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Shanti Bar – High Performance Nutrient Dense Protein Bar?

Super foods have seen a marked increase in popularity over the last few years, with people in increasing numbers turning towards supplements to give them the leading edge over their competition.

One of the issues with the vast amount of super foods is that it can be difficult to know where to begin looking for the best kinds, as well as the associated problems with formulas that may contain ingredients that are untested for human consumption.

Fortunately, consumers are more informed than ever when it comes to choosing the best brands with the advent of review and comparison sites to give users the pros and cons of each super food on the market.

One super food that has been making headlines due its numerous consumer reviews is Shanti Bar, which is reportedly a leader in high protein and nutrient dense supplements. Shanti Bar was crowned as Hope Solo’s performance bar of choice, who is an Olympic gold medallist in her own right.

What is the Shanti Bar?

As seen above, Shanti Bar is a super food that contains 100% raw and all-organic ingredients. Shanti bar is safe for vegans, with no added GMOs and is gluten-free.

One can easily purchase the Shanti Bar from the company’s website, as well as through their Amazon retailers. At the time of writing this article, the supported payment methods are major credit card brands as well as PayPal and internet banking.

Ordering the protein bar is quick and easy; one should receive their deliver within three to five working days, with most deliveries being sent from the company’s warehouse the following morning after it has confirmed payment.

In addition to purchasing the product, the team at Shanti also gives users the opportunity to earn product commissions on every product they sell.

The Shanti Bar affiliate program is free for anyone to join, but it is generally reserved for large website owners that seek to monetize their web traffic.

What flavors of Shanti Bar are there?

As stated previously, there are numerous flavours of Shanti bar that can be found. It should be noted that the ingredients for each flavour remain unchanged, with only its’ taste and texture changing from item to item.

The full list of flavours can be found below:

  • Lush Acai
  • Fat Burner Coconut
  • Libido C acao
  • Antioxidant Goji
  • Detox Spirulina
  • Anti-inflammatory Tumeric
  • Vitality Mulberry
  • Immunity Golden berry

The price of Shanti Bar includes a $4.99 flat rate shipping fee to anywhere in the world.

What ingredients can be found in the Shanti Bar?

Shanti Bar states that it brings only 100% natural and organic ingredients to their users. The protein and energy bars are packaged with the trending super food ingredients in the marketplace that promote life loving longevity.

Because Shanti Bar only contains ingredients that are produced by Mother Earth, shoppers can be assured that the bars are free from side effects, as well as unwanted interactions with prescription medicine. The lack of side effects is a key advantage that the bars have over other competing super foods.

The full ingredients for Shanti Bar can be seen below:

  • Celtic Salt
  • Acai Berries
  • Fruit Extracts
  • Nuts & Seeds
  • Coconut
  • Maca
  • Coconut Nectar
  • Cacao
  • Hemp
  • Golden Berries
  • Chia Seeds
  • Mulberries
  • Spirulina
  • Turmeric
  • Cardamom

Hope Solo and Shanti Bar

As mentioned at the start of this article, Shanti Bar is the protein product of choice for the Olympian Hope Solo, who is a renowned Women’s FIFA star.

Hope solo was awarded the Golden Glove Award for her skills on the soccer field, as well as being crowned the FIFA’s world cup champion.

Hope stated that that raw ingredients found in Shanti Bar were pivotal to her success in the FIFA championship, taking the taking the energy bar post and pre workout sessions, as well as for a nutritious snack in between meals.

The raw seeds, berries, stone fruits, coconut nectar and spices allow her to sustain a world-class act in the ultra-competitive field of Women’s FIFA. She states that the bar is suitable for anyone from pro-athletes to moms and dads on the go that seek to boost their energy levels naturally.

About Shanti Bar: Lauren and Ashanty

Lauren and Ashanty are the founders and masterminds behind Shanti Bar, starting the business in 2012. Lauren and Ashanty both have strong backgrounds in fitness, as well as the culinary arts. The goal of the Shanti Bar was to make eating healthy supplements a delicious choice, while delivering a wealth of needed nutrients.

The duo began their journey from their Miami Beach kitchen, formulating the perfect bar that was rich in super foods and protein.

What are people saying about Shanti Bar?

As one of the leading brands in the marketplace, there is no shortage of reviews that can be found online about the energy and protein bar.

Most of the reviews are very positive in nature about the product, with many users singing the company’s praises.

The most common compliment that the business received was due to how good the bars tasted, making the seemingly impossible task of making super foods appealing to virtually everyone.

The other compliment Shanti Bar received was due to its wide selection of flavours with different nutritional benefits. There is no lack of variety of choice of when it comes to the bar, with each having its specific properties and health benefits.

It should be noted however that Shanti Bar was not completely safe from criticism. There were some remarks made from disgruntled customers that they received late or defective deliveries, and that they were unhappy that the products did not come with a free trial period, or a money back guarantee.

Shanti Bar Review Summary

Although the criticism of the bar should be taken into consideration, the overwhelming majority of reviews are very positive about Shanti Bar, which makes it a recommendable product to anyone that seeks a more healthful way of life.

In conclusion, although the bars are far from being a magic pill, if users keep their expectations in check about the product then one may be pleasantly surprised with their results.

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