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GP66 Miracle Cleaner – Chemical Free All Purpose Cleaner?

Natural resources play the utmost role for life on earth. Water, fuel, and agriculture are solely responsible for forming the basis of the survival of mankind. Through the evolution of the earth, humans have been accessing and accruing the Earth’s resources. Despite the need for materials and sustenance, the interaction between humans and natural resources has had devastating effects on nature.

Worldwide, people consume resources indirectly or directly. Although developed countries consume and source more natural resources than developing countries, the effects are still harmful. The most common forms that natural resources are used for include housing and infrastructure, food and drink, and mobility. Making up more than 60% of all resourced used, pollution and deforestation are serious issues.

Whether for personal use or businesses adopting sustainable methods, the benefits of adhering to eco-friendly practices are endless. Currently, being a “green” company is a powerful advantage. Consumers are happy, and businesses are thriving, gaining trust and loyalty. In society now, being conscientious about the environment is not a choice, but a necessity. By prioritizing the environment, individuals and companies are supporting the production of healthier food options, free of harmful chemicals and toxins.

For the past couple of years, environmentally friendly products have been hitting the market. Although becoming increasingly popular, “green” products date back to decades ago when women began to use vinegar and baking soda for home remedies. Today, there is an awareness of protecting natural resources and individuals are wanting to reduce their carbon footprint, receiving the health benefits from using environmentally friendly products safe for families, providing a safe environment for pets and children.

GP66 Miracle Cleaner is a groundbreaking liquid cleaning product that features a sustainable, biodegradable formula that is chemically formulated to clean and sanitize a variety of surfaces. A solution for tough stains and grease, GP66 provides users with an effective and safe cleaning product, free of harmful chemicals and toxic fumes.

About GP66

As mentioned previously, GP66 is an innovative cleaning product that cleans all surfaces. Removing dirt, grease, and grime, GP66 contains a proprietary formula that combines effective chemicals that have been scientifically proven to solve tough cleaning problems. Unlike other leading cleaning process, GP66 was created to be used anyplace and anywhere, especially adaptable in areas what conventional cleaners can’t be used.

The formula is gentle, allowing users to apply the cleaning product to fabrics, upholstery, and linoleum, when diluted with water. GP66 also cleans tough stains found on paneling, ceramics, vinyl, appliances, and counter tops. Designed to be a powerful and versatile product, GP66 can be used to clean innumerable households, industries, businesses, schools, and hospitals.

GP66 has a spotless, 20 year track record with the renowned company General Motors. For years, General Motors, located in Baltimore, had successfully been using GP66 to clean their machinery. Used to clean forklifts, small parts, hydraulic presses, conveyor robots and more, GP66 decided to take their success and market their product to families and small businesses.

Safe and environmentally friendly, GP66 comes easy and ready to use, ensuring that all cleaning needs are met. Authorized and approved by the USDA, GP66 is certified and does not contain any pollutants or phosphates that part risk to the environment. GP66 is free of halogens, sulfur, mercury, lead, chlorine, zinc, and other low melting point metals.

How GP66 Works

As mentioned previously, GP66 contains a unique blend of chemicals that attack grease and tough stains in four different cleaning actions. The first action involves the product breaking down the surface tension of grease, dirt, and grime. The second action begins as the product begins to emulsify and dissolve the dirt upon initial contact. The third action takes place when the product begins to penetrate through and down toward the surface that the grease and grime are adhering to. During this third action, GP66 chemically breaks the bond, removing, and lifting out the dirt from the surface. The fourth, and final action involves the product mixing with water, allowing the area to be thoroughly and effectively rinsed and cleaned.

The GP66 provides users with a safer alternative to other cleaning products on the market because it not only provides a solution to removing dirt, but also contains a other powerful abilities. For example, GP66 emulsifies grease and grime, making it a powerful solution to the common household problem – clogged drains.

The product ensures that grease will not collect on the sides of the pipes, washing down the grease through the pipes. Another example is another common household problem – roaches. The formula is designed to remove and clean up food, dirt, and grease so effectively that it eliminates and prevents future food sources on which pests and insects can feed.

Furthermore, an energy saving product, GP66 does not need to be combined with hot water in order to work. It involves a cold water system. Because it is often used in the food industry, where there are often large areas of refrigeration, a cold water system is vital in order to ensure that it will not drastically raise the temperature as it does with hot water. Because of this, it saves energy, and is also safer that hot water, as people can easily be burned.

GP66 Usage Options

As mentioned previously, GP66 is used by a variety of facilities and personal households in order to clean and sanitize multiple surfaces. Though a versatile formula, GP66 requires a specific dilution ratio on order to treat specific areas. The recommended ratio measurements are below.

For light, general cleaning, such as household appliances and furniture, users should mix 1 ounce in 1-Gallon of water, spraying on the product and scrubbing lightly to remove stains and dirt, rinsing to fully dislodge grease and dirt.

Indoor air levels can contain harmful pollutants that can be up to two, five, or even one hundred times higher than outdoor levels, using GP66 prevents risk. Cleaning in small, unventilated spaces, other cleaning products would expose individuals to harmful chemicals that could cause serious health risks, including an increased risk of developing cancer.

Because of the gentle, chemical free formula, GP66 poses no risk of being used in small spaces, such as bathrooms that offer limited ventilation. Additionally, for more extensive cleaning such as car interiors, lawn mowers, and compressors, users should combine 5 ounces of GP66 in 1 quart of water. After combining the liquid, users should spray the product on the desired surface, scrub lightly and rinse to finish.

For full strength capacity, usually used to clean fork lift trucks, earth moving equipment, and industrial ovens, fryers, and grills, users should spray the product on the specific surface and let it sit for 30 minutes or longer. After the product has had time to reach the toughest stains, users should continue the rest of the process by beginning to scrub lightly and rinsing to finish.

Purchasing GP66

GP66 is available for purchase on their website (www.GP66.com). They also offer special discounted prices for wholesale orders available through their large purchase options website (http://ift.tt/2eout8Qwww.GP66.com). They also offer special discounted prices for wholesale orders available through their large purchase options website (http://ift.tt/2eout8Q).

The purchasing options and prices for GP66 are below.

GP66 Single Item Packaging

  • 1 Quart – $15.95
  • 1 Gallon – $29.95
  • 1 5-Gallon – $110.40

GP66 Case of 12-Quart Trigger Spray Bottles

  • 1-10 Cases – $127.32
  • 11-20 Cases – $105.60

GP66 Case of 6 1-Gallon Jugs

  • 1-10 Cases – $143.90
  • 11-20 Cases – $97.00

GP66 55-Gallon Drum

  • 1-4 Drums – $957.99
  • 5-16 Drums – $825.31

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