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Hydrolyze & Bellaplex – Instant Wrinkle Reducer Skin Creams?

Hydrolyze 90 and Bellaplex are both formulas that help to alleviate the appearance of aging on your face. Hydrolyze 90 focuses on the sensitive area around your eyes, while Bellaplex works to eliminate wrinkles from the rest of your face.

What is Hydrolyze 90?

Aging is an inevitable process, and it can take quite a toll on your appearance. As your body gets older, collagen and elastin are not produced at the same rate as when you were younger, which means your skin loses its suppleness and radiant glow. You may think that this youthfulness is gone for good, but products like Hydrolyze 90 and Bellaplex ensure that you can still look as young as you feel.

Hydrolyze 90 Second Wrinkle Reducer is a formula that helps you to eliminate the appearance of wrinkles and dark circles around your eyes specifically, while Bellaplex is designed to be used on the rest of your face. Most people only consider the overall wrinkles that bother them, but the delicate skin around your eyes does not have the capacity to retain the moisture in formulas like Bellaplex. Hydrolyze 90 Second Wrinkle Reducer is gentle and safe enough to add moisture and stimulate blood flow, restoring your former appearance.

You may be considering a more invasive procedure to “correct” your mature skin. Botox and facelifts are among two of the top ways that consumers try to beat their age. However, these methods aren’t actually solutions at all. First of all, they are incredibly expensive and may contain foreign chemicals. However, that aspect is not the reason you should choose one of these two formulas instead. The healing process can take a long time, requiring you to heal from the procedure before you see any results. However, by using topical products, you start healing from the very beginning.

Read on to find out exactly how each of these two formulas can tackle your aging skin in a safe and beneficial way.

How the Supplements Work

Each of these supplement come with different ingredients to achieve their desired effect. As stated in the section before, the skin around your eyes is more delicate to the rest of your face, which means that Hydrolyze 90 Second Wrinkle Reducer needs to have a more delicate formula. Their ingredients include peptides and plant extracts, which help you to appear refreshed.

Bellaplex, however, has a slightly different type of formula. The key ingredient in this product is Matrixyl 3000, which helps to promote the natural production of collagen. Collagen naturally occurs in your body when you’re young, but slows down when you get older. By stimulating this production again, you are able to help free the rest of your face from wrinkles.

Using the Products

Applying Hydrolyze 90 underneath your eye takes a great attention to detail and a light touch. As with any skincare product, you need to wash your face and pat dry, leaving you with a clean surface to apply the product. Once your face is clean, delicately apply the formula under your eye, and let it absorb into your skin. Hydrolyze InstantEffect comes with Instant Effect, which is a lifting formula for under your eye that you are supposed to apply after the Hydrolyze treatment. Within 90 seconds, you will notice the absence of bags under your eyes.

The website for Bellaplex does not offer instructions on the application of this formula. In fact, the website doesn’t even state if Bellaplex is a serum, lotion, cream, etc. You will need to refer to the included application instructions when you receive the formula.

Pricing for the Products

The pricing and purchase of the products is where it gets a little complicated. First of all, these two products are not available to the same shipping areas. Hydrolyze InstantEffect is shipped exclusively in New Zealand and Australia, while Bellaplex is exclusively sold in the United States. However, the rest of the purchase information for these products is fairly similar.

When you to go purchase either of the products, you are greeted with a page that allows you to enter into a trial offer, rather than having you pay for the product in full right away. At the time you submit your order, you only have to pay for the cost to ship it. The Hydrolyze serum gives you a full 30 days to try out the treatment, while Bellaplex gives you 14 days. At the end of both trials, you are billed the full amount for the supply of the product you have already received, which is $69.95 for either product.

This charge will recur every 30 days until you cancel. With each charge, a new shipment of the product will be sent to you.

Contacting the Companies

Since both of the products are relatively new to the skincare industry, it would benefit you to speak with a representative, prior to submitting your purchase. Here is the contact information for each of the businesses, if you are calling within the United States:

  • Hydrolyze InstantEffect
    • Phone: 1 800-548-4439, open 24/7
    • Email:
  • Bellaplex
    • Phone: 1-800-545-8294, open 24/7
    • Email:

Each of the websites have phone numbers for international or local calling in Australia and New Zealand as well. Refer to the website to determine the right phone number for your particular location.


Both Hydrolyze and Bellaplex play an important role in treating mature skin. Even though they handle different areas of the face, the combination of the two would be a great way to look years younger than you actually are. Unfortunately, these products are not available in the same countries, so you will have to pursue the formula that is available locally. With regular use of either of these products, you can eliminate the wrinkles that make you self-conscious, leaving you only with your beautiful face, free of wrinkles.

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