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Oxyfresh – Healthy Oxygene Oral Health Products Any Good?

Oxyfresh is a company that creates formulas that can help neutralize bad-smelling bacteria in your mouth, your pets, and your home. These formulas are designed with a high-quality, patented recipe, which is free of alcohol.

What is Oxyfresh?

Over time, bacteria can accumulate along your tongue and the rest of your mouth from the different foods and drinks you consume. Even when you brush your teeth right away, you leave bacteria resting on the rest of the surfaces in your mouth, which slowly decay and become malodorous. Many companies tackle your oral hygiene with alcohol-based products, but not Oxyfresh.

Oxyfresh has been present in the dental care industry for over 30 years, using a formula that neutralizes odors, rather than just killing bacteria. This formula is used in multiple types of dental products for humans and animals. However, it has also been adjusted for home products. However, with so many long-term companies in the industry that deal with hygiene, you may wonder why you should try out their products at all.

The key ingredient in all of these formula is Oxygene®, which contains no alcohol. Many studies have been performed to establish the success of this substance, in comparison with the use of alcohol-based ingredients. Read on below to find out more about this innovative solution to bad breath.

What Makes Oxyfresh Exceptional: Oxygene

Oxyfresh has always kept their focus on creating formulas that are alcohol-free, making each product safe for anyone to use. By creating effective options for consumers, they have risen to the top of the industry. All of their products contain Oxygene, which is a patented product that you will not find in any other product line.

Oxygene eliminates bad odors by controlling the bacterial byproducts that are the culprit of bad breath. The bacteria are oxidized and neutralized, leaving the surface smelling fresh. This task is usually handled by alcohol in other brands, which kills the bacteria. However, there’s nowhere for the dead bacteria to go, which means that it accumulates and adds to the bad odor. By using Oxygene products instead, you kill the scent, without disrupting the environment of your mouth.

Types of Products from Oxyfresh

Oxyfresh offers a variety of different products to help you eliminate odors from yourself, your pets, and your home. While the products offer the same main ingredient, they all are catered to the particular odor problems you need to handle. In fact, you will find many different kits that include multiple products, which helps you to reduce your overall cost. Take a look at the different categories below to find more.

Dental Care

Maintaining your oral hygiene is much more than just brushing your teeth, though that is a very important part. You need to make sure to clean out all of the bacteria from your mouth, which is exactly what Oxyfresh can do for you. The company offers multiple choices to maintaining the right level of healthy bacteria, without letting dead cells build up. Choose from many different kits, like:

  • Ultimate Fresh Breath Kit, which includes tongue scrapers, toothpaste, and mouth rinse ($29.00)
  • Cavity Fighting Kit, which includes three fluoride-based products ($29.00)
  • Post-Surgical Care Kit, which is specifically for consumers that are healing from invasive dental procedures ($38.00)

Pet Care

While you might keep up with your oral hygiene, the pets in your home also need a certain level of attention to smell fresh throughout the day. Your furry friends don’t have the ability to brush their own teeth, leaving it as your responsibility. With the use of Oxyfresh products in your animals’ dental care, you are able to prevent periodontal disease, which is a life-threatening condition for your pets that involves the buildup of toxic bacteria. If that bacteria are released into your dog’s or cat’s body, it has the potential to shorten their lives by up to five years.

The formula is fairly similar to the products available for human dental care, which is nontoxic. The formula helpful in protecting your precious pooch’s gums and ears. There are no drugs, dyes, or alcohol products involves in the recipe. The pet products available help to keep your pup’s mouth and coat smell fresh and clean, any day of the year. Choose from products like:

  • Squeaky Clean Kit for Pets, which includes shampoo and an ear cleaner ($29.00)
  • Dog’s Best Friend Kit, which includes a snack and an oral solution to maintain fresh breath without a toothbrush ($35.00)
  • The Ultimate Tail Wagger, which features all five of the pet products from Oxyfresh ($59.00)

Home Care

While there are many personal uses for the Oxyfresh products, you can actually tackle your home’s odors as well with the formula. There are only a few items available for your home at this time through Oxyfresh, including:

  • All-Purpose Deodorizer, which can be used on nearly any surface in your home
    • Sold out, no price available
  • Cleansing Gelé, an unscented liquid soap for your hands ($25.75)
  • Heavenly Cleansing Gelé, a foamy body wash that is lightly scented with vanilla ($29.75)

The 100% Money-Back Guarantee

Oxyfresh takes great pride in the efficacy of their unique formula. However, they understand that the products aren’t necessarily for everyone. If you don’t feel that item that you ordered is performing how you want, you can get your money back within 30 days of your original purchase. However, you will not be reimbursed for the shipping fees.

Contacting the Customer Service Team at Oxyfresh

With so many different options for consumers, you may feel more comfortable investing in a purchase with Oxyfresh, after you speak with their customer service team. Luckily, there are many ways to reach this department.

The easiest way to reach Oxyfresh is by making a simple phone call. You can reach an agent by calling 800-333-7374. The team is available to answer your questions on weekdays from 7:00am to 4:00pm PST.

If you are not able to contact Oxyfresh by phone, you can still submit a message with your inquiry via fax or email. The fax number is 800-990-5285. For questions over email, send your message to However, if you want to use email to submit an order, send your message to instead.


Oxyfresh is not new in the industry at all; in fact, it is the experience and knowledge of this seasoned company that makes their solutions so effective. In spite of other companies continuing to use alcohol in their products, Oxyfresh continues to use Oxygene to neutralize and eliminate bacteria, rather than just killing it and leaving it to cause more odors.

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