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ToneX – Legit Core Strengthening Fitness Vest For Exercising?

When it comes to shaping and forming the body, there are often no lengths people won’t go. And this is becoming more and more true in recent years as the obesity crisis has grown. As is the case throughout history, as the weight problem the Western world was facing became front page news, society began to fight back.

As a result, people are adjusting their eating habits and workout habits in order to experience better health.

While diet is a huge aspect of losing weight, getting fit, and increasing muscle mass, fitness plays just as important a role. And it’s obvious that people are embracing serious workout and exercise methods, pushing their bodies to the limit so that they can increase their strength and support their overall health. However, there are several downfalls to the current exercise trends currently being used.

Gyms have always been at the forefront of the exercise world, but they can be expensive. Plus, unless someone has a home gym, it can be time consuming to travel to and from a local gym every day.

Even home gyms have their downsides, costing huge amounts of money to truly reach levels that are helpful for users. Training programs and systems are also options, but they cost a lot of money and once they’re completed, they don’t push the body anymore.

One of the best ways to exercise is to use the strength of the body. This is seen most clearly in resistant training.

Through resistant training, users can do the same exercise over and over, but push their bodies to new limits each and every time. More importantly, with resistant training, the body is safer during these workouts, with a lesser tendency for being hurt.

For those who want to take their resistant training to the next level, the Tonex is the perfect tool. Using methods that have long been praised by fitness professionals, the Tonex allows users to add a degree of resistant training to every workout they do, pushing and strengthening their bodies more and more each day.

What is Tonex?

Tonex is a fitness vest that wraps around the back and upper chest, connecting to two handles that are attached to the vest using resistant bands.

When combined with the exercises that users do on a regular basis, Tonex is able to provide a steady resistance, which forces users to push themselves a little more during each of their workouts. As a result, Tonex is able to give users better results than they would get through other methods.

The best thing about Tonex is that it provides a total body workout without the need for fancy equipment or expensive gym memberships.

A simple run can turn into a crucial combination of cardio and weight training with the Tonex, making it the simplest tool for total fitness. With the Tonex, users can work their deltoids, pectoralis majors, triceps, and even their transverse abdominals. And the best thing is, users of Tonex get this workout using one simple device.

The harness of Tonex is comfortable and adjustable, so it can be used by athletes of any shape and size, allowing them to increase the level of difficulty whenever they want.

As a result, Tonex is able to offer users the one tool that they won’t outgrow, because Tonex users the strength of the body through resistant training to crucially work the body.

Benefits of Tonex

Everyone has heard the horror stories of people who have snapped muscles or torn ligaments because they were pushing their bodies too far with their resistance training.

One of the biggest reasons behind stories like these is that the typical resistance training that people are taught, like those that use weights, are unnatural to the body, resulting in a higher likelihood of damage to the body.

And this is where the first benefit of Tonex is seen. Unlike these unnatural methods of resistant training, Tonex is more natural, using the strength and resistance of the body to push users to new levels in their training. This means fewer injuries, even though they’re getting better results.

People often have to schedule days for when they’re going to work specific muscle groups. However, even with this type of organization, it’s very easy to overlook certain muscle groups that need to be worked out. However, with Tonex, more muscles are engaged, even those that often remain dormant in exercise.

Using Tonex, athletes will be able to push and strengthen parts of their bodies that they weren’t even aware could be worked out.

As mentioned above, one of the worst things about buying workout equipment is that it can often only be used for a bit, before it needs to be upgraded to another level as users improve in their fitness.

This can get expensive very quickly. However, with Tonex, all levels of difficulty are supported. For those who are just beginning, Tonex can be loosened, decreasing the amount of resistance felt through workouts. However, as Tonex users become stronger, they can tighten the bands, increasing the resistance so they are constantly pushing themselves.

This makes Tonex one of the most affordable options for continuous athletic improvement.

Back injuries are notorious with those who work out consistently. This is often because when they’re lifting weights or running, they aren’t maintaining the correct posture. As a result, they are more likely to have sore, aching backs.

What’s great about Tonex is that it pulls users into the correct posture naturally, allowing them to protect their backs even through the most difficult workouts. Just as important, the way Tonex corrects posture allows users to sculpt their back at the same time they’re working their arms.

Finally, because Tonex is a simple harness with resistant bands, it’s much lighter and easier to carry around than other workout equipment. Whether users are traveling or want to keep something in their car for spur of the moment workouts, the Tonex offers a simple and easy solution.

With Tonex, users can take their workouts anywhere, without a second thought. And, when Tonex gets dirty, it can be thrown in the wash for easy cleaning.

Purchasing Tonex

Even though Tonex has gone through trial runs and has proven to be a very effective exercise device, it isn’t quite ready to be purchased.

The device is still in the Beta phase and will be available in several months. However, for those who are too excited and can’t wait to get a Tonex, it will soon be launching a Kickstarter campaign which will allow those interested to be first in line to get the device when it is released.

By contributing a small amount to the manufacturing of Tonex, those who want to transform the way they exercise will be able to get first access to the resistant fitness vest.

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