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Terravia – Nutritional Algae Based Supplements?

There are many americans that really want to start incorporating healthier eating principles into their lives, but they just don’t know where to start.

Terravia realizes that there is a need to be able to add simple ingredients to our food to be able to receive major health benefits. Some people manage to improve their diets by cutting back on processed snack foods and unnecessary sugars but that just isn’t enough to sustain your health.

Other people add healthy fats to their diet by using olive too cook with and even incorporating unrefined, cold processed coconut oil into their salads and smoothies. However, if you are using the wrong types of oils you won’t be getting all of the health benefits that those products proclaim to have.

Terravia has created a product line unlike any other that you have probably seen. They are creatively offering consumers a way to add a potent superfood into their diet in an easy-to-use, and an easy-to-attain way.

Let’s take a closer look by reading below to learn more about what types of products Terravia has innovated.

About Terravia

So what exactly has Terravia done to bring superfood to the masses? Well, they have found a way to formulate algae into different types of applications.

By creating their own algae, they have created a sustainable way to prove the public with a variety of ways to use this powerful superfood to their advantage.

Whether it is a powder that can be added to recipes, an oil to cook with or to also add to recipes, or a supplement form that delivers a quality source of Omega 3s, Terravia is on their way to becoming a household name.

Currently there are only a few product lines available to the public, however, more are on the way. Take a look a some of what is available on the market today:


This exciting product is a protein powder made from sustainable algae. It is unique in that it is a whole food, instead of a derivative of a different food source.

For instance, whey protein created by the process of removing whey from a dairy product like milk. This results in creating an abundance of waste, and the protein loses other vital nutrients. Other vegetarian or plant-based proteins that are widely available are derived from soy, rice or peas and are only 65% percent vegan protein.

AlgaVia also contains a healthy amount of dietary fiber and can be used in the place of eggs and dairy products in a wide array of recipes, including baked goods and treats. It is also worth mentioning that this whole algae, protein rich powder is non-GMO, free of gluten, and other common allergens.


Here, concentrated algae oils are the star of this revolutionary product line.

Terravia has managed to create a plan-based oil that crushes the completion from other plant based oils by not only reducing their carbon footprint as a company, they have also been busy innovating a product that has more heart healthy mono-saturated fats, and less of the unwanted saturated fat that other oils such as olive and avocado oils have.

Designed to be used in many different culinary applications, the structure of this oil can be used in many different cooking methods.

In fact, it is flexible enough to be used in backing techniques, frying, searing and sauteeing.

AlgaWise even comes in a butter-like format to be used just like you would use butter in desserts or french-style cooking.


As a part of AlgaWise, Thrive was created to provide both master chefs and home cooks with a cooking oil that is packaged in a handy to use size.

Ounce for ounce, Thrive has more heart healthy properties than any other cooking oil than you can get from other plant-sourced oils available in the market today. With less than 75% saturated fats, Terravia has really nailed the nutritional needs to keep people healthy in a sustainable way.

With Terravia Lose the Fat, Not the Flavor

As you know, taste is super important when it comes to anything you eat or cook with.

Terravia’s line of ethically sourced and sustained algae products are not only an excellent, healthy way to consume healthy proteins and Omega 3s, they actually taste good. This serves as the perfect way to make some healthy changes to y our diet. Do some good for your body and the planet at the same time.

Terravia Review Summary

The need to find food that are healthy, provide extra protein, and are plant-based is a rising demand for many people.

Terravia has a commitment to making sure that they not only raise the standard for plant-based products, they are also dedicated to ensuring that their products are sustainable and ethical.

Try some Thrive algae oil in your cooking for a taste and quality difference you can see and taste to believe. Here’s to your health!

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