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SiO Beauty – Silicon & Oxygen Based Scar Healing Products?

The health and beauty of skin often makes a big impression on people. How a person cares for their skin says a lot about them as a person, giving those around them a quick first impression. While this isn’t always an ideal situation, for those who take good care of their skin and do their best to protect it, first impressions often go rather well.

Unfortunately, there are several outside factors that need to be taken into consideration when it comes to the overall health of the skin. Because the skin works so much like a sponge, taking in what it is exposed to, when the air or water around the skin has toxins or chemicals, the skin absorbs them, causing a decrease in health.

What makes the skin even more difficult to protect from this type of contamination is that many of the skin care products used on the skin contain ingredients that actually deteriorate the health and appearance of the skin. As a result of these ingredients, as well as the other toxins the skin is exposed to on a daily basis, it makes sense that people experience wrinkles, lines, and other unwanted side effects.

As more and more people become aware of the damage that many skin care products cause the skin, there has been a resurgence in products that contain safe and effective ingredients. These products work to fight skin damage, keeping it looking young and healthy. The down side of these products is that, while they are often effective, they are often only for the face. And the face isn’t the only area that experiences wrinkles.

One of the least talked about areas of the body that experiences unwanted wrinkling is the chest, or the décolleté. The skin around cleavage often becomes just as lined and wrinkled as the face, but without the wide range of products designed to specifically help fight these wrinkles. In order to help women combat this very embarrassing type of wrinkle, SiO was created.

SiO is a skin care product that was specifically designed to help those who wanted to rid themselves of the wrinkles on their chest in a timely and safe manner. Using a series of steps that have been proven to have amazing effects, SiO is able to give users the décolleté they’ve always wanted, smooth, youthful, and free of wrinkles and lines.

About SiO Beauty

Like all the best products in the world, SiO was started out of a desperate need. The founder of SiO, Gigi Howard, had terrible lines and wrinkles on her chest, ones that made it extremely embarrassing for her to wear any low-cut shirts or dresses. She hid her wrinkles by wearing scarves and high-cut shirts and blouses, causing a lot of her favorite clothes to go completely unused in her closet. It was because of the damper her skin problem was causing her that Howard decided to come up with a solution that would completely reverse her problem.

With this goal in mind, Howard went on to create SiO, a three step beauty system that allows women to completely restore the youthful, smooth look to their cleavage again. Offering results that can be seen overnight, SiO has helped thousands of women get the gorgeous décolleté they’ve always wanted, without the worry about what ingredients are in the products or what they’re exposing themselves to.

The SiO system was made after years of tireless research and fine-tuning. During this process, Howard discovered what medical professionals have known for the past three decades: Some of the best ingredients for fighting skin imperfections are silicon and oxygen. Using these two ingredients as the foundation of the system, Howard was able to create products that combine medical technology with the beauty industry, creating a system that can reverse the signs of aging on the chest.

As mentioned above, the SiO system is made up of three steps, each involving its own specific product. These products include the SkinPad, Morning Serum, and Evening Cleansing Discs. By using all three of the products in tandem, users will be able to get results that will astound them, often in as little as one night of use. Working throughout a full 24 hours, the SiO system is able to smooth the sin, all while hydrating it and providing the skin with the strength it needs to fight any future wrinkles.

The SiO system is one of the only options on the market today that is able to provide such thorough and intense results for those who are tired of dealing with wrinkles on their décolleté. Using advanced ingredients and supported by detailed scientific evidence, SiO has proved over and over again to be a superior option for those who want youthful, smooth skin.

What Makes SiO Beauty Different

The number one reason that SiO is so different from other anti-wrinkle medications on the market today can be found in its ingredients. Silicone and oxygen have long been praised for their capabilities to undo damage to the skin. However, until the SiO was released, medical grade silicone couldn’t be found in most anti-aging skin care products. And, a combination of medical grade silicone and oxygen was even less common. SiO has changed the way the anti-aging community approaches wrinkles and lines on the décolleté because it includes these powerful ingredients, allowing users to get the best benefits in the shortest amount of time.

Just as important as the ingredients used in the SiO system products is the manufacturing process used for them. Manufacturing is often the place that most anti-aging skin care companies cut corners, using questionable facilities overseas that have little to no regulation. However, SiO takes its manufacturing process just as seriously as it takes its formulating process. Not only are all products offered by SiO tested and cleared by the FDA, the manufacturing of these products are done in an ISO registered facility, one that is also used to make medical and surgical devices. This extra caution is another reason SiO products have separated themselves from other anti-aging options.

Before the SiO skin care products could be designed, Gigi Howard, the founder of the company, took a close look at every aspect of skin damage. This includes damaged caused by sun, wind, and gravity, as well as damage caused through the natural aging process. Instead of just focusing on one aspect of the aging process, SiO focuses on all of them. By taking in every aspect of the aging process, SiO was able to create a system that is able to combat these from various angles. This comprehensive approach to wrinkles and lines on the chest allow users to see better results in less time.

Finally, one of the most critical ways that SiO skin care products differ from other anti-aging options on the market is found in the chemistry of the products. Again, SiO products are made from silicon and oxygen. When these atoms are combined with hydrogen and carbon, they make a silicone polymer. This material is extremely breathable and causes a wide range of positive effects on the skin. The first is that it allows the skin to stay hydrated longer. Another is that it plumps the skin, undoing signs of wrinkling, lines, and other damage. Finally, this chemical reaction allows the skin to rejuvenate itself, looking younger and healthier over time.

Products Sold by SiO Beauty

All SiO products are available for purchase on the company website ( While the products work best when used together, customers can buy each product separately, depending on their needs. However, when purchased together, users will get a discount on all three of the products.

A list of the products sold for the SiO system, as well as their prices, can be found below.

  • Décolleté Cleansing Discs – $45
  • SiO SkinPad – $99.95
  • Décolleté Serum – $135
  • Complete SiO System – $233.95

While the prices above represent the base prices for the SiO products, when people sign up for monthly subscriptions, these prices will decrease.

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