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Smart Bar Products – Build Your Own Portable Bar?

SmartBar Products is a company best known for its SmartBar, a portable bar seen at hotels around the world. Find out everything you need to know about SmartBar Products today in our review.

What Is SmartBar Products?

Have you heard of the SmartBar? You might be hearing about it in the near future. The SmartBar is a unique portable bar made by an American company named SmartBar Products.

The company’s factory is based in Mount Vernon, New York. Its flagship product, the Smart Bar, comes with features like LED lighting and enhanced portability. It’s being marketed to hotels and other organizations as a way to give customers a new experience with catering and banquets.

The SmartBar isn’t just one product: it’s a customized portable bar you can order for your organization. All SmartBars are made in the United States.

Some of SmartBar Products clients include Marriott International, Hilton Worldwide, Starwood Hotels & Resorts, Westin, Major League Baseball, Absolut, Hard Rock Café, and many other well-known organizations.

You may have also seen the SmartBar on Bar Rescue. It appeared on a September 2012 episode, where Jon Taffer recommended using the SmartBar as a separate draft beer and shot station to ease pressure on the main bar.

Benefits of the SmartBar

The SmartBar comes with all of the following benefits:

-Portability: All SmartBars can be rolled effortlessly by one person, with “easy and almost instant set up and tear down.”

-Space Efficiency: SmartBar Products fold closed to take up less than a 12” length of space, helping you maximize storage space.

-Functionality: Designed for the hospitality industry, SmartBars claim to provide the maximum functionality for food and beverage managers, including quality materials and hardware.

-Environmental Effects: This is where the SmartBar goes from a boring bar to a really cool experience. Each bar comes with programmable, multi-color, remote-controlled lighting and digital effects. You can also add interchangeable, customizable graphics panels, allowing caterers and patrons to customize the bar for each unique event.

-Return on Investment: SmartBar recommends using its customizable graphics panels as advertising space. If it’s an event, you can sell clients personalized advertising space where they can post promotional messages, logos, trademarks, advertising slogans, full color photographs, and more.

How to Buy a SmartBar

On the official SmartBar Products website, SmartBarProducts.com, you can build your own bar with customized colors and materials. The easy online form lets you choose from the following customization options to build your bar:

-Frame Colors: Vanilla, Purple, Brown, Black, and Grey are all available.

-Top Surfaces: Pick from white, light wood, mahogany wood, black, or silver top surfaces.

-Front Panel: Use your own logo for the front panel, or select from a pre-chosen list of logos on the official website. Pre-chosen logos include images of drinks, wedding-friendly images, or holiday-themed images, among others.

-Side Panel: Again, you can use your own logo (by uploading a digital image to the site in .jpeg format) or choose from a range of pre-chosen logos and effects.

-Top Panel: Upload your own image or choose from pre-selected images for the top panel.

SmartBar Products

There are five different SmartBar products in total, each of which is designed to suit different events and venues. However, they all maintain the same basic SmartBar theme, where you get a complete bar with your own customized logo:

-SmartBar 5L: Completely equipped portable bar that can be setup and torn down effortlessly.

-Smart BackBar Plus: A SmartBar with top shelving for additional drinks as well as a longer, taller design.

-SmartBar Interactive: Makes your SmartBar more interactive by featuring an add-on bracket for TVs, iPads, lights, or cameras.

-SmartBar Cocktail: These smaller SmartBars are designed as single cocktail stations. They feature the same removable logo panels as all other SmartBars.

-Bar-In-A-Box: A smaller, more portable version of the SmartBar that’s 3 feet wide and weighs 75 pounds.

What’s Included with your SmartBar?

The flagship SmartBar product, the SmartBar 5L, is a portable bar that can be built and torn down effortlessly. The idea behind the SmartBar is that it includes everything you need to serve drinks at an event, including:

  • Plenty of counter space (size varies between SmartBar products)
  • 2 ice bins
  • 2 washable cutting boards
  • Shelving
  • Speed well
  • Protective cover
  • Built-in multi-color programmable LED lighting with handheld remote control
  • Easy-to-remove panels that can be customized with logos, slogans, images, and more for added revenue opportunities

SmartBar Products provides extensive details about the SmartBar’s dimensions and other features online at the official SmartBar Products website.

SmartBar Pricing

SmartBar pricing varies. You can request a quote today by visiting the official SmartBar Products website. Your pricing is based on the material used, the size of your bar, and the type of bar you select (from the 5 products listed above).

We found SmartBars available for resale online for between $2500 and $3000, with an additional SmartBar power battery priced at around $200.

SmartBar Review Summary

SmartBar is a unique product designed for the food, beverage, and hospitality industries. Each bar can be customized to your event’s unique needs – whether it’s a wedding, a promotional event, or just being used as advertising space.

The bars are also known for being highly portable, compact, and easy to setup/tear down. They’re priced at around $2000 to $3000 and available online today through SmartBarProducts.com

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