receive

There are a number of guidebooks that you can purchase on your own or that come with a certain program that you choose from. Here are the main guidebooks available, each of which is conductive toward your weight loss journey:

  • Tapping Yourself Thin
  • Self-Care Guide
  • Diet Plan
  • Exercise Guide
  • Audio One – Reduce Cravings
  • Audio Two – Tackle Stress
  • Audio Three – Getting Started with Weight Loss

Currently, the brand is offering a promotional where you can purchase Tapping Yourself Thin and receive everything else for free. That is to say, for just $49, you get a whole entire book program that is worth a $199 value. You really won’t find a better deal elsewhere.


Overall, Slim New You is a prime program that you can use to finally meet your weight loss goals. The program is easy to follow, it features a plethora of information, and it is highly conductive toward weight loss. If you are ready to make the most out of your weight loss journey, then this is the program for you. Visit the brand’s website today to order.

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