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Zamoura – Advanced Anti-Wrinkle AM/PM Moisturizer Skin Creams?

Zamoura is the creator of two different anti-aging products – AM/PM Moisturizing Cream and Instant Wrinkle Reducing Matrix. Both of these products help to eliminate wrinkles, but in completely different ways.

What is Zamoura AM/PM Moisturizing Cream?

Aging is an inevitable process, which often leaves you with tons of wrinkles that you have no way to conceal. You may be clinging onto your youthful looks, but you can’t see past the fine lines all over your face. You may even be thinking that there is no way for you to regain the beauty you’ve had before. Luckily, Zamoura offers a variety of anti-aging formulas that can help you look years younger.

Zamoura AM/PM Moisturizing Cream is meant to give you the nourishing hydration your skin needs in its old age. By applying the product in the morning, you give yourself protection against all the environmental factors that can dry out your skin. However, nighttime is when your skin is the most receptive to new products and moisture, which is why you will need to make it part of your nighttime routine as well.

Some consumers don’t know how easy it is to eliminate wrinkles with the AM/PM Moisturizing Cream from Zamoura. You may be considering a procedure that is more invasive or risky, like Botox or surgery. The prices on both of these solutions are incredibly high, and you may end up having to pay to get the surgeries done again as your skin changes. With this cream, you just maintain use to keep your results the way you want them – long-lasting.

Additional Treatments from Zamoura

Zamoura also created the Instant Wrinkle Reducing Matrix, which eliminates problem wrinkles within about 30 seconds from anywhere. The idea is similar to the point of the cream – to nourish the body, rather than interrupting the healing process with surgery or other invasive procedures.

How the Zamoura Formulas Work

When Zamoura created these two blends, they had very different priorities in mind to remedy the way that you age.

The Zamoura AM/PM Moisturizing Cream is designed to hydrate your skin. As you age, your body is not able to hold onto moisture in the same way that it did in your younger years. The solution with the cream is to replenish the lost moisture that causes your wrinkles to be so prominent. By tackling hydration in both the morning and evening, you are soothing your skin from the very beginning.

The Zamoura Instant Wrinkle Reducing Matrix is much different. Zamoura theorizes that the human eye actually sees the shadow of a wrinkle, rather than the wrinkle itself. With this knowledge, their chemists came up with a way that uses light-reflecting technology to conceal the look of wrinkles.

The company isn’t very informative about the ingredients that go into these formulas to make the results possible. However, they do post multiple customer reviews that detail the success that others have had with the same formula.

Using Zamoura Products

At this time, both products do not have instructions on the website. The Zamoura AM/PM Moisturizing Cream does not state exactly how to use the product, but it’s safe to assume that you should start with a clean face. The product can be applied in the morning and the evening, but you should let it absorb fully before applying another product.

As for the Instant Wrinkle Reducing Matrix, you are instructed to gently pat the product onto the areas that you have the most wrinkles. The formula needs to dry for about 30 seconds, but you should be able to see a definitive difference after this point.

Pricing for Each Zamoura Product

When to decide to purchase either of the products for your own use, you are entered into a trial program, giving you 30 days to try out the formula. During this time, you are responsible for shipping, which costs $3.95 for the cream and for the wrinkle reducer. If you are unsatisfied with the performance of the product at this time, you are able to let the company know, and return it.

If you do not cancel before the trial is over, you automatically agree to be enrolled in the auto-shipment service. At this time, you will be billed $79.95 for the cream and $89.95 for the wrinkle reducer. Every 30 days, these charges will be repeated and accompanied by a new shipment of the product. You can continue to receive the product for as long as you want, since you will have to cancel directly to stop the service.

Contacting Zamoura

Since both of these products come from the same company, you can find out more about them from the same contact information for Zamoura. You can reach the company by phone or by email.

If you choose to contact Zamoura via phone, call 1-844-200-9032 to speak with a representative. The department is open at all hours of the day, so it’s highly likely you’ll reach someone. If you prefer to communicate electronically, email your question to support@zamouraskincare.com for a response.


Both the AM/PM Moisturizing Cream and Instant Wrinkle Reducing Matrix from Zamoura are great ways of making your skin look years younger than your actual age. The cream is meant for long-term use, since it is able to replenish the hydration that it cannot contain on its own. However, the wrinkle reducer is more of a time-to-time product, since it quickly solves your wrinkle issues.

By pursuing either one of these methods of treatment, you are reviving your skin from the start, which is much easier than getting surgery, then healing from surgery as well. Regardless of if you choose both or one, you will quickly be headed towards a more radiant complexion, when you use a product that melts away the years of stress and age.

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