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Thync Calm and Energy Strips Kit – Wearable Technology System?

People joke about it, but stimulants play a huge role in society today. As life gets more and more stressful for the average adult, it’s not uncommon for ways to help get through the stress or recover from the stress to be used on a daily basis. From headache and caffeine pills to coffee and alcohol, everyone has their stimulant of choice.

The problem with these stimulants is twofold. The first is that after a time, people will require more and more of their stimulant to help them get through the day or night. As people consume something more and more, their bodies build up a resistance to it, requiring them to increase how much they use to get the same results. This is how a person who only drank a cup of coffee a day will find him or herself guzzling a cup an hour in a year or two. Or how people need to take stronger and stronger sleeping pills to get through the night.

The second problem with these stimulants is that they often aren’t great for the body and overall health of users who take them. Alcohol dehydrates, sleeping pills put the sleep cycle out of whack, and coffee stains teeth and causes a host of other problems. So, even though these solutions can offer temporary relief, the more they are used, the more detrimental they become to the health and wellness of those who use them.

Unfortunately, people still need to be energized. People still need help relaxing and going to sleep. The key to meeting these needs without putting the overall health and wellness of people at risk is to use a method that supports the natural functions of the body.

Thync was designed as a tool to help users through their most stressful times. Whether it’s to help calm people down before going to sleep or to give users a natural boost of energy, Thync is able to provide aid without harming the body.

What is Thync?

Founded by Isy Goldwasser and Dr. Jamie Tyler, Thync is a device that straps to the head and hands to provide users with a shift in mindset. Thync works by using neuro-signaling to stimulate the various pathways in the brain that react to certain stimulants. In other words, when Thync is used for about 20 minutes, it is able to cause the same reaction in the body as drinking coffee or using other stimulants.

As mentioned above, Thync was created by Isy Goldwasser and Dr. Jamie Tyler. The purpose behind their starting the company was to find a way to take what they were experts in, neurotechnology, and use it to positively change the world. By combining technology, biology, and design, Goldwasser and Dr. Tyler were able to realize their dreams with Thync.

Thync works by users placing the module that comes with the kit on their forehead. The Thync kit also comes with two strips that can be placed on the back of the neck. Using a mobile app to control the settings, Thync will then release a series of electrical pulses that stimulate the same nerves that other forms of stimulants do. However, by using Thync instead of these other options, users are giving themselves the energy or relaxation they need to get through their day or night.

While Thync often offers users results the first time they use it, over time, the results become better and better. In fact, after a few days of using Thync, many users find that they can cut back on the other stimulants they were using to get through their days or nights. When Thync is used about four or five times a week, these results are more noticeable in a short amount of time.

Benefits of Thync

Again, so many people these days suffer from the stresses and overstimulation they are bombarded with on a regular basis. Not only does this affect the lifestyles of adults, but it also puts their health at serious risk. The first benefit of Thync is that it is the perfect alternative to the varying stimulants and substances that people use on a daily basis to get through their day.

And, not only can Thync be used to combat the stresses of the day, giving users a boost of natural energy, but the device is also able to calm users down so they sleep better at night. This combination adds up to better work habits and better sleep, leading to better health.

In addition to being an alternative to stimulants, Thync is extremely non-invasive. When people go for their second, third, or fourth cup of coffee, everyone around them knows it. The same can be said for the amount of alcohol or other stimulants that are taken just to make it through the day. However, the Thync slips on to the head and neck in a barely noticeable design. With its modern edges and smooth surface, Thync is more likely to draw curiosity than judgement, if it draws any attention at all.

Finally, Thync is able to utilize the natural capabilities in the brain to help change users state of mind. Without causing disruption or making a big scene, Thync is able to improve how people access their natural capabilities, but without impairing performance. And, because Thync is the perfect replacement for many of the drinks, pills, and foods people usually turn to, it is able to support digestive health. In time, this could be a huge influence on users overall health and wellness.

How Thync Works

As mentioned briefly above, Thync works by release different vibrations, or waveforms, into the body as neuro-signaling. By targeting very specific neural pathways, Thync is able to give users the same results they would get using other foods, drinks, or medications that would stimulate these pathways. What makes Thync so amazing is that it combines a variety of bio-materials that are advanced in the engineering and design to offer these results and support for users.

Thync comes with two different strips in order to offer two different types of results. The energizing strips work to power up users. When used in the middle of the day or after a short night’s sleep, these strips will gives users the focus and drive they need to get through the day. The calm strips are perfect for using before bed or after a particularly stressful day. They work to calm the mind, bringing it back into a relaxed state.

All the different options for controlling the Vibe part of the Thync kit can be found with the Thync app. Available for both iOS and Apple OS, the app will give users a variety of options, depending on their needs for the moment. Using these various options will give users the support they need, whether it’s to get energized or calm down.

Purchasing Thync

The Thync Kit is currently available for purchase on the Thync website (www.Thync.com). With the purchase of the Thync Kit, users will get:

  •  Thync Module
  •  5 Calm Strips
  •  5 Energy Strips
  •  Charging Cable
  •  User Guide

In addition to these items, the Thync app is required for the device to work. Interested customers should check the Thync website to make sure that their device supports the app that is needed for Thync.

The best thing about Thync is that it is currently available for a trial. Users who are interested in trying the device can get the Thync Kit $1, with no shipping and handling costs. This will give customers a chance to try the device out before committing to purchasing the item.

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