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Firstleaf – Quality Healthy Wine Club Personalized For You?

These days, there are monthly subscription programs for just about anything. This review isn’t going to cover a subscription programs that you are not familiar with, which means that this isn’t about clothing, makeup, coffee, or other well-known subscription services. Instead, it is going to venture into an area that is surprising, exciting, and perfect for anyone who loves to relax with a special glass of wine.

This review would like to introduce you to a new brand called Firstleaf, which is based on the idea that purchasing wine is meant to be an easy experience. If you are tired of scouring store shelves for the right bottle or guessing what is best for you, then Firstleaf is here to help.

About Firstleaf

Firstleaf is a brand that transports your wine from the vine and straight to your table. In most cases, wine buyers are overpaying for products and worse yet, for ones that do not suit their own tastes. Instead of making it a challenge to purchase wine, the brand offers you two types of wine-buying options. First, you can buy wine regularly through the website’s catalog. The second option is to subscribe to the brand’s wine club experience. The club experience is the subscription service that tailors a monthly basket to your unique wine tastes.

Best of all, Firstleaf ensures that the prices you pay on its website are fair, affordable, and cheaper than what you’ll find in stores. To provide you with affordable wines, the brand simply cuts out the middle man. As the brand explains, “We’re challenging the status quo and minimizing the number of steps between great vineyards and you.” This system enables the brand to offer you wine at its special club prices, which is usually around $13 per bottle.

While both options are great, it seems that the Wine Club is the optimal choice. The brand ensures that your satisfaction is guaranteed and moreover, you receive wines that you are bound to enjoy. The service personalizes the wine selection and there are many wines available. On the other hand, if you’d like to purchase a few bottles from time to time, then buying from the regular catalog is ideal.

A Customizable Solution

Another quality to appreciate about Firstleaf is that it offers you a way to attain wine that you will love and better yet, everything about the club program is customizable. That is to say, you can control the shipments, when you receive them, how often, and so forth.

The default system is a shipment of 6 wine bottles every 1, 2, or 3 months. You can decide the syste, that suits you best and you can alter the frequency whenever you feel like it through your account on the brand’s website. If you are concerned about what will be shipped to you, the online platform even allows you to take a look at the shipment before it goes out. If you do not like a pick, then it allows you to swap it out for another bottle and then, you can choose a delivery date.

How the Brand Works

To get started, you need to create an account. During the account generation process, you will be prompted to customize your club membership. To make understanding the system easier, here is a step by step overview:

Club Customization

The first step of the process is to customize your club. This essentially means that you provide the brand information regarding what you wine preferences are. This means that you designate whether you like whites, a mix, reds, international, mix, or just USA. In making these designations, you’ll be able to receive the right type of wines on a monthly basis.

Wine Ratings for Better Boxes

Once you finish customizing your preferences, you can hone-in on wines that apply to your tastes by reviewing existing wines on the website. Your reviews will inform the brand of what you like so that it can customize your next shipment even better. To start reviewing, simply search for certain wines on the brand’s site and place your review. This process takes a matter of moments and it is extremely easy to perform. The more wines you review, the better your next shipment will be.

Preview Your Wines

Before the wines ship, you have the opportunity to preview them. When you visit you profile and click on your next shipment you can see what types of wines the brand has on hold for you. If you are not happy with the choices, you can swamp them for a different bottle. You also can alter the delivery date and shipping frequency to reflect your own personal needs.

If you need help during any part of this process, then you can click on the “Help” icon at the bottom right of the page – you can’t miss it. The help icon allows you to write a question that will be promptly answered by a representative.

According to the brand’s website, the customization process takes 15 seconds. Realistically, it may take a bit longer – so set up a few minutes to get your profile started and set up.

Cancellations, Returns, and Feedback

Some brands make the return and cancellation process easy, while others make it difficult. The good news is that Firstleaf makes the process a breeze. To cancel your order, all you need to do is to email the brand at service@firstleaf.club. In emailing the brand, it will cancel your order. The alternative option is to review your order. When you refuse the order, Firstleaf will process the return and refund your card, minus shipping.

Also, if you have any feedback for the brand, then feel free to email it at the address provided above. The brand takes its feedback seriously so that it can constantly provide outstanding and consistent service and quality wines.


Overall, Firstleaf is a great and affordable subscription service. Getting started is simple; all you need to do is visit the brand’s website where you can set up your profile in a matter of minutes. Moreover, since it strives to meet high satisfaction levels, the brand is great with feedback, cancellations, and returns. The point is to make wine affordable and customizable for you so that you can enjoy every bottle from here on out.

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