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Ride 2 Rebel – 1Rebel’s Indoor Spinning Fitness Class?

Ride 2 Rebel is a unique new fitness training concept that combines your morning commute with a spin class. Here’s our review of how 1Rebel’s Ride 2 Rebel works.

What is Ride 2 Rebel?

Ride 2 Rebel is a fitness program created by British fitness company 1Rebel.

With Ride 2 Rebel, you take a fitness class on your morning commute. You don’t have to waste time sitting on a bus all day. Instead, Ride 2 Rebel picks you up in a bus outfitted with stationary bikes, and then you use the bikes while getting a ride to work.

The company claims the unique concept saves time, spares the environment, and helps you lose weight on your way to work. Everybody wins.

The idea is currently only in the concept phase, as 1Rebel is attempting to get the necessary regulation from the city of London. The official Ride 2 Rebel website claims the idea is “landing soon” and they’re currently accepting initial sign-ups to be instantly notified when regulation goes through.

How Does Ride 2 Rebel Work?

1Rebel maintains a series of gyms across London that all work on a “pay as you train” system free of contracts. The gyms are known for being centrally located.

The idea behind Ride 2 Rebel is that the bus would travel around the suburbs of London picking up commuters on their way to work. You can already view some of the theorized routes at the official R2R website.

Once you hop on the bus, you pick a stationary bike and start cycling.

The bus ends its journey at a 1Rebel studio, so you can hop in the shower and freshen up before work.

The company plans to charge between £12 and £15 (about $17 to $22 USD) for a 45 minute class / bus ride. One session at an ordinary 1Rebel studio typically costs about £15 to £20.

The main catch is that you have to hope that your workplace is close to a 1Rebel studio – otherwise you’ll still have a bit of a commute after leaving the studio. However, as mentioned above, 1Rebel gyms are in many central locations across London.

Ultimately, 1Rebel is calling the service its “ride studio on wheels” and promises that “your commute will never be the same again.”

How to Sign Up for 1Rebel’s Ride 2 Rebel

R2R signups are currently available through the training program’s official website at Ride2Rebel.london.

You’re encouraged to enter your name and postcode so that 1Rebel can start planning the most efficient bus routes through the city.

Thus far, 18,038 people have signed up to be notified when the mobile fitness classes begin. You can view planned routes on the official website. Thus far, four routes have been planned, including through Stratford, Kensington High St., Angel (Islington), and Clapham Common.

When you sign up for R2R through the website, you’ll get a coupon code for a 10% discount on any 1Rebel gym location.

1Rebel Pricing

1Rebel gyms are located across the city of London. The company offers a variety of subscription packages, including:

  • 1 Session: £20 (30 Days Expiry)
  • 5 Sessions: £95 (90 Days Expiry)
  • 10 Sessions: £180 (6 Months Expiry)
  • 15 Sessions: £255 (8 Months Expiry)
  • 25 Sessions: £400 (9 Months Expiry)
  • Rebel Pass: £90 Per Month (6 Sessions Per Month)
  • Rebel Pass: £120 Per Month (8 Sessions Per Month)
  • Rebel Pass: £170 Per Month (12 Sessions Per Month)
  • Rebel Pass: £220 Per Month (7 Sessions Per Week)

With the Rebel Pass, you can get a “top up session” for an additional 15 pounds per session.

Stay tuned as we learn more information about this “exercise bus” in the near future. The bus system has not yet been officially approved, although that seems like it’s going to change very shortly.

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