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Orgen Family – 100% USDA Organic Vitamins & Minerals?

As a society we have steadily become more and more aware of what our bodies need to maintain optimal levels of health.

Many Americans have taken it upon themselves to do diligent research on the foods they eat, the vitamins they take, and the beverages that they drink to make sure that they are all thoughtfully sourced and contain what they claim without including unnecessary fillers or other potentially harmful additives.

These actions have produced a highly completive market which makes it increasingly difficult for the consumer to know who they can trust.

Many companies have infiltrated the market making claims that they are organic, or ethically sourced and have no proof to back them up. However, Orgenetics has created their line of Orgen family vitamins and minerals to meet the expectations of even the most critical and health focused consumer.

A Healthier Choice With Orgen Family

Orgenetics proudly offers their products as the perfect solution to those consumers who want and expect only the best.

In fact, each and every one of their products is certified by several different groups to meet their stringent standards. These certification and standards include:

  • USDA Organic: Certified to be 100% organic
  • EU Organic: European organic certification
  • 100% Natural: Guaranteed to be completely natural
  • Kosher
  • All Vegan Ingredients
  • Free of Pesticides
  • Non-GMO Products
  • Non-Synthetic
  • Food Safe

With consideration to the list above, Orgenetics prides itself in being able to be transparent with their ingredients and they are one of the only companies around that can confidently state that their vitamins and minerals meet all of this criteria.

From The Farm to You

Another one of the factors that makes the Orgenetics line of products so unique is that they are involved in every single step of production and manufacturing. From growing the plants used, performing inclusive research, and performing final lab work, the Orgen family is dedicated to their work. On top off that they also have a long standing partnership with the Organic Certified division of Green Chem located in India.

Green Chem was chosen as an intentional business partner due to their commitment to organic materials and the fact that they are positioned with access to top-notch research facilities. All of the ingredients that are implemented by Orgen are:

Sourced in their own pure state without any fermentation.

No additives, fillers, or synthetic materials are used or included.

Vitamins and minerals are naturally extracted using only water.

No carriers are added to the extracts so that each one is whole and pure.

Only The Highest Quality in Health Supplements

When it comes to choosing the best ingredients for your vitamin and mineral needs, the choice is pretty clear.

Orgen is committed to providing the safest materials to their vendors and consumers, and along with the Organic certification that they have attained, it is easy to see that they mean what they say. Being health conscious about your own health is one thing, but when a whole company is as aware of health as you are you have found a true partner in health.

You have found Orgen.

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