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How to Start a Healthy Home Based Business & Work from Home

Working from home is a dream for many people. Making lots of money working from home online is an even better dream.

What we wanted to do was put a test on the proverbial make money from home pitch and talk about how to start a health and wellness focused home based business.

No matter your background or ultimate pursuit, the dietary supplement industry alone is approaching $40,000,000,000 per year in sales and has no signs of slowing down. We see it that you could partake in this growing space and add real value to a place and space where quality is the priority and the cream will rise to the top when it comes to designing and crafting the best product, service or opportunity for people to live a higher, healthier quality of life.

For millions of people around the world, this dream isn’t a fantasy: it’s real life, and they’re living it every day.

A home-based, online business lets you work from home. But it also lets you work from anywhere you have internet. You’re free to travel the world, experience new things, and make a full-time income while you’re at it.

Whether you’re reading this at your cubicle or sitting at home unemployed, starting a home-based business is a real possibility for anyone – and you can get started today.

The first step is deciding what your home-based business is going to be. We like to take the approach and angle of opening up your own nutritional supplement line or becoming a part of a health and wellness movement, community or group. Whether it be the bodybuilder filming himself at the gym and uploading to Youtube, or opening up an amazon supplement business, we wanted to give you the best home based business ideas you could start to apply if you were serious about your health as you are your wealth.

Picking a Healthy Home Based Business Idea

The first and most challenging part of starting a home based business is deciding what you’re going to do. You can find lists online that list dozens of home business ideas, in which one that likely immediately jumps to mind if you are considering health and wellness is joining a network marketing/MLM company that primarily focuses on nutritional products with a business opportunity attached to it. However, times have changed. From private labeling to white labeling to affiliate to drop shipping, there are many ways to get involved with offering and promoting dietary nutrition supplements.

We are not going to overwhelm you with specific niches, business opportunities, or industries you should join. Instead, we will broadly talk about some of the top categories of home based businesses you can find today.

Broadly speaking, you can either sell services online (freelancing), sell goods online, or work for a company over the internet. Then we will bring back the conversation full circle by including the best health, nutrition, diet, fitness and supplement ideas you can think on if you want to start your own online business and work from home.


Freelancing is probably the easiest home based business idea to start. When you freelance, you’re selling your services in exchange for money. The hardest part of freelancing is thinking of something you’re good at – and then finding a way to market your services to the world. When it comes to the world of health, those who are already heavily involved with it will need content which becomes a great way for those who enjoy health and fitness to write about it and make a full time income.

Today on the internet, you’ll find people freelancing across all different industries. There are freelance writers, graphic designers, web programmers, and business consultants, to name a few.

Other people freelance their services offline while running a home-based business. You might be a freelance home electrician, for example, or a freelance landscaper. Just because you’re running a home-based business doesn’t mean that you stay at home all the time.

Selling Products Online

Do you have a product that you want to sell? Many successful home-based businesses involve selling products in some form or another. Maybe you invented a unique product. Maybe you make products on your own and sell them – like on Etsy. Or maybe you just buy products for cheap from China and then re-sell them to western marketplaces – which is how a lot of drop-shipping businesses work.

In many ways, selling products online is superior to selling products at a brick-and-mortar business. You avoid the high overhead costs of physical retail space, for example. You also have a potential market of literally billions of people who can buy your products.

Working for a Company

Just because you have a home-based business doesn’t mean it’s your own independent business. Many network marketing / multi-level marketing businesses are based out of someone’s own home. With a network marketing business, you still have lots of freedom and can work from home – but you’re also working on behalf of the network marketing company.

Network marketing companies often advertise their opportunities to those who are chasing the work-from-home lifestyle. These companies will often lure you in with promises of making thousands of dollars per month from home – when in reality, only a small percentage of network marketers will ever break even (most lose their entire initial investment before dropping out of the industry).

With that in mind, be wary of network marketing scams. Do plenty of research before you join a company. If a company charges you a fee to join, then it’s probably a multi-level marketing company. If that company requires you to buy a certain amount of product every month to stay active, then it’s probably a pyramid scheme.

You don’t have to join a network marketing company to work from home online: many employers allow employees to work from home. You “telecommute” to work every day and enjoy the freedom of a home-based business along with the security of a well-paying job.

Thousands of Other Opportunities

An at-home business can be just about anything. There are some people who make money selling downloadable eBooks online. Others make money by maintaining a network of hundreds of websites, each of which earns a trickle of advertising revenue.

Some people run an at-home business that performs real-world services – like everything from mowing lawns to reselling vehicles to flipping properties.

Ultimately, your home-based business idea is only limited to your own creativity.

