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ProLesterol – Probiotic That Helps Reduce Cholesterol Levels?

ProLesterol is a cholesterol support probiotic. It was developed by Princeton Nutrients and is supposedly one of the best supplements for helping the body release cholesterol. Read this review to find out more about ProLesterol today!

What is ProLesterol?

ProLesterol is one of the newest supplements to hit the market. It promises to help you with the elimination of the body’s extra cholesterol. It even claims to be scientifically formulated and prove through clinical studies.

How Does ProLesterol Work?

Cholesterol is a waxy substance that is produced in your liver. It is used to supply your body with the substances it needs in order to make hormones. It also helps with the production of vitamin D and much more. It is a highly beneficial substance when it is the right kind of cholesterol.

The problem is, that most cholesterol that is consumed by us, is very unhealthy. It’s found in many of the fatty foods we consume on a daily basis. It’s in meets like pork chops, corned beef, steak and items like hot dogs. The trans fats in these items are very unhealthy. It’s also in hydrogenated vegetable oils and other saturated fats. Butter, lard and other items contain the unhealthy cholesterol as well.

Diets that are high in trans fats, are unhealthy because they boost the level of bad cholesterol in your body. When too much of the bad low density, lipoprotein, accumulates in your body, problems start to happen. This happens from eating too much bad foods.

The process will then build up plaque in your arteries. When plaque builds in between the layers of your arteries, then you suffer from more problems. Health issues are often related to the cardiovascular system. And if the buildup continues, then it will accumulate and block the flow of blood to the arteries. It can lead to extremely dangerous conditions like coronary disease, heart attack and stroke. The easiest ways to negate this from happening is to change your diet. It’s the simplest way, but also one of the most difficult for most people. Many professionals recommend eating Omega-3s every day, as well as whey protein and soluble fiber.

The ingredients in ProLesterol are designed to help you negate the effects of cholesterol as well. They will provide your body with a better chance and ability to reduce cholesterol in your body.

What Ingredients are in ProLesterol?

There’s actually no determining from the company website as to what is in the supplement. But if we look at other supplements that are of a similar nature, there are substances like fish oil, CoQ10, garlic, niacin and red yeast rice. Unfortunately, however, it’s not possible to see what’s in the ProLesterol compound.

There are countless items online you can purchase for the use of lowering cholesterol. And they claim to have the same effects as ProLesterol. Most of them contain items like high levels Omega-3 Fatty Acids and Psyllium Husk as well as Soy Protein.

Other substances that are said to be beneficial to your levels of cholesterol are artichoke extract, barley, and green tea extract. Whether or not probiotics are beneficial or not is unknown. The components are found within the ProLesterol are probiotics.

Are probiotics really beneficial to your cholesterol though? They definitely help people with healthier digestion and a better functioning body. They also help with immune response and reducing the effects of gas and bloating. They are definitely beneficial to you in several ways. And the definite answer as to if they will help you with your cholesterol or not is yes.

They are actually shown to lower the amount of bad cholesterol in your body. And help elevate the levels of good cholesterol. So in theory, ProLesterol will most likely help you lower the levels of bad cholesterol in your body. We’ll likely have to wait for the makers of the supplement to release more information before we know for sure what is in the supplement.

How Much Does ProLesterol Cost?

ProLestrol is available in one of the three purchasing options. The first is one bottle, $45 and $6.95 for Shipping and handling. The second option is for 3 bottles, and that cost $120 plus free shipping and handling. The last of the options is for 6 bottles. 6 bottles $210 plus free shipping.

All of the ProLesterol purchases carry a 90-day refund policy, minus the shipping and handling charges. In order to get a refund though, you’ll have to contact the company that makes the supplement.

What Do Customers Say About ProLesterol?

As of right now, there are no reviews on the website They are still an early developed company apparently. And still have not received enough purchases to get reviews. The company that manufactures the product do have a high rating however.

They have received a 4.4 out of 5-star rating which is considerably good. This is much higher than many of the other companies who sell similar products. They’re likely a good company and can be trusted to deliver quality products.

Should I Use ProLesterol?

According to the reviews of the company, yes. Even though there are not reviews on this product itself. The company has received enough good reviews to speculate that this product can be trusted. It’s also a fairly reasonable price, and the money back guarantee basically makes it risk free. So final verdict, yes, give ProLesterol a try and see how it effects the levels of cholesterol in your body.

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