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Five Best for Oily Skin

Five Best for Oily Skin

As my skin has become somewhat oily, I’ve become more interested in the causes of oil and the best ways to handle it. When I started to dig deep, I discovered that most of what I thought I knew was wrong, and I had been on a slippery slope of exacerbating the problem. Let’s start with some insights into oily skin, as well as some surprising dos and don’ts.

Did you know that air pollution causes skin to become oily? The skin treats toxins in the air as irritants that need to be flushed out by producing sebum (the secretion from the sebaceous glands that we colloquially refer to as oil). Hormones can also be a culprit, including DHT and hormone surges around pregnancy, puberty, menopause, and menstruation.

Here’s where things get extra tricky: Treating oily skin with harsh exfoliants, scrubs, cleansers and some anti-aging products can make matters worse. For example, retinol — unless properly buffered by other ingredients — dries up sebum. Cells then desperately try to make new sebum to compensate, resulting in overworked skin that goes through a cycle of dry-oily-dry-oily. 

But this doesn’t mean you should avoid exfoliators and altogether; on the contrary, exfoliation is very important. When your body produces an excess amount of sebum and dead skin cells, the two can build up in the hair follicles. Together they form a soft plug, creating an environment where bacteria thrive. If the clogged pore becomes infected with bacteria, inflammation and blemishes occur.

It’s important to remember that we don’t want to eliminate sebum — the right amount is vital for maintaining the protective acid mantle. We want to control it. So it’s really a question of choosing the right products. With all this in mind, here are my Five Best picks for oily skin types. 

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