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Shaklee Healthprint – Personalized Digital Health Assessments?

Shaklee Healthprint is a program that analyzes your current state of health to give you a customized approach to your health. With this information, you are able to improve your body and physical fitness.

What is Healthprint?

When you begin a diet and exercise problem, you may start researching different trendy plans, helping to determine what the best course of action is for you. Once you figure out which diet you want to try, you can follow along to get the desired results. However, you’re just following a plan that was dreamt up by a nutritionist for people in your situation. If you want a program that is catered to your particular needs and body, then Shaklee Healthprint is the best choice for you.

The Healthprint system is relatively new on the market, having only been released to the public on August 4th, 2016. It is a system that has you answer a variety of questions to figure out your current state of health, and then makes recommendations from those questions. You don’t wear the same size clothing as everyone, or like the same foods as everyone, so why should you follow a diet that is created for everyone?

Healthprint caters to a variety of different goals, which is how the company sets it apart from other services. Rather than just looking at weight loss options and the best ones for your body, you are able to choose which areas of your life you want to improve. You may be at the perfect weight, but you want to improve the functioning of your immune system or lower your cholesterol. Regardless of the physical goal you have for your body, Healthprint can steer you in the right direction.

How Does Healthprint Work?

There are three main components to the Healthprint system, which involve answering a set of questions to find out your diet and lifestyle score, stimulating the different recommendations for products. However, the first step in the process involves taking that quiz.

The form contains about 20 questions. First, company starts off simple by asking about your age, weight, and your gender. Then, it goes into more detail that is relevant to your figure, asking about:

  • Typical energy level
  • The amount of stress you have in your life
  • Your sleep schedule and habits
  • The state of your mental capacity
  • Your exercise routine
  • The content of your home cleaning products
  • Your diet, including how much of each fruit, vegetable, and whole grains you eat.
  • The amount of soda and other sugary drinks you consume
  • Your morning breakfast routine
  • Your organic food preferences
  • Any dietary restrictions you must adhere to
  • Any hormonal changes you may be enduring (if you’re a woman)

Once you establish a certain amount of information about yourself, you can start to work on setting some goals for your wellness. Healthprint has three spaces for you to fill in on the website letting you choose from a variety of concerns, like weight loss or heart health. The drop-down menu allows you to pick three goals to strive for with their system. As one of the last questions, you are even asked how much money you want to spend on a daily basis to “achieve your optimum health.”

At the end of this questionnaire, you are informed that the results can be emailed to you, but you will see your options for total fitness on the website at this time. However, you will be required to put in your contact information to be able to gain access online.

Using Healthprint

To take advantage of the program, all you have to do is fill out all of the questions on the quiz, and submit your contact information for results. From there, your fitness routine is customized to fit you, so instructions will vary from person to person.

Pricing for Healthprint

In order to reap the benefits of Healthprint, you will have to choose which of the three levels of plans you want to use, since they all vary in cost and promotional products that go with the recommendations.

The first option is the basic program, which is $96.45, plus a $19.95 membership fee. The advanced plan costs $159.95, but you will have the membership fee waived, since your purchase is over $150. The comprehensive plan is a total of $321.90, which includes free membership and a free Basic H2 Organic Super Cleaning Wipes.

The extra products you are offered with each membership will be determined by the goals that you stated in the questionnaire. These extra products cost extra dollars, so be sure to read carefully when you make your purchase. Most of the products are different foods and drinks, which amplify your success in your body goals.

Contacting the Makers of Healthprint: Shaklee

If you still have questions about the Healthprint system, you will need to speak with the MLM company Shaklee. The company is reachable by phone when you call 1-800-SHAKLEE. Unfortunately, no hours of operation are listed, so you will have to find out when they are open by trial and error.


Healthprint offers a customized approach to changing your body and your life. Before now, you may have found out about different eating plans or exercise routines from friends and family, with little regard for the way your body can actually benefit. With the information and tools offered to you through Healthprint, you can choose the plan that caters specifically to your health needs.

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