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Wavertone 180 – Smart Pilates Fitness System For Better Abs?

WaverTone is a piece of fitness equipment that promises to support and guide your body for maximum workout efficiency. Here’s our review of this As Seen On TV product.

What is WaverTone?

WaverTone is a piece of exercise equipment that uses a 180 degree curve to guide and support your body during a workout. It claims to provide twice the impact and twice the muscle activity of conventional workouts – in half the time.

The device is priced at $110 (split into 5 payments).

You can use it to do pushups, situps, and a number of other common exercise movements. Your purchase also comes with a nutrition guide and training DVD – so you can follow along as other personal trainers perform workouts on the device.

There’s also a “pilates” version of the exercise equipment which lets you do extended pilates-like movements and exercises.

How Does WaverTone Work?

WaverTone promises to double the impact and double the muscle activity in half the time. The secret power behind the device comes from its 180 degree curve. It’s a half-circle of curved metal that bends as you apply pressure, providing just enough resistance to make you work for it.

In the words of the manufacturer, the cure “creates dynamic resistance in both directions for double the impact.”

There are 3 different levels of resistance (depending on how many resistance bands you stretch across the middle of the device). The more bands you stretch across the curve of the circle, the harder it will be to push down the circle.

By following along with the WaverTone workouts, you can target your entire core, slimming and shaping your upper, middle, and lower abs.

WaverTone doesn’t do a great job of explaining how you get resistance in both directions. On most workout equipment, you get resistance in one direction and assistance in the other. That’s kind of a fundamental law of physics. WaverTone claims it pushes against you on the way down and pulls against you also on the way up. It just doesn’t make a lot of sense.

In any case, people in the WaverTone commercial are seen performing situps, pushups, and other standard exercise movements on the device. your WaverTone comes with a personal training plan DVD that highlights additional workouts. If you don’t like those additional workouts, you can actually see eight different workouts printed directly on the padding of your WaverTone device.

WaverTone Pricing

WaverTone is available exclusively online or over the phone. You can purchase the basic system or add the “Smart Pilates” system to enhance the number of ways you can use WaverTone. In any case, here’s how pricing breaks down:

— WaverTone 180 Degree Standard System: $109.70 (5 payments of $19.95 plus $9.95 shipping)

— WaverTone 180 Degree Smart Pilates System: $159.70 (5 payments of $29.95 plus $9.95 shipping)

The more expensive Smart Pilates system includes the Max Roller and Wave Bands, letting you perform additional exercises. You can attach the Max Roller to turn it into an ab rolling device, for example, while the Wave Bands let you stand up while using the WaverTone system (you hold one band in each of your arms).

Both purchases come with a bonus nutrition guide and training plan DVD.

Shipping to Alaska and Hawaii will incur a $10 surcharge. Orders to Puerto Rico incur a $20 surcharge.

To request a refund on your WaverTone purchase, contact customer service at 1-877-883-9082, or visit http://ift.tt/1g0lT8N (phone service is only available between 8am and 8pm EST, while the website is available 24 hours a day). You can get a 100% refund within 30 days, although you won’t get a refund on shipping costs (you’ll also need to pay for your own return shipping).

Should You Use the WaverTone System to Tone your Body?

WaverTone is a straightforward piece of exercise equipment that can fold up and be placed anywhere in your home. It’s compact and easy to use: you basically just lie on it and perform the same exercises you’ve performed all your life – like pushups and sit-ups.

WaverTone makes a big deal about its “dual resistance” technology, which pushes against you on the way down and pulls against you on the way up. They don’t really explain how this works, but it seems physically impossible.

In any case, if you’re looking for an easy, reasonably-priced workout you can do at home, then the WaverTone system may be exactly what you’re looking for. However, more advanced fitness enthusiasts probably don’t need a device like this.

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