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Arf Pets Automatic Pet Food Dispenser – Legit Dog Feeder?

The time it takes people to look after their pets could be said to be underestimated by most people. Pet owners with increasingly busy schedules are now looking for new and inventive ways of saving time, as well as meeting their obligations to their beloved pets.

One product that has been saving owners everywhere an immeasurable amount of time is with Arf Pets Automatic Pet Food Dispenser.

What is Arf Pets Automatic Pet Food Dispenser?

Arf Pets Automatic Pet Food Dispenser gives one the option to feed their pet up to four times per day. The unit gives between 1-15 portions in a single serving. The minimum weight of each portion is about two tablespoons worth of food, with the maximum at one cup. One has the ability to set how much food their cat receives in a serving. The most that can be dispensed in a single day is up to four cups of cat food.

The maximum capacity of the Art Pets Automatic Food Dispenser is set at 1 and ¼ gallons. The unit is relatively easy to use with the the food hopper and and bowl both removable for cleaning. The unit comes with a programmable LCD clock that is easy to program. The lid has a lock to keep the cat away from the food.

The unit can even be recorded with a personal message to beckon one’s cat and is powered by 3 D-cell batteries.

What Are The Features?

  • Capacity to dispense up to 4 meals per day
  • Customizable portions from 1-10, being each unit equal to 24 ml or 2 tablespoons
  • Customizable feeding times in military clock (24 hrs)
  • Blue light LCD clock and display for easy programming
  • Magnetic locking lid to block access to food
  • Record a personal message calling your feline friend to eat, up to 10 seconds.
  • Powered with AC/DC power adapter or 3-D alkaline batteries.
  • DC power: 5V1A standard power supply
  • 5-foot cord power
  • Dimensions:, 9 1/2” wide X 11” deep (including the food tray) X 14 1/2” tall
  • Capacity: 1.14 gallon (4 lbs of dry food)
  • Material: ABS
  • Weight: 4.63 lbs.
  • Motor: Working life – 2,000 hours; rotate speed – 8RPM; rated voltage – 4V
  • Dry food only
  • To use Indoors

How Does Arf Pets Automatic Pet Food Dispenser Work?

One operates the unit by rotating the paddle impeller that can be be found at the bottom of the food hopper. The impeller moves the food into an opening to fall into a tray with small slots at the bottom of the unit. Each time one adds a unit of food, it adds one extra slot at the bottom as the tray rotates.

How to Setup The Unit

The unit has a control panel with different buttons such as record, set, play and up and down arrows. One controls the unit through the directional arrows. The arrows are used to set the time of the clock, as well as adjusting the number of meals given per day and the serving size.

The first step most will take is ensuring that the clock is set correctly. It should be noted that the clock uses military, or 24 hour time, so 1pm will become 13 hours, 2pm, 14 hours and so on.

Once one has set the correct time, the next step is to assign how many meals the cat should eat per day, up to four times per day. If one would prefer that their cat misses a meal, it is possible to set the system to zero.

The feeder allows the user to set the number of hours and minutes per meal, with each meal spaced out between five minute intervals. Also one needs to program the meal size of the feeder. This is done through choosing how many units the cat will have with the meal. As mentioned previously, the units are between one and ten servings each. There is also a manual override option for the feeder if one chooses to give their cat an extra meal, this is done by holding the UP directional arrow key.

The REC button on the unit allows one to record a voice message for one’s cat to feed. The message will loop three time while the food is being given to the cat.

Where Can I Buy It And How Much Does It Cost?

Depending on where one shops will set the price of the unit. The average price of the Arf Pet Food Dispenser on average, is about $120. The product is freely available to purchase through the company website as well through third party sites such as Ebay and Amazon.

What Are People Saying About The Product?

The product reviews are a mixed bag. The positives were not short in their praise for the product and how much time and effort it has saved them from feeding their pets while they are away, at work or on short vacations. The negatives review were mostly product related, primarily about the extra shipping costs and the lack of a comprehensive guide to setup the unit once it is unboxed.

The distribution between negative and positive reviews about the unit is about 70/30, with 70% being positive reviews of the product.

It should be noted that the success or failure of a given product experience is largely determined by one’s expectations and point of view. What one may consider a terrible product is a golden idea to another and vice versa. This is why one is advised to take the above reviews with a grain of salt and not take their comments too literally.

Is Arf Pets Automatic Pet Food Dispenser Recommended?

There are many different pet food dispensers out on the market today, so one has no lack of options when it comes to choosing the right model or brand. And based on the the positive reviews, it could be safe to say that this product delivers on the promise of a fast and sanitary way of dispensing pet food while one is away.

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