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FDA Issues Prescription Testosterone Drug Abuse Warning

Earlier today, the FDA announced big changes in the way it handles prescription testosterone labeling. Labels on prescription testosterone are now required to carry a warning about the serious health risks linked to their abuse.

The changes were announced on October 25.

The FDA announced the changes in response to increased reports of people abusing prescription testosterone drugs. Athletes and bodybuilders, for example, have been known to take doses higher than prescribed while also “stacking” these drugs with anabolic steroids.

As you can imagine, stacking prescription testosterone drugs with anabolic steroids has some powerful effects on your health.

The FDA claims such abuse is linked with serious health and safety risks – like heart attacks, stroke, depression, liver toxicity, and male infertility. It can also lead to physiological problems like hostility and aggression.

Some of the worst effects, however, come after you stop taking the drugs. Withdrawal effects from testosterone supplementation can be severe. Symptoms include fatigue, irritability, loss of appetite, insomnia, and decreased libido, all of which can occur even when you’re taking a post-cycle therapy.

FDA Changes Its Labeling to Inform Drug Users and Doctors

The label changes are significant and are designed to remind both users and doctors about the potential for abuse of testosterone products. Labels will specifically mention the serious health risks associated with their abuse.

In addition, testosterone drug labels will tell doctors who suspect abuse to monitor their patients’ blood testosterone levels.

How to Get a Testosterone Drug Prescription

Typically, testosterone drugs are prescribed to men with low testosterone levels – which typically occurs as a result of medical conditions or hereditary problems. Certain conditions can prevent the production of testosterone, for example.

Physical damage to the testicles – like from infection, chemotherapy, or disease – can also impede testosterone production in the male body.

However, testosterone drugs aren’t just prescribed to men who have medical and hereditary conditions. Some doctors prescribe testosterone drugs to men who are experiencing a natural decline in testosterone production as they age.

The use of testosterone drugs to combat the effects of aging is controversial. In one 2013 study, it was found that 1 in 4 men receiving testosterone drugs did not have their testosterone levels measured before treatment.

The Testosterone Drug Industry is Being Abused

Clearly, the testosterone drug industry is being abused. The FDA’s new labeling requirements for prescription testosterone drugs is designed to combat that abuse by warning doctors and their patients of the potentially deadly effects.

Expect to see these new labels on prescription testosterone drugs in the near future. However, we’ll have to wait to see how much of an effect it will actually have on testosterone drug abuse.

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