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2016 Skin Olympics: Elastin Boosters

2016 Skin Olympics: Elastin Boosters

Today marks the start of the 2016 Olympics. In celebration of the summer games, we’ll be conducting our own competitions. Follow along as we award the top sports-inspired skin care products over the next couple of weeks. We’ll also be offering fun ways for Truth In Aging community members to get involved.

First up: Elastin boosters

Elastin is the flexible protein in connective tissue that allows skin to stretch and spring back to normal. Along with fine lines and wrinkles, the loss of elasticity is a common sign of aging and results in lax or sagging skin. But that’s no reason to throw in the towel. Plenty of products promise to help skin bounce back, and we’ve awarded the ones that perform best. Read on to find out the product that takes the gold.

Elastin Bronze: BRAD

 Bronze: BRAD Biophotonic Essential Elixir Multi-Peptide Youth Regenerating Serum ($95 in the shop) 

Youth Regenerating Serum is chock-full of amino acids. This is a great start as elastin is made up primarily of amino acids, such as glycine and alanine, so natural skin functions are supported and cells are encouraged to produce new elastin. Plus, it contains a sequence of peptides that repair damaged tissue and help boost elastin production. Also nice: The luxe elixir melts into skin, leaving a healthy glow. Bronze doesn’t sound so bad now, does it?

Silver Elastin: YBF

 Silver: Your Best Face Restore ($130 in the shop)

This targeted night serum works overtime while you sleep. Restore is rich in age-defying peptides, but the one to focus on is tetrapeptide-2; it’s proven to inhibit the enzyme elastase that attacks structural proteins (aka elastin), thus lessening skin sagging and slackening. You’ll also find glycine, commonly referred to as soybean, which has been shown to boost elastin fiber.  As a bonus, this silky serum contains skin-softening vitamin E and meadowfoam seed oil for a smoother complexion come morning.

Gold Elastin: Lux

 Gold: Truth Vitality Lux Renew ($279 in the shop)

The execution of this noninvasive at-home device is unparalleled. It targets lax skin in two ways: Ultrasonic pulses penetrate deep in the dermis and prompt vibrations in the surrounding tissue that create heat energy. This energy triggers the production of new collagen and elastin, which in turn lifts, tightens and reshapes sagging skin. In addition, research has shown that red LED light gradually restores elastin function. Because it takes time for new tissue to develop, results can take months to see, but the way skin snaps back is so worth it.  HERE


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