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Stop Shin Splints – Gary Buchenic’s All Natural Solution?

Stop Shin Splints is a revolutionary new self treatment method written by Gary Buchenic. Shin splints are extremely painful aches that occur in the lower legs and are responsible to a huge 13% to 17% of all running-related injuries. Having suffered from shin splints for many years of his athletic life, Buchenic claims to have devised a simple, easy to follow process over three years of research that helps shin splint sufferers completely stop their pain ian as little as just a few weeks.

In this article we’ll take a look at the underlying causes of shin splints and how they affect the body, as well as providing details on how Buchenic’s Stop Shin Splints method claims to work.

What Are Shin Splints?

Shin splints, referred to in the medical world as medial tibial stress syndrome, is defined as pain along the inner edge of the shinbone. The exact cause of shin splints is not currently known, but seems to be caused by continuous recurring trauma to the muscle around the shin bone, or tibia. Many athletes suffer from shin splints at some point in their lives, especially sports professionals who focus on cardiovascular activities such as running or jumping. Pain from shin splints is localized to between the knee and foot, and is described as having various levels of pain intensity, from low level dull aches to debilitating waves of high level pain.

There are many proposed causes for shin splints, with the root cause appearing to be a composite of multiple factors. The number one cause of shin splints is a behaviour called pronation. Essentially, a runner moving at speed has an ideal form and cadence that naturally absorbs the shock from the impact of their feet hitting the ground to propel them forwards. Ideally all of the muscles of the body work in unison to absorb this impact and prevent shock waves from travelling through the bones or tissue and causing damage. There are many movements that occur in a natural rhythm for the body to achieve this shock absorbing effect, and the specific movement that is the culprit behind shin is called pronation.

Pronation is the inward roll of the foot that occurs at the end of a step when the foot pushes off. During pronation the ankle bone moves downward and toward the middle to create a stable footing on the ground. Shin splints seem to be caused when a runner over-pronates, which is when the runner uses almost entirely the big toe and the second toe to push off, placing too much of the arch of the foot in contact with the ground. This causes the shock from the impact of the foot to spread unevenly through the feet and legs, causing tissue damage which results in shin splints.

There are many causes for over-pronation. Runners will over-pronate when fatigued, as individual muscles fall out of sync with the natural running rhythm of the body and start to affect the placement of the feet. New runners are especially prone to shin splints as the body is exposed to much higher levels of physical activity than it’s used to, causing muscles to become fatigued faster. Weak core muscles and improper, flat footwear can also cause shin splints.

The debilitating pain associated with shin splints is caused when fibres that connect the muscles of the leg to the the periosteum, or the outer casing of the bone, are subject to stresses and disruption. Improperly absorbed impacts from over-pronation cause the rear muscles of the leg to become tired which allows the tibia (the shin bone) to bend or flex like a bow during impact, which is bad for the body and ultimately causes shin splints. Running up or down steep terrain or on hard surfaces can worsen this effect.

The Stop Shin Splints Method

Based in Melbourne, Australia, he author of the Stop Shin Splints method Gary Buchenic suffered from chronic shin splints for over ten years. After consulting with countless specialists and spending vast sums on various treatments such as seeing a podiatrist weekly Buchenic became frustrated and began to look for an alternative method. Conventional treatments for shin splints such as icing the shin, orthoses, ESWT and surgery only seemed to provide a temporary reprieve from shin splints for Buchenic, who would find the shin splints returned after onLy a few days of returning to physical activity.

Committed to finding a permanent solution to his shin splint issues, Buchenic began a three year research campaign to cure his pain. After many trial and error efforts to create a comprehensive treatment system, Buchenic distilled his treatment philosophy to three key points. Buchenic states that the pain associated with shin splints is a valuable message from the body to the brain that can be used to direct the sufferer to the specific underlying problem that is causing the shin splint.

Secondly, Buchenic determined that there are in turn three separate factors that contribute to shin splints. According to Buchenic, shin splints are caused by excessive pronation, weak or inflexible calf muscles, and poor biomechanics or running technique such as cadence and posture. If these problems remain untreated shin splints will never leave the body.

The third and final element in the Stop Shin Splints method concerns the treatment of the underlying issues that cause shin splints. Buchenic maintains that if underlying root causes are treated, shin splints are simple to treat and can be quickly and easily eliminated from the body. Buchenic’s method promises relief from shin splint pain in just fifteen minutes through a simple ingredient that everybody has on hand in their home, in addition to secrets that the pharmaceutical industry doesn’t want the average person to be aware of.

Stop Shin Splints Pricing & Availability

The Stop Shin Splints method is provided in the form of a downloadable digital ebook for $27. The offer also includes three bonus books that provide information on relevant topics such as sports nutrition, shoe sizing and natural health. Buchenic also offers free lifetime support via email for Stop Shin Splint customers included in the sale price.

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