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Deciem NIOD Neck Elasticity Catalyst

Deciem NIOD Neck Elasticity Catalyst

By Suzanne F.

Facing my 50th birthday with apprehensions about the Facebook pictures I knew my two daughters would be posting from our family vacation, I was more than thrilled to have the opportunity to try Deciem NIOD Neck Elasticity Catalyst ($70). My neck is my number one concern due to thyroid issues that have caused weight fluctuations and swelling. This condition has exacerbated the normal aging process and lack of elasticity in the neck and lower facial area. I also have sun damage from a less-than-consistent SPF regimen over the years.

This product has the advanced technology to back up its mysterious sounding name. It promises to improve hydration, improve skin texture, and boost elasticity.  Tetrapeptides support protein synthesis for the assembly of elastin and leontopodic acid is said to strengthen elastin fibre, while powerful complexes inhibit the enzyme that’s responsible for breaking down elastin. It also uses a special type of hyaluronic acid (not sodium hyaluronic) to encourage protein production and increase dermal density. And while many of the chemicals on the ingredient list sound scary, there are no major concerns.  

The packaging of this product is reminiscent of the old Elmer’s Glue bottle, and it has the consistency of a slightly-sticky substance. It also has a bit of a medicinal odor. However, as the old adage about books and covers goes, don’t judge by looks alone. The scent I mentioned quickly dissipated after application and it was easily absorbed into the skin, leaving (to my surprise) no smell or sticky residue. I religiously applied the product as directed, twice daily from the lip area to the décolleté.

After several weeks of testing, I’m pleased to say that this stuff WORKS! I felt confident in the family photos posted to Facebook. The crepey appearance along my jawline and neck has improved by roughly 45 percent. But sadly, my melasma did not fade while using the product.

I intend to continue using this Neck Elasticity Catalyst, and I’ll also be trying new products from this brand in the future.

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