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Greenbelly Meal – 3x MORE Nutrition Than An Energy Bar?

Greenbelly is a meal replacement designed to give you all the nutrients your body needs for activities like hiking and kayaking. Read this review to find out about Greenbelly Meals Today.

What are Greenbelly Meals?

The company started when the founder quit his job to go on an adventure for a couple of years. He went all over the world and found a problem. Everywhere he went, he didn’t have access to healthy food. He found fast food was available, but never nutritious. And the bars that were available on the market were considered to be gross and not the best tasting. And the ones that tasted good were never filling. So after taking all of that into consideration, Greenbelly Meal bars was stared to give people good food with all the right nutrients, while filling them up at the same time.

Greenbelly Meal bars are ready to eat meals with all the nutrients your body needs. They are described as ideal tasting, and much better than traditional cereal bars. They’re not too sweet and not too funky. They were specifically designed for hikers. long distance endurance athletes and busy people who want complete nutrition on the go.

They’ve been tested up to 6 months for shelf life. And if you want to freeze them, you can keep them much longer. Probably closer to a year by the company’s research and findings. And the shelf life is just the best by date for taste. They’re also very light and compact so you can carry a bunch of them and store them easily.

Their Gluten Free and mostly dairy free, except for the Dark Chocolate. There is milk in the chocolate Chips. And they are 100% vegetarian with no meat whatsoever. You will have to keep in minds about allergies.

The meals are chalked full of vital nutrients, fat, carbs and proteins to give you sustainable and long lasting energy. Each Greenbelly Meal is equivalent to one third of your days daily recommended caloric intake and nutrients. It’s a common problem for hikers and back packers to have a hard time getting the right balance of nutrients.

They also have to continually shop for different foods to complete their meals in a healthy way. Oftentimes, their backpacks are cluttered and it’s difficult to manage all the food. Greenbelly Meals are designed to help eliminate the problem, so many backpackers and hikers face when going on adventures. Greenbelly is one dedicated to helping active people get their nutrition from one easy to carry and manage source of food. Not only does Greenbelly give you nutrients, you also get fiber, sodim and everything else you need from partially organic sources. There are no artificial preservatives or colors.

Supposedly they’re delicious as well.

What Kind of Meals Does Greenbelly Have?

They have three flavors of meal bars. The flavors of their meal bars are dark chocolate banana, cranberry almond, and peanut apricot. Each flavor is said to be much tastier then many protein and meal bars on the market. They are dense, sweet and salty and very filling according to reviews. Most people say they wouldn’t eat three a day, but they would definitely incorporate the meal bars into their daily diet while hiking or doing similar activities.

What Are the Nutrition Facts of Greenbelly Meal Bars?

The bars weight just over 5oz per package and have about 640 calories each. There is one third of the daily requirement for calories, fat, proteins, carbohydrates, sodium and fiber. And to add to the benefits of the bars, for every bar you buy, Greenbelly donates a meal to charity.

What do Customers Say about the Meal Bars?

The Pros –

The bars are received with great praise. They taste good apparently with a good balance of sweet and salty. They are well balanced for flavor, consistency and nutrition. They beat out other trail foods from a nutrients stand point. Also, the ingredients are mostly organic so that is a plus. And there are no artificial preservatives which is one more bonus customers like.

People are also happy to know their purchases go to charity. And since they’re not that expensive, they’re great for just about everyone.

Now the Cons-

-Only 640 calories per bar. That may be 2-3 times more than other bars, but if you’re performing strenuous activities like hiking and kayaking, that’s not enough. Even three a day will still give you les energy then you really need. You’ll likely have to eat 4-5 to get the energy you’re looking for according to reviews.

-Taste is opinionated. Everyone has their own point of view on what tastes good. Greenbelly are well received by many but not all. There are some flavors that will appeal more to other people. They’re not designed like your standard bar, and full of a lot of dense nutrition. But the complex, dense flavor and consistency could also be a problem for many people. Fit for most, but not fit for all.

Should I Eat Greenbelly Meal Bars?

Yes, fans love them and they are healthier than 99% of any meal bars on the market. They support the fight against world hunger and mission is to keep fighting it. Most people find the bars pretty tasty, with the exception of a few reviews. They are likely one of the best meal alternatives for hikers and active people looking to keep it simple. And since they are all natural, there are no side effects at all. Overall verdict, highly recommended to people with active lifestyles.

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