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Phi Sciences – Dr Flanagan’s Mega Hydrate and Crystal Energy?

Health and wellness is vital for people to live invigorating, healthy, and happy lives. The problem is that a lot of times people don’t think about their overall wellness until they lose it. Once this happens, these people are left scrambling trying to find information and any help to get them their health back.

The biggest problem with the health of most people is that companies and huge industries around the world know that it is a vital part of everyday life, which is why they work to make a profit from it. Many of the medications, therapies, and procedures offered by the medical industry are heavily focused on the profit made by them, not the overall health and wellness of the patients.

Phi Sciences is a company that is trying to shift the focus of the health industry. Led by Dr. Patrick Flanagan, a world renowned scientist and doctor, PhiSciences offers information and research on a variety of topics, each aimed at helping people better their lives. In addition to this information, Phi Sciences offers a wide range of products that work to naturally treat the conditions and illnesses faced by people today.

About Phi Sciences

Phi Sciences is a company that is made up of some of the brightest minds in the health, wellness, and business industries. Comprised of doctors, scientists, and entrepreneurs, PhiSciences is a business that focuses on improving the overall quality of life in every person possible. However, while many industries are looking at chemicals and other questionable materials to extend human life, PhiSciences prides itself on keeping all its products natural.

The goal of PhiSciences is to use innovation and the adoption of as many breakthroughs in the science and technology industries to improve human life. Using the intelligence and drive of those who make up Phi Sciences, the company is able to use science and medicine in its most innovative forms to craft products that are able to change the health and wellness of others.

While the goal of Phi Sciences is to do everything possible to improve the lives of its customers, the company has remained dedicated to being socially and ecologically responsible in everything it does. For many, these practices are abandoned in exchange for higher profits. However, at Phi Sciences, everything is about the people who need the products offered by the company. By keeping the focus on the health and wellness of its customers, PhiSciences has been able to stand apart as a company, being a place of learning, research, and results for those across the world.

What Makes Phi Sciences Different

The biggest thing that sets PhiSciences apart from its competitors is the man behind the company. While many other businesses can promise to offer similar products and services as PhiSciences, none of them have the dedication and drive that Dr. Patrick Flanagan has. Dr. Flanagan began to delve into the sciences when he was only 14 years old. It was at this age that the doctor-to-be created his first neurophone.

A neurophone is an electronic device that transmits sound through the entire body, exciting the nervous system and brain, allowing users to learn faster and retain more information. While Dr. Flanagan wasn’t able to patent the neurophone for another decade, his invention changed the world, with the doctor being praised in Life magazine as a leader amongst scientists.

While the invention of the neurophone would have been enough of an accomplishment for many people, it wasn’t enough for Dr. Flanagan. In the 1980s, the doctor turned his attention to how waters and mineral structures work together, specifically in the health and wellness of the body. It is here that Dr. Flanagan really found his passion. Since the 1980s, the man has continued to invent and sell devices and products based on his studies of water and minerals.

Another big thing that sets PhiSciences apart from other natural businesses is its use of serious science to support its products. For example, Dr. Flanagan discovered many of the amazing healing and health promoting properties found in silica hydride, which is used in many of the products offered on PhiSciences.

PhiSciences was created around the concept that health and wellness can be influenced by the smallest of devices. From Dr. Flanagan’s neurophone to the water and mineral based products he is now known for, PhiSciences provides a place for people to learn, read about, and purchase the many developments that the doctor offers.

Products Sold by Phi Sciences

PhiSciences offers four different categories of products, with some of these categories containing multiple products and others being just one specific product. All of the products sold by PhiSciences are supported by the research and studies done by Dr. Flanagan, making them more effective and powerful than any other options on the market.

What makes the categories of products offered by PhiSciences so amazing is that they are able to offer specific aid for a variety of ailments and conditions. And by dividing these products into these specific categories, Dr. Flanagan has made it extremely easy for customers to find what products will work best for them and offer them the most effective results.

The list of the product categories offered by PhiSciences, as well as the products offered in each category, can be found below.

Amazing Essentials

The key to these amazing skincare and wellness products is found in their ingredients. All the products offered by Amazing Essentials are packed full of vitamins, herbs, and botanically infused oils. However, all these amazing ingredients aren’t just thrown in without a care. Instead, the formulations used in these products are carefully crafted, so users get the most out of every use. Packed full of antioxidants, users will feel the difference between these products and all the ones they’ve used in the past.

  • Crystal Green Tea – $45
  • Dream Cream – $45
  • Vitamin C Source – $45
  • Crystal Myst – $35
  • Master Moisturizer – $65

Crystal Energy

The first product ever created by Dr. Flanagan, this concentrated Hunza water is crafted based off years of research. Dr. Flanagan was inspired to create this Crystal Energy after studying Hunza water. This water is known for being filled with billions of spherical silica nanoparticles. These nanoparticles are known for having the highest zeta potential possible.

  • Crystal Energy Hunza Water (4oz) – $45
  • Crystal Energy Super Saver (3 Pack) – $90
  • Crystal Energy Super Saver (5 Pack) – $207.50


While water is important in its most basic form, with MegaHydrate users can completely unlock the true power of water. This supplement, which is offered in both powder and capsule form is able to provide a burst of nutrient replenishment to the most basic cellular level of the body, all while clearing the system of toxins and pollutants.

  • MegaHydrate Capsules (5 Pack Deal) – $149.75
  • MegaHydrate Powder – $80
  • MegaHydrate Capsules (Single Bottle) – $39.95


At the moment, PhiSciences is out of neurophones, which were created by Dr. Flanagan back when he was only 14 years old. However, for those who already have a neurophone, which makes it possible to encode sounds in very specific ways, Phi Sciences still offers replacement stainless steel transducers for both the neurophone DSP and the neurophone GRS.

  • Replacement Transducers – $75

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