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Olivia Strait’s Erotic Weight Loss System Review – Does It Work?

The Erotic Weight Loss System

Weight loss systems and diet regimens are challenging, especially because the majority of them are not always compatible with your body and the type of routine that you want to incorporate into your day. Instead of finding yourself going through intense workout sessions and failing, time and time again, you may want to simply adopt a regular workout routine, adopt a healthy diet, and find a regular program that works well for you.

One such program is called the Erotic Weight Loss System. The method is unlike fad diets and straining weight loss programs that you’ve incorporated. Instead, it is an easy-going system that promotes significant weight loss in a short amount of time.

What is the Erotic Weight Loss System?

The Erotic Weight Loss system is a step-by-step program that is compatible with a regular workout routine and health regimen. Unlike most programs that come with intensive videos, this one is a simple e-book that provides you with everything that you need to incorporate the program into your daily routine. Through the program, hundreds of women have lost a significant amount of weight; the program’s creator Olivia Straight claims that her own friend lost over 100 pounds.

Now, you may be wondering from where the name “Erotic Weight Loss System” derives. The “erotic” is sourced from the use of erotic fruits that the program teaches you about.

Those who consume the fruits explained in the program have the ability to jumpstart your weight loss journey by increasing your metabolism and promoting fat synthesis. The second component to the program is that it prompts you to sleep naked throughout the night because in doing so, you can lower a compound that prevents weight loss.

To date, the system has proven to be a lifesaver for many women – not only in the area of weight loss, but also when it comes to their own relationship. After all, with a better body and by strutting around naked in the home, you appear more attractive and desirable to yours spouse.

The Three Step Erotic Technique

The program is based upon a three-step erotic technique that you can easily incorporate into your day. The trouble is, when you start learning about the program simply through the promotional content on the brand’s website, there is not much information about what the technique is. Instead, you are given hints and slight insight into what you can expect. Based upon what was gathered, the technique may involve the following three steps:

  • Eat exotic fruit
  • Sleep naked throughout the night
  • Adopt a normal workout routine

These three steps seem simple and effective enough at promoting weight loss. Moreover, there is at least enough information to delve into them in more detail so that you can learn how these steps promote weight loss and a healthy relationship.

Eating Exotic Fruit

As mentioned earlier, the “exotic” component is derived from the consumption of exotic fruit. While the program does not outright discuss what the exotic fruit is, there are a number of possibilities. According to research, exotic fruits that promote weight loss are: prickly pears, papayas, longans, star fruit, kumquats, plantains, persimmons. If the fruit that the program presents to you is one of these options, then the good news is that they are readily available at your local grocery store.

While they may be expensive during off-season, they are very affordable when they are in season. To ensure that you have a steady supply of the fruit in your home, you might want to consider buying a lot of it and storing it through preservation methods. Adding these types of fruits into your diet promotes weight loss because they are not only filling, thereby preventing you from snacking on low-quality food, but they also function enhance your metabolism and to help you feel healthier and better.

The program explains that eating exotic fruits is a key component to the program and it is one that should be done on a daily basis to experience substantial results.

Sleeping Naked

The second step to the program is to sleep naked throughout the night. There is much more information available about this method and how it promotes weight loss. According to the program, sleeping naked at night decreases the level of cortisol in your body.

Cortisol is a hormone that is regularly produced in the body when you are going through a stressful period. The trouble with the hormone is that it can lead to substantial weight gain and as a result, the most effective programs are able to keep your cortisol levels at bay.

As the program explains, sleeping naked keeps your cortisol levels low. Therefore, even when you are stressed out, you’ll be able to control and manage the stress through this simple step. In addition, keeping cortisol levels low protects your immune system and prevents fats and sugars from being absorbed into your body.

Adopt a Workout Routine

The final step to the program is to maintain a workout routine. This is the most vague portion of the program, but from what is gathered, it is possible that the routine involves methods that are recommended to you by the program. This way, you do not need to go out on your own and test options that may not work and that may just be a waste of time.

Overall, the three step process to this program are interesting and based on research, they seem to be very effective as well. To learn more about the program, its components, and what the exotic fruit is, you’ll just have to purchase the guide.

Where to Buy

If you are interested in the Erotic Weight Loss System, then you can purchase it through the brand’s website. Once you order, you’ll be able to download it in e-book form. Currently, the program costs $37. If you have any questions before you buy, you can contact the program’s support staff.


Overall, the Erotic Weight Loss System is an easy and effective program to incorporate into your day. You’ll not only enjoy the fruit, but you’ll also be able to achieve the body that you’ve always wanted. Moreover, with a better body, you can reignite passion between you and your partner.

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