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Phenocal – Thermokinetic Weight Loss Control Supplement?

Phenocal is a nutritional supplement that claims to use “thermokinetic weight loss technology” to provide maximum strength fat burning across your body. Here’s our Phenocal review.

What is Phenocal?

Phenocal is a diet pill that promises to use all-natural ingredients to provide “maximum strength” fat burning. It also claims to be the number one rated weight loss product in America – among other exaggerated benefits.

Obviously, Phenocal isn’t off to a good start. But what makes the manufacturer so confident about its diet pill?

Well, Phenocal claims to offer all of the following benefits:

Suppresses and controls your appetite throughout the day so you consume fewer calories and lose weight

— Eliminates junk food cravings

These are essentially the two main benefits of Phenocal. In order to achieve those benefits, Phenocal uses vitamins, fiber compounds, and herbal extracts.

Each bottle of Phenocal is priced at around $40.

Is Phenocal worth your hard-earned money? Let’s take a closer look at how this supplement claims to work.

How Does Phenocal Work?

Phenocal claims to provide powerful weight loss simply by suppressing your appetite. You won’t be able to sit on your couch and lose weight, but you will be able to combine Phenocal with a strict diet and exercise routine to complement your weight loss results – at least, that’s the claim made by the manufacturer.

In any case, Phenocal claims to achieve these benefits using all natural ingredients, including all of the following:

— Chromium Picolinate: This mineral helps to “diminish carbohydrate cravings and regulate blood sugar levels”, according to the makers of Phenocal.

Biotin: Biotin is just another name for vitamin B7. It’s typically found in joint, nail, and hair supplements.

— Folic Acid: Another B vitamin, folic acid claims to “mobilize stubborn stored fat”.

— Fucoxanthin: Fucoxanthin comes from brown seaweed and has been the subject of intense fat loss research over the past few years.

— Glucomannan: This is a source of fiber. Fiber tricks your brain into thinking it’s full, which means you eat less food.

— Hoodia gordonii: Suppresses appetite.

Green Tea Leaf Extract: Contains antioxidants and caffeine

— Cocoa Extract: Blocks fat and reduces appetite.

Other ingredients in the formula include Bioperine, 5-HTP, vitamin B1, vitamin B5, vitamin B6, and vitamin B12.

Basically, Phenocal has just crammed a bunch of ingredients together and claim they’re all linked to weight loss in some way or another. Most of the ingredients are just vitamins and minerals – similar to what you’d find in any multivitamin supplement. The ingredients most associated with weight loss (at least from a scientific point of view) are green tea leaf extract, fucoxanthin, and glucomannan.

Unfortunately for Phenocal, the manufacturer refuses to give us the dosage of any of the above ingredients. They’re all locked behind a proprietary formula. When asked to provide dosage information, the manufacturer just says things like “Phenocal contains a safe, proprietary selection of special herbs…blended together in a powerfully effective combination.” This doesn’t really tell us anything.

Without dosage information, Phenocal could contain miniscule amounts of all of the above ingredients. Typically, supplements made by reputable manufacturers love to prominently advertise dosages, since this is the best way for consumers to compare the effects of different supplements. When a manufacturer doesn’t advertise its dosage information, it typically means the supplement is underpowered.

In any case, ingredients like glucomannan are typically taken at dosages of 1 to 4 grams a day to promote weight loss, according to WebMD.

Meanwhile, ingredients like fucoxanthin are basically meaningless without knowing the actual dosage: fucoxanthin is a powerful extract in small amounts (you only need a dose of 2.4 to 8mg for weight loss), but since we don’t know dosage information in Phenocal, we can’t definitively say that this supplement leads to any type of weight loss.

When a manufacturer expects you to pay $40 for a diet pill, you expect to see transparent dosage information. Phenocal doesn’t have that.

Phenocal Pricing

Phenocal is priced at the following rates:

— 1 Bottle (150 Capsules / 25 Day Supply): $39.85 + $7.95 Shipping ($47.80 Total)

— 4 Bottles: $119.62 + Free Shipping

— 6 Bottles: $199.36 + Free Shipping (Includes 1 Bottle of Colopril and a Super Green Tea Energizer)

— Total Body Balance System: $97.77 (Includes 1 Bottle of Colopril, 1 Bottle of Expelis, and 1 Bottle of Phenocal)

Your purchase will likely come with a bunch of free eBooks. These eBooks are just PDF files that explain basic health concepts – like how to lose weight, how to flush away toxins, and how to feel less bloated. They’ll be delivered to your email inbox after your purchase is confirmed.

The manufacturer recommends that you take 3 capsules twice a day: one 3 capsule dosage in the morning and another 3 capsule dosage in the mid-afternoon. Based on this dosage, one bottle will last you 25 days of continuous use.

The free shipping offer only applies to orders in the continental United States.

Who Makes Phenocal?

Phenocal is made by a company named Pharmaxa Labs. That company claims to make all its supplements in the United States in an FDA-certified, cGMP facility. You can contact the company’s customer service hotline at 888-675-0241.

Should You Use Phenocal to Lose Weight?

Phenocal makes enormous promises about its benefits, including claiming that it’s “the #1 rated weight loss product” and that it’s “scientifically engineered” to turbo charge your weight loss, skyrocket your energy levels, and provide other hyperbolic benefits.

In reality, Phenocal is basically just a multivitamin supplement (packed with B vitamins) mixed with herbal extracts (like green tea) and fiber (like glucomannan). That’s fine – but we don’t know the dosage of any of these ingredients. The makers of Phenocal don’t list dosage anywhere online, and they seem to deliberately hide their dosage from customers. That’s not a good thing.

Worse, Pharmaxa Labs doesn’t appear to have completed any clinical trials or scientific research on its supplement – they just list studies performed by other organizations that use different ingredient dosages. That’s worrying.

If you want similar benefits to Phenocal at a cheaper price, consider buying a fiber supplement along with a green tea extract supplement and a multivitamin. These appear to be the active weight loss ingredients in Phenocal – and you’ll be better able to control the dose going into your body.

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