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Lipstick Queen – Frog Prince Lip Gloss, Tints & Blushes?

Art has always been revered in the world. Despite it taking many different forms, depending on the time and culture, art has played a huge role in society, influencing some of the greatest minds and reflecting the struggles and triumphs of the times they were created in. And even though the world has become more globalized, with thoughts and ideas streaming across borders, art still plays a huge role in the lives of people today.

What makes art so amazing is that it takes on so many different forms, allowing people from different life experiences and backgrounds to relate to each piece uniquely. And, in the modern world, what qualifies as art is becoming much more fluid. Two hundred years ago, art was considered sculptures, paintings, and drawings. However, today, art can be living art, graffiti, body art, or even makeup.

Makeup is one of the most common forms of art, even though most people don’t exactly think of it as an art form. However, the similarities between what is considered art and makeup are many. Art takes time, just like applying makeup. Art is an expression of the artist, just like makeup. And art enhances, from canvasses to walls, just like makeup.

As makeup is being accepted more and more as a form of art, the tools needed to create this type of art have transformed. While in Ancient Egypt kohl was applied with hair brushes, now there are all sorts of products, brushes, applicators, and colors and textures. However, despite how applying makeup has changed over the centuries, one thing remains the same: The results come from the best products.

Lipstick Queen is a company that has dedicated itself to making the best makeup possible. Because the founder of Lipstick Queen understands first-hand the importance of properly applied makeup, the company is based on providing the highest quality products, the best tools, and the most comprehensive help for its customers. Combining these three points, Lipstick Queen has become a leader in the makeup industry.

About Lipstick Queen

The best companies and products in the world are created and manufactured out of a necessity. When people see a need and work to fill that need, they are creating something that will thrive. This was very much the case with Lipstick Queen. Twenty years ago, a teenager named Poppy King was disappointed at the lack of lipstick options in her town. While many young women would have just made do with what there was, King was determined to fix the problem and fill the void. The result was Lipstick Queen, a company that started with just a few lipsticks.

After twenty years of being a leader in the lipstick industry, King still strives to fill the voids that are left open by larger, more traditional companies. By always working towards innovation and using the latest in technology as well as health, Lipstick Queen has stayed one of the preferred makeup companies in the industry. And as times change, King still works hard to make sure no other young woman will be in the position she once found herself, unable to find a lipstick that connected with her.

While Lipstick Queen started with just a few types of lipstick, it has grown over the years to include everything that women need to get the luscious lips they’ve always wanted. Despite adding more products to its line, Lipstick Queen has remained committed to the standards that were developed by Poppy King at the birth of the company. And this commitment to better products and more color options is what keeps customers coming back for more.

As mentioned above, Lipstick Queen has added other lip products to its collection as it has grown. While lipstick will always be the foundation of Lipstick Queen, these products allow customers to find everything they need for their lip looks all in one place. The lip products sold by Lipstick Queen are listed below.

  •  Lipstick
  •  Lux Collection
  •  Glosses
  •  Lip and Cheek
  •  Pencils
  •  Gift Sets

In addition to these product categories, Lipstick Queen is constantly adding new and exciting lip products to its website (http://ift.tt/144qd1Z) and often features several sales and discounts.

What Makes Lipstick Queen Different

One of the key differences between Lipstick Queen and other makeup companies is that Lipstick Queen focuses on one specific type of product. Lipstick Queen creates makeup products for the lips. By keeping the company focused on providing the best of the best in this specific field, Lipstick Queen is able to be a leader in the industry. Trying to provide too many products for too many purposes can cause a disconnect between a company and its customers, which is why Lipstick Queen has decided to stick with what it does best. Knowing that Lipstick Queen is completely devoted to its one focus makes customers come back over and over again.

In addition to keeping a very narrow focus, Lipstick Queen has always strived to keep ahead of the advances in the beauty industry. Since the technology boom in the early 2000s, science, health, and wellness are constantly changing and discovering new, amazing things. And many of these discoveries can be applied in the makeup industry. Because of a deep desire to provide the latest and best for its customers, Lipstick Queen is constantly using these innovations to offer the best of the best for its customers.

When people go shopping for lip products, they often expect to find the same tired colors and shades in the same basic forms. Just like people change and grow, makeup needs to change and grow, offering more. Lipstick Queen differs from most cosmetic companies because it offers products that are outside the box, as unique as the women that wear the products. From black lace with gold shimmer lipstick to a green lip and cheek stain that turns pink, Lipstick Queen is always offering different and exciting options for customers.

Products Sold by Lipstick Queen

As mentioned above, Lipstick Queen offers a wide range of products, though all are lip-focused and created to be makeup for the lips. Because Lipstick Queen offers so many amazing products, it would be impossible to list them out here. However, for those who are interested in trying Lipstick Queen, there are constantly sales and deals being offered, making trying out the company for the first time almost risk-free. The sale prices on products range from $5, for a lip gloss, to $24 for a set of three of Lipstick Queen’s best sellers!

One exciting product that customers new to Lipstick Queen should definitely try out is the Lipstick Queen Frog Prince collection. The collections consists of a lipstick, lip gloss, and a cheek and lip blush. What sets the Frog Prince collection apart from other products is that the actual gloss, lipstick, and blush appear a frog green in color. However, once put on the skin, the products change color, becoming a beautiful pink.

While color changing lip products aren’t anything new, what makes the Frog Prince Collection so unique is that the ingredients in these products react to the pH levels of each individual user. What this means is that the color pink that appears on every person will be slightly different, as the products will work with the natural coloring of the person to give them a beautiful, flattering lip product.

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