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Wasa – Healthy Specialty Crackers From Wholesome Ingredients?

Wasa is a company that produces several types of crackers to eat on their own or with different toppings. Top these crackers with vegetables, jellies, cheese, or other garnishes for a tasty appetizer, which is also rich with nutrients.

What is Wasa?

The snack food aisle is loaded with different flavors and textures for convenience snacks, all attempting to appeal to the largest consumer base possible. However, to cater to these desires, most companies skimp on healthy ingredients, using the fattiest and saltiest ingredients to achieve the taste they want. You may think that the only choice you have is to fill your body with calories that will never fill you, but you don’t have to have to waste your money on something unhealthy to satisfy your taste buds. Instead, check out the different products that are offered by Wasa.

Wasa is known for their production of crispbread, which comes in many flavors and styles. Crispbread is similar to the structure of Triscuits or saltine crackers, but with a thick texture that is reminiscent of compressed bread. One of the most impressive things about these snacks is their shelf life. Due to the drying process, you can keep these crackers and crispbreads stored in your pantry for an extended amount of time, but without losing flavor or nutrients.

Wasa has been the biggest and top crispbread producer in the world for almost an entire century, and has been a part of the Barilla Group for just under 20 years. If you haven’t tried it already, you will easily be able to find their products in 40 different countries across the globe. With their main bakeries in Sweden and Germany, they manage to produce all of the inventory they need to get the crackers from their factory to your pantry.

About the Barilla Group

Barilla has been around for even longer than Wasa by about 30 years, starting as a simple bread and pasta shop. While they still produce both of those items, the company has grown to be one of the top Italian food groups in the industry.

Products by Wasa

Wasa offers three different types of products to cater to your texture preferences – Crispbread, Crisp’n Light, and Thins. Each variation of the classic cracker comes with different flavors and recipes, which helps you to combine them with your favorite cheese or jelly spread. Take a look at the different options below, and find the flavor you want to start with.


The Crispbread is probably the thickest of the three crackers, but also has less of a crunch. The snack is reminiscent of a flat and dry bread, which makes it easy to make appetizers and snacks that are rich with wholesome nutrients. Choose from the follow breads:

  • Fiber, which comes from whole grain rye flour
  • Light Rye, which uses whole grain rye with less calories
  • Hearty, which features whole grain flour and rye bran topping for a filling treat
  • Sourdough, which balances the crispness of the cracker with the bold taste of sourdough
  • Sesame, which uses wheat bread that is covered in sesame seeds
  • Whole Grain, which is made with whole grain rye flour, yeast and salt
  • Flax Seed, which combines all the benefits of 100% wholegrain rye and flax seed
  • Multi Grain, which contains four different grains for maximum nutrients.

Crisp’n Light

The Crisp’n Light line of crackers are just like the crispbread snacks offered but with one catch – each slice is less than 25 calories. Each of the two flavors are distinct, allowing you to choose between:

  • Crisp’n Light 7 Grain, which contains Wheat, Whole Grain Wheat, Whole Grain Rye, Whole Grain Barley, Spelt, Whole Grain Amaranth, and Whole Grain Quinoa as the seven grains
  • Crisp’n Light Wholesome Wheat, which features a mild rye flavor


The Thins are oven baked, and are the slimmest of all of the Wasa snacks. Each serving is 80 calories or less, and the thinness of the snack makes it the perfect addition to any dip or treat. There are two flavors available, giving a subtle hint of seasoning to your selected topping.

  • Rosemary & Sea Salt, with offers a mild flavoring
  • Sesame & Sea Salt, which has sesame seeds spread throughout the whole-grain snack

Where to Buy Wasa Products

The Wasa snacks are available for purchase both from the website and in stores, depending on your particular location. If you want to purchase the snack online, go to the product’s page and add it to your shopping cart. You will determine your shipping fees and total price at the end of your purchase. You do not have to visit a third-party website to purchase.

If you want to find these snacks in stores, you will need to use the store locator tool on the website to find participating companies. However, this tool is much more detailed than most other companies offer in their location searches. Instead of just finding a store that sells the brand, you can specify which of the different flavors or products you are looking for as well. All you need to enter is your zip code, and you will get an entire list of the stores in your area that carry the particular Wasa product you want.

Contacting Wasa

Wasa features an in-depth FAQ section to answer all of your questions about the brand and its products. However, if you find that your question cannot be answered in this section, your best bet is to contact the company. There is no phone number presently listed for customer inquiries, but you can submit your question using the fill-in form on the website. Add as much detail as possible to get your question routed to the correct department.


Wasa is a well-established brand that is notorious for their innovative and thin snacks, which are packed with loads of nutritional value. Their partnership with Barilla, along with their current popularity, make them a highly desirable treat to add to your grocery basket as you shop. Top them with your favorite ingredients, or eat them as they are. Whatever you decide to do, you can still enjoy the delicate and appetizing flavors of any crispbread you choose.

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