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Kylie Cosmetics Kyshadow – Quality Bronze Eye Shadow Palette?

Ever since the inception of celebrities and the rich and famous, there has been a market for those who want to look like these glamorous, gorgeous people. From the platinum blonde bob of Marilyn Munroe to the Rachel haircut that took the 90s by storm, if someone famous is doing it, everyone wants to do it. And now days this goes above and beyond hairstyles. With shows and magazines tracking almost every move of these celebrities, people can get an inside look to almost every personal aspect of the rich and famous, from what shoes they’re wearing to their lip gloss.

In recent years, it has become extremely popular for companies to rip of styles seen on the red carpet or things that are worn by the famous in their everyday lives. There are even websites that show readers where they can ‘get the look’, whether they want to spend the money on the original or find something close enough at a discount. From Kate Middleton’s’ day dresses to Taylor Swift’s earrings, it’s possible to find exactly what pieces a person is wearing and match their style.

While it’s great to match, one of the things that gets people even more excited is when their favorite celebrity or star actually creates a product based on what they themselves wear. This has most noticeably been seen with the Kardashian sisters. From their signature pouts to their smoky eyes, these sisters have been able to create makeup products and design clothes that match their styles. At the forefront of this movement is Kylie Jenner.

Kylie’s biggest move in the makeup industry was when she released a lip gloss that allowed women to get her signature pout. Women everywhere were dying to get those filled, beautiful lips, so it made sense that when she released a product that could get them the results, it sold out in minutes. Kylie is doing it again this summer by releasing a set of eye shadows, of Kyshadow’s, that mimic her own eye look. And just like before, Kyshadow sold out in a matter of minutes.

What is Kyshadow?

Kyshadow is a line of eye shadows released on the Kylie Cosmetics website ( At the moment, the only palette available is the Bronze Palette, but there will be more released soon. Kyshadow was released on July 26 and sold out extremely quickly, with all of Kylie’s fans rushing to the website to get their hands on the product that would allow them to get Kylie’s signature look. While more palettes will be released, Kylie was quoted saying that this particular palette is her baby and she was extremely excited to get it released as soon as possible.

Kyshadow is a pressed powder eye shadow that comes with nine different colors. They can be used individually or mixed and matched to get a wide range of other looks. The colors in the Bronze Palette range from a matte black to a creamy beige, so users are sure to find at least one color they love with this product.

One of the best things that is being said about Kyshadow is that it has an amazing buildability. This means that the shadows can be layered one on top of the other to create a buildable coverage. What makes this so important is that even though these shadows are matte, by being buildable, they can get a more opaque look.

For those who are fans of Kylie Jenner and have always wanted to get her signature looks, the release of Kyshadow is a huge event. Now, even those who don’t have the budget or capability to live like the Kardashian’s can at least get the look.

Benefits of Kyshadow

As mentioned above, one of the best things about Kyshadow is that it offers users a medium buildable coverage. It’s this aspect of the makeup that offers a versatility to the product. While this palette was released for those who want to mimic Kylie Jenner’s look, the versatility that comes with the makeup allows it to be used for a wide range of looks. Even those who are huge fans of Kylie will be able to get a few solid looks from this Bronze Palette.

Another huge benefit of Kyshadow is how many different shadows that come with the palette. While it’s normal to have three to five different shades on one palette, Kyshadow comes with nine unique shades. Each pressed powder is gorgeous and having so many options means that there are plenty of options for multiple different looks.

In addition to providing this amazing palette, Kylie Cosmetics also released video tutorials on how to Kylie’s exact look. Since the main purpose behind buying cosmetics sold by the reality star is to copy her style, this aspect is important for those who truly want to get the exact look. With the help of these tutorials, users don’t have to try to copy the style from pictures or guessing. Instead they can get their information right from the source and use the Kyshadow Bronze Palette in the exact manner it was supposed to be used.

Finally, Kyshadow is a superior product, not just in texture and quality, but also in the ingredients that the creators made sure to leave out. With the eyes being one of the most sensitive parts of the body, it makes sense that extra care be taken with what products are placed on this. The people at Kylie Cosmetics kept dangerous chemicals and fillers out of Kyshadow, like talc and parabens, to make sure the eye shadows weren’t just superior in color and quality, but also in safety.

Kyshadow Colors

Of course one of the first things people want to know when purchasing Kyshadow is exactly what colors are include in the Bronze Palette. While other palettes will be released in the future that will expand on these colors, all the ones offered with this particular palette are bronze or close to bronze. The best thing about this color palette being the first one to be released is that these colors compliment almost every skin tone, so there truly is something for everyone with Kyshadow Bronze Palette.

A list of the nine hues included in the Bronze Palette, as well as brief description, can be found below.

  • Jasper – Creamy Beige
  • Quartz – Champagne Gold
  • Topaz – Taupe
  • Goldstone – Bronze
  • Citrine – Bright Orange
  • Tiger Eye – Light, Golden Brown
  • Hematite – Chestnut Brown
  • Bronze – Chocolate Brown
  • Onyx – Black

As mentioned above, all the colors offered in the Kyshadow Bronze Palette, except for Quartz, are matte finish. The Quartz hue is a satin finish.

Purchasing Kyshadow

At the moment, Kyshadow has sold out on the Kylie Cosmetics website. However, when it was available for purchase, it was listed at $42, plus shipping and handling. Also, for those who were thinking of getting several palettes for friends and families, when Kyshadow was available for purchase it was only allowing one palette per customer.

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