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Green Tea X50 – Tribeca Health’s Detoxifying Energy Drink Mix?

Tribeca is a fairly new health supplement company that is based out of Australia. There is only a small selection of products at this time, but they claim to be of the highest quality. Read this review to find out about Green Tea X50 today.

What is Tribeca Green Tea X50?

Tribeca Health Green Tea X50 is a convenient to use sachet. It provides users with green tea catechins and reservatrol. It is flavored and easy to make. All you have to do, is mix it with clear, clean water. It is designed to help you stay healthy hydrated and full of good energy.

How Does Tribeca Green Tea X50 Work?

The supplement is derived from one of the world’s most popular drinks. Green tea is one of the best antioxidants available and is completely safe for everyone.

Time and time again, green tea has been proven to be one of the best health supplements on the market. The supplement manufacturers claim that the supplement will help you with wellbeing. It is also said to induce a calming like effect. Along with that, the supplement will help you with weight loss.

It works by acting as an inhibitor of carbohydrates that will also increase the metabolism so you can burn more fat. So ideally, it doesn’t just act as a powerful fat burner, it also helps you avoid carbs as fats. It’s a type of double effectiveness. The effects happen because of the properties of the green tea catechins. Typically you would need as much as 10-16 cups of green tea to get enough of the active ingredients.

According to the people at Tribeca, Green Tea X50 has as much of the nutrients as 20 cups of green tea in each serving. They claim that is more than enough to see amazing health results. The resveratrol in the supplement is also one of the best ingredients you can consume. It is suspected of helping improve longevity. It will also help you support health heart and blood flow. Along with that, you can count on the improvement of insulin control.

The supplement comes in four different flavors. There is mango, raspberry, tropical and original. The flavors are said to taste to great. The tropical and the original are said to be the tastiest flavors out of the four.

The product mixes quite well, they claim there is only a small amount of residue at the bottom of the glass when you’re done. It’s best to mix the Green Tea X50 works best in cold water. You could drink it with hot water if you want, but people claim it’s not as good.

What Ingredients Are in Tribeca Green Tea X50

The supplement only contains two different ingredients, so it’s a very clean product. The two ingredients in Green Tea X50 are Camellia Sinesis Leaf Extract, also known as green tea extract. And it contains, Fallopia Japonica Root Extract, which contains at least 30mg of reservatrol.

Other ingredients in the supplement are sweeteners, flavors, and colors. The supplement was created to have a majorly long shelf life. Each packet, of Green Tea X50 contains 60 serves 3g each. It has about 10 calories and 1.9g of carbohydrates.

How Much Does Tribeca Green Tea X50 Cost?

Items on Green Tea X50 are fairly priced. When compared to other supplement companies, they are averagely priced.

What Are Customers Saying About Tribeca Green Tea X50?


People report that the supplement tastes great. And that it leaves you with a very calm feeling of relaxation and smooth energy. Apparently, it’s a good health product that is ideal for anyone looking to achieve higher levels of health.


Each of the packets is said to have the same amount of beneficial ingredients as about 5g of dried green tea. That’s only about 1 cup of prepared green tea. That makes it kind of difficult to believe the claims that one serving has the equivalent amount of ingredients to 20 cups of green tea.

It’s a little hard to swallow those claims. Most of the health benefits of green tea are based around people who primarily eat Asian diets. Many people in those cultures drink at least 3 cups of green tea a day.

So basically, if the numbers are correct, three sachets of Green Tea X50 is the equivalent to about e cups of Green Tea.

Should I Use Tribeca Green Tea X50?

The final verdict, is that it’s a quality product. And it will help improve your health. It is becoming a supplement that is achieving a near cult like status with its users. It will provide it’s users with the same active ingredients that are in green tea that are highly beneficial. It’s not likely that it will give you 20 times the amount of benefits of 20 cups of green tea, but it is still a good product.

Also it’s ideal for people who want the same health benefits of green tea without the taste. If someone doesn’t like tea, then this is a great product for them. Plus the fact that it’s a cold water mix, it’s ideal for summertime and spring time.

If you drink Green Tea X50, then you’ll likely benefit from overall improved health and fitness. The reservatrol in the supplement is also an excellent health supplement, and it’s not found in regular green tea.

All in all, Green Tea X50 is a fairly effective health supplement and there really is no bad traits with the supplement.

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