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Holy Crap Review – Healthy High Fiber Organic Breakfast Cereal?

Holy Crap Review

Holy Crap is an innovative and light hearted breakfast cereal company offering gluten free, vegan, organic certified breakfast cereals made in British Columbia. Holy Crap is a family business success story, and received international attention from their successful appearance on the television program ‘Dragon’s Den’.

The products created by Holy Crap were so successful that Holy Crap is one of the few companies to have appeared on the Dragon’s Den program and actually decline the investment offers from the resident business celebrities.

In this article we’ll take a look at what makes Holy Crap different from the average breakfast cereal company, assess their product range, and find out about the history and family behind the brand.

Who Are Holy Crap?

The masterminds behind Holy Crap are Corin and Brian Mullins, a British Columbia based couple that began their breakfast cereal company on a wish and a prayer and $129 USD in 2009. In just a few years the Mullins family were able to transform their home business into an award winning success story.

The original idea for Holy Crap came to Corin Mullins in 2009. Brian, her husband, has a wide range of food sensitivities and allergies and Corin often found herself struggling to find recipes that were compatible with Brian’s dietary requirements while at the same time remaining palatable and high in nutrition. After experimenting with over 21 different test recipes and formulas, Corin perfected her first prototype cereal, a specialty blend created from a wide range of locally sourced ingredients, high in nutritional content and flavour while remaining gluten free, vegan and completely organic.

Corin and Brian Mullin liked their product so much they decided to share it with others, and took it to their local market- the Sechelt Farmers Market on the Sunshine Coast in British Columbia- in May, 2009. Armed with ten bags of her proprietary blend, Corin sold out of her first batch within a few hours of setting up. The Mullins originally named their product ‘Hapi Food Cereal’, but after the first customer said “Holy Crap! This is amazing!” the Mullins immediately changed the name and branding of their cereal.

Within just one year Brian and Corin experienced an exponential growth in both the popularity of their product and their sales figures- from selling just ten bags of Holy Crap cereal a day they began to sell over 100, and in 2010 Holy Crap set up a small stall at the Vancouver Winter Olympics. Able to expose their product to customers from all over the world, the Mullin family observed a surge in their online orders from their small website from repeat customers ordering more of their popular cereal after having returned home.

In November 2010, Brian and Corin and the Holy Crap Cereal Company received international attention, appearing on the CBC television program ‘Dragon’s Den’, and have been named the most successful company to ever appear on the program. Holy Crap cereal has even been endorsed by Commander Chris Hadfield, a Canadian astronaut who took Holy Crap’s breakfast cereal on a five month mission to the International Space Station in 2012.

Holy Crap is now sold in over 2500 health stores and retailers across Canada and has a growing presence in both the United States and internationally and has a huge following from individuals from a wide range of individuals that have highly specific dietary requirements, such as performance athletes, professional sports players, diabetics, celiacs, dieters, outdoor enthusiasts, vegans, vegetarians, people with high blood pressure, food allergies, food sensitivities and more.

Holy Crap have won multiple awards for their products, including First Canadian Winner, EY Entrepreneurial Winning Women, Finalist status for Ernst & Young for Entrepreneur of the Year 2012, a shout out from the 2012 Top 100 Canadian Female Entrepreneurs competition as the fastest growing company, winner of the small business category of the BC Successful You competition in 2011 and were finalists in the Chatelaine Top Entrepreneur competition in 2011.

The Holy Crap Product Range

The most popular product offered by Holy Crap is their original Holy Crap cereal. Priced at $10.95 CAD for a 8 oz bag, Holy Crap describe their flagship cereal as the perfect breakfast food. Holy Crap is a low-GI combination of seeds and grains that provides slow burning energy all day. The primary ingredient of Holy Crap Cereal is chia seeds, a popular oilseed crop that was commonly used in ancient Aztec societies.

Holy Crap Cereal is non GMO, organic, gluten free, lactose, salt and nut free, all natural, vegan, kosher, high in fibre, iron and calcium, is a great source of Omega 3 and Omega 6, and doesn’t require cooking. Holy Crap cereal contains just a few organic materials and no preservatives, made up mostly from chia, buckwheat, hemp seeds, raisins, cranberries, apple and cinnamon.

Another popular product offered by the Holy Crap cereal company is their Skinny B high fibre breakfast cereal. Skinny B contains almost half as many chia seeds again as the original Holy Crap cereal to provide a formula that is richer in fibre. Skinny B is excellent at helping diabetics stabilize their blood sugar levels and contains only three ingredients- organic chia, organic buckwheat, and organic hulled hemp seeds. Skinny B is entirely raw and plant based, and retails for $10.95 CAD for a 8 oz bag.

Holy Crap Availability

Holy Crap offer a wide range of healthy breakfast cereal blends oats, pure chia, sampler packs, gift packs and even accessories such as aprons via their website. Most cereals are priced at $10.95 CAD with a discount when buying in packs, and free shipping is offered on orders over $49 CAD. As an added bonus the Holy Crap team provide a wide range of recipes that use their muesli available to read on their website, from oatmeal banana cake and ginger carrot smoothie recipes to instructions on how best serve their cereal offerings.

Holy Crap is an honest, healthy cereal company with a humorous philosophy which has delivered them great success around the world, and is a great choice for anybody looking for a tasty breakfast that meets their dietary needs or anyone looking to lose weight.

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