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Rafaelle Ruberto Formula No. 10

Rafaelle Ruberto Formula No. 10

By Tasha N. 

I received the Raffaele Ruberto No. 10 Ageless Neck & Décolleté Serum ($105) with sheer excitement.  I’m 43 years old and have used Oil of Olay products since my late twenties, never looking at the ingredients.  Because of how drastic my skin changed this past year, I had to rethink the products I was using. I’ve never had great skin — I had severe acne in my late teens with no idea how to treat it. This left me with huge pores, scarring, and discoloration. 

I stumbled upon the Truth In Aging site while searching for anti-aging creams and information — and I’m so glad I did! Now that I’m focusing more on the ingredients in products and what they do, it’s very confusing and often overwhelming. It’s a relief to know there are products available for all of my skin concerns, along with the answers to my questions about their efficacy on the Truth In Aging site. All of my recent purchases have been based on the feedback from reviews, so I was happy to contribute.

The first thing I noticed about this product was the scent. When I cut open the FedEx box, a fresh botanical aroma burst into the air. It’s unlike anything else I’ve smelled in a serum or lotion. I attributed it partially to the ylang ylang, which is a tropical flower tree that’s known for its jasmine-like aroma that is used for aromatherapy (it also happens to maintain moisture balance).

Formula No. 10 is said to soothe redness, sculpt the neck line, blur lines, and improve uneven complexions, all of which sounds ideal. Directions recommended several pumps be applied to the neck and décolleté morning and nigh, followed by the No. 11 cream. (Note: I did not use the two together, so maybe that would have improved results.) The color of the serum — brown with a slight green tint — was a little concerning, as I had just read up on absorbic acid (one of its ingredients) turning brown when oxidized and rendering it ineffective.  

I tried not to let the color bother me and instead attributed it to the combination of blue green algae or licorice extract, both being beneficial antioxidants. Green algae are rich in vitamin C and blue are packed with vitamin B and amino acids, which promote collagen and elastin. Licorice is known to lighten age spots and act as an anti-inflammatory.

The consistency is very similar to most serums, a thin gel-like liquid that absorbs very quickly. However, it often made my neck feel dry, so I looked deeper into the ingredients. Amongst its long list of wonderful antioxidants, I found grapes seed oil, which helps regulate oil production. Could it be this?

Another interesting — and unfamiliar to me — ingredient is dimethylaminoethanol (DMAE). It’s an organic compound that is said to have great anti-aging effects in the form of firming, smoothing, and brightening. However, I found some controversial info in regards to its prolonged functionality in skin care products due to the high pH needed to remain stable. From what I understood, our skin pH is low and when DMAE is used topically, it can lead to irritation because of the drastic different pH levels. It’s a lot to consider, although this serum has a lot of great ingredients — did I mention antioxidant resveratrol to protect against sun damage and improve collagen construction?

Sadly, I didn’t notice much improvement after using Formula No. 10 for a month, paying close attention to the small lines forming on the indents of my collarbone. I thought if I finished the entire bottle in the course of seven weeks maybe results would be better, but unfortunately, there wasn’t even a slight blur of my tree rings on the center of my neck. It’s too bad because the serum smells fantastic! Formula No. 10 has a lot of promising ingredients, so maybe a younger person would have different results or could use it as a preventative product. 

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