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Orly Beauty – Professional Salon Grade Nail Polish Treatments?

Makeup and cosmetics are two things that seem timeless. Their influence on society, and how society has influenced them, can be tracked throughout time. From the kohl eyeliner in Ancient Egypt to contouring today, the products people use and how they use them offers a peak into their lives at the time. And as the times have changed, so have the products that people use.

What makes cosmetics and makeup so interesting is how many forms they come in. As mentioned above, eye makeup has been present in the makeup world for centuries, offering people a way to enhance and draw attention to their eyes. However, there are other items that have been used throughout time, from powders and foundations to nail polishes.

Nail polish is often thought of as a modern cosmetic product. However, the bright, beautiful colors used to make nails more vibrant actually have a long and rich history. The earliest signs of nail polish is seen in China in 3000 BC. While not a lot is known about nail polish in this time, the ingredients used to make it are well-known. The nail polishes of this ancient time were nothing like the ones known today, made up of beeswax, gelatin, and egg whites. The colors were added to these mixtures by using vibrant vegetable dyes.

Another interesting part of nail polish history is how it was used throughout the world. Today, almost anyone can wear nail polish without getting a second look. However, in Ancient Egypt, everyone paid attention to the nail polishes people used, most because at this time they were used to keep track of people’s social classes. Those in the lower classes wore light nail polishes, while the rich and affluent wore bright red polish.

The fact that nail polish has such a bright and long history may be very interesting to some, but where nail polish is today is interesting to almost everyone. Over the years, nail polish has become an art form, offering users the perfect way to express themselves. In fact, nail art is becoming increasingly popular, being the perfect option to temporarily show moods, thoughts, and ideas.

Just like artists need the best tools and materials to make their art, those who do nail art also need the best quality polishes. For the past 40 years, Orly Beauty has been providing the best nail polish and nail products in the industry. And just like nail polish has changed over the years, Orly Beauty is constantly adding and adjusting its products to offer the latest and newest advances in the nail care industry. One of the newest advances is breathable nail polish, or Orly Breathable Treatment and Color.

About Orly Beauty

As mentioned above, Orly Beauty has been part of the nail care industry for over 40 years. While the company started out small, focusing on the Original French Manicure, Orly Beauty has grown and changed with the times, offering the best in the industry. From color treatments, different textures and designs, as well as all nail essentials, Orly Beauty has made a name for itself amongst those who love their nails.

The power behind Orly Beauty all started in 1975 when Jeff Pink, the creator of the company, created a new nail look to help actresses save time between outfit changes. The style was classy, simple, and very stylish. Plus, the design Pink came up with was extremely easy to apply, saving time and money. The design became more and more popular, eventually showing up in the fashion capital of the world, Paris. And it was then that Jeff Pink named his style: The French Manicure.

Since 1975 and the inception of the French manicure, Orly Beauty has been at the forefront of all nail art innovations. From lacquers to different textures and designs, Orly Beauty is constantly looking for ways to innovate the market. The result of all this hard work and dedication is several lines of amazing products, each aimed at supporting the artistic and creative needs of nail artists all over the world. And with the tools and support that Orly Beauty provides, even those with little to no nail experience can step up their game.

As mentioned above, Orly Beauty has always strived to be the best of the best when it comes to nail products. However, as people are starting to pay more attention to the products they put on their bodies, Orly Beauty decided it needed to make a change. While all its products are safe to use, Orly Beauty wanted to take this dedication to customer health a step further and create a product that actually improved nail health. The result was the Orly Breathable Treatment and Color.

What is Orly Breathable Treatment and Color?

In an effort to give lovers of nail polish a way to strengthen and support their nail health, Orly Beauty created Orly Breathable Treatment and Color. This product line offers 18 different shades of nail polish, from clear to sparkly red, that look bright and rich in color when applied. Despite looking like a lacquer, these nail polishes are actually beneficial for another reason: The work as a nail treatment.

The problem with so many nail lacquers on the market is that they deprive the nails of air and hydration, basically causing the nails to starve. The result of long term deprivation to hydration and air causes the nails to become thin and brittle. Anyone who has worn nail polish for a long period of time knows that brittle, thin nails aren’t just unattractive, but they also break easily.

Because Orly Beauty understood that its customers wanted to wear nail polish all the time, but without sacrificing their nail health, the company came up with a treatment option in the form of Orly Breathable. These nail polishes go on easily, not needing a base or topcoat, and look gorgeous. However, unlike other options, Orly Breathable nail polishes use an advanced oxygen technology to allow the nails access to hydration and oxygen.

In addition to allowing oxygen access to the nails, the polishes that are part of the Orly Breathable line are also made to heal and repair the nails. Because of this, these polishes contain some of the most potent natural ingredients on the market today. From argan oil and vitamin B5 to vitamin C, Orly Breathable nail polishes actually strengthen nails the longer they’re worn, something no other polishes on the market are able to do.

Benefits of Orly Breathable Treatment and Color

Many people who use lacquer nail polishes have gotten into the habit of taking time off from wearing polish, allowing their nails to recuperate. While this is necessary for the health of the nails, no nail polish lover likes to have their nails bare. Now, with Orly Breathable treatments, there will never be the need for another break again. One of the biggest benefits of Orly Breathable is that these nail polishes are able to strengthen and nourish nails while still looking gorgeous.

The key to all the benefits that come with Orly Breathable is found in the technology used to keep oxygen and hydration accessing the nails even when covered. Called the Advanced Oxygen Technology, this advancement in nail care works very much like a contact lens. Even though the nails are covered, like the eye is covered with a contact, the formula used to make the polish allows oxygen and hydration through, so the nails are still getting what they need to be strong and healthy. The end results is that when the polish comes off, the nails aren’t thinned or brittle, but stronger and better than ever.

While allowing hydration and oxygen to the nails would be more than enough to make Orly Breathable an amazing product, Orly Beauty wanted to take it a step further. Not only do the Orly Breathable products allow the oxygen and hydration needed to strengthen the nails, but the polishes also work as treatments, containing ingredients that provide an extra boost for the health of the nails. Orly Breathable nail polishes contain argan oil and vitamin blend that has both vitamin B5 and C in the mix. These ingredients work together to heal damaged nails and stimulate the growth of the nails. Combined with the breathable aspect of Orly Breathable, these polishes are able to completely transform the nails of users.

Purchasing Orly Breathable Treatment and Color

Orly Breathable Treatment and Color nail polishes are available for sale on the Orly Beauty website (www.OrlyBeauty.com), as well as at select retail locations. For those who don’t want to wait for Orly Breathable to ship to them, they can check out the stores listed below to get instant access to the polishes.

The retail locations where Orly Breathable is sold include:

  • – Target
  • – Kmart
  • – Meijer
  • – Kohl’s

On the Orly Beauty website, the Orly Breathable nail polishes sell for $8.99 each, not including shipping and handling.

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