Tips for Working from Home Online

There’s a big difference between running a home-based business and working from home online. If you work from home online, then you typically have more freedom: instead of performing services or selling products in the “real world”, you can do your job from wherever you have an internet connection.

How do you start working from home online and running a home-based business? Here are some tips that will help you get started.

Learn to Spot Legitimate Opportunities

Millions of people search “work from home online” every month on Google. Many of these people are looking for an easy solution: they have virtually no applicable skills, but they like the sound of a work-from-home lifestyle.

That’s why there are thousands of work-from-home scams. A quick Google Search will turn up advertisements for work from home jobs where you can “earn $47 per hour typing at home”.

Use your common sense here. Think of how many people in the world are proficient typists. Is any company really going to pay such a high wage for a low-skill job?

In many cases, it’s hard to distinguish between legitimate work-from-home opportunities and scams. The most important thing to remember is to perform lots of research. Understand that nobody is giving away jobs for free on the internet.

Be Prepared to Start Small and Work your Way Big

Whether you’re freelancing as a copywriter or a web designer, few people are going to pay you $100 per hour without any proof of your qualifications.

If you have lots of experience – then great! You can start at a higher wage.

Many people, however, will need to start off small before working their way big.

Don’t Think Working from Home Will Be Easy

Many people have this idea that working from home is like a never-ending vacation. You wake up, put on some pajama pants, and sit at home drinking coffee all day.

Sure, you can do that – but you’re not going to be very successful. Working from home is a lot of hard work. In some ways, it’s a lot easier than working at an office. You get to avoid commuting, for example, and you can dress however you like.

But don’t mistake that for a vacation. Just like in the real world, workers who are lazy and unmotivated aren’t going to succeed. On the flip side, workers who are willing to put in long hours and work hard are going to experience success – whether they’re working from home or downtown.

Learn How to Focus

You may think you’re good at focusing. But just wait until you’re sitting at home alone with no supervision. You have the whole internet in front of you. You have a fridge full of beer. You have TV, a backyard, exercise equipment…it’s easy to get distracted.

One of the hardest parts about working from home is learning to focus – especially if you’ve always worked in an environment with constant supervision. It’s like the first time you live on your own – you have the whole world in front of you, and it’s easy to get distracted from the task at hand.

Some people use the Pomodoro technique to stay motivated and focused. Other people drink a pot of coffee every day. Some people take nootropics. Others install website blockers so they stay away from YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, and other time-wasters.

Whatever works for you, if you learn how to focus, you’re going to be more successful working from home.

Create a Daily Schedule

Another common work-from-home pitfall is neglecting to give yourself a regular schedule. It’s easy to sleep in until noon and work until 8pm every day, but for most people, it’s better to stick to a more conventional work schedule.

Creating a daily schedule – and getting dressed up for work – reminds you not to get lazy. It will keep you hungry for more success.

More Home-Based Business Ideas

Thinking of running a home-based business? Can’t think of the right opportunity? Here are some more home-based business and work-from-home online business ideas you can use to get started:

-Freelance Copywriting: Have you always been good at writing? Can your writing convince someone to buy products or services online? Become a freelance copywriter and contract out your services for anywhere from $30 to $300 per hour (or thousands of dollars per project).

-Freelance Design: Whether it’s graphic design, web design, product design, or anything else, there’s a huge demand for creative professionals who can design great stuff at a reasonable price.

-Dropshipping: Dropshipping essentially involves selling products to people without holding onto any inventory yourself. If you’re good at selling stuff online, then you can earn a reasonable income through dropshipping.

-Virtual Assistant: These jobs are typically reserved for workers in the Philippines and India, but there’s a demand all over the world for virtual assistants. As a virtual assistant, your job is similar to that of a secretary. You manage calls and emails for your employer – you just do it over the internet.

-Online Tutors or Teachers: There are plenty of people around the world willing to pay good money for someone to speak to them in English. Charge your services as a tutor or teacher over the internet. You don’t even have to be teaching English – you can teach people in any unique skill you might have.

Above all, when you’re looking for work-from-home opportunities online, remember one thing: if it sounds too good to be true, then it probably is. That lesson is particularly true on the internet. Nobody is giving you $80 an hour for an unskilled job you can do in your pajamas. You need to be creative, hardworking, and entrepreneurial to succeed on the internet. If you feel you have the right stuff, then running a home-based business over the internet might be for you.

We are going to continue to update our ideas for healthy home based business opportunities and give you the best guide we can for entering this lucrative space because the world needs more people being health conscious and feel like there is no better way to do it than to get people fired up and involved at every level. If everyone was as passionate about making money as they are being healthy, the world would be a far better place!

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