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2016 Skin Olympics: Multitaskers

2016 Skin Olympics: Multitaskers

When’s the last time you had the luxury of doing just one thing at a time? Think about it. The same probably goes for your anti-aging routine, too. Who has the time — or bathroom space — to waste on drawers full of one-taskers? The best kinds of skin and hair care products are the ones that meet many needs in one go. 

That’s why we tested numerous products to find the ultimate multitaskers. These three champs go the extra distance, so you can use fewer products and speed through your routine. 

 Check out our favorite hardworking picks below.


Bronze: BriogioBronze: Briogeo Be Gentle Be Kind Co-Wash ($32 in the shop)

The concept of co-washing, or washing with conditioner instead of shampoo, has been getting a lot buzz lately. This low-suds cleansing conditioner nourishes hair as it removes oil, dirt and product buildup. Formulated with hydrating shea butter, nourishing avocado oil and quinoa extracts, and soothing aloe, it detangles, smooths, and adds shine. The result isn’t a squeaky-clean, stripped feel, but it doesn’t leave a greasy or heavy residue either.

Silver: SuntegritySilver: Suntegrity 5-in-1 Moisturizing Face Sunscreen Broad Spectrum SPF 30 ($45 in the shop)

This all-in-one face cream hydrates, protects against UV rays, treats signs of aging, color corrects and provides light coverage. Hyaluronic acid, red algae and pomegranate extract boost moisture levels, while aloe vera and cucumber soothe skin. Mineral zinc oxide blocks UVA and UVB rays, and antioxidant-rich astaxanthin and green tea provide an extra dose of protection against free radicals. Available in four shades, it can be worn alone in place of foundation or as a color-correcting primer. How’s that for multi-tasking?

gold: lux renewGold: Truth Vitality Lux Renew ($279 in the shop)

The ultimate skin triathlete, Lux Renew combines plumping ultrasound technology with LED light therapy, including both wrinkle-repairing red light and acne-treating blue light. Ultrasonic pulses penetrate deep in the dermis and prompt vibrations in the surrounding tissue that create heat energy. This energy triggers the production of new collagen and elastin, which in turn lifts, tightens, and reshapes skin. In addition, research has shown that red LED light gradually restores elastin function. Finally, blue light therapy is used to control breakouts by killing the bacteria responsible for acne. 


